Essay on Computer: Its Introduction, Advantages, and Disadvantages

In this article, we will have written an essay on the computer. Also, we will tell you its introduction, advantages, and disadvantages in details.


A computer is a device that receives information from a source, processes it, and delivers processed data to a destination. In today’s world, every mechanism requires the use of computers. Thinking about age without computers is now hard.

We use computers in almost every department. Whether medicine, teaching, defense, finance, computer’s use is enormous. We also automate many functions awkward for people using computers and well-developed technology.

Initially, the computers were large and stored only less data, but in upcoming technology has invented much smaller and more comfortable to use and capable of storing more information.

The computer divides into three basic units, namely:

  • Input unit
  • Central processing unit
  • Output unit

These units are defined as below:

1) The Input unit:

As the name implies, this device with which data enter in the computer. This device is an essential requirement for a computer system. Input devices are many types, such as a keyboard, a mouse, joystick, a microphone, a camera, etc. Input devices give a different set of input values ​​converted into a computer-understandable form.

Central Processing Unit (CPU) is known as the brain of the computer. It performs all data processing operations required by the programmer. It stores all data, intermediate results, and instructions provided by the programmer in the form of codes (program). The central processing unit controls the operation of each part of the computer.

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2) Central processing unit (CPU):

It consists of the following three elements:

  • An arithmetic unit
  • Memory unit
  • Control unit

3) Output unit:

The devices with which we obtain information from a computer are called output devices. The output unit is the interface between the computer and the user. Output devices notify the displayed information in a form understandable to the computer user.

Computer Features

  • Data enter the computer via input devices.
  • Data or instructions are stored on a computer in its memory and processed or used when needed.
  • The input data process and transform into useful information.
  • The output generates by format.
  • The control mechanisms established to control all functions.

Further, We can divide the computer into hardware and software:


keyboard, mouse, joystick, microphone, camera, printer, monitor, hard disk, CD, DVD, processor, motherboard, RAM, etc. They are called hardware equipment.


System software like window and application software like MS office, flash player, rar file opener, etc. are software that requires to work on the computer.

Although we use computers in many areas, there are many pros and cons when using computers. In this essay, we will discuss the pros and cons of using computers as well.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Computers

The Advantages of computers:

Computers are widely used in many areas because they can quickly process large amounts of data in a short time. They are also known for performing tasks more efficiently, and there is minimal possibility of errors.

It can perform complex functions and complete them in a few seconds. When some jobs are troublesome for people, computers can do them quickly.

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Some advantages of computers are:

Data storage:

computers store a large amount of data, and we can easily search for it. Data can also be found in minimal time. However, when we store data in files or on paper, it is challenging to keep it, and when we look for information, it takes a long time.

Data protection:

on computers, we can store confidential data, such as customer information, financial data can be securely stored. Also, data can be protected against loss. However, if the data is stored manually, there is a risk of data loss and data privacy is questionable.

Documentation and presentation:

Computers are used to create official documents and presentations. While this can be done when creating PowerPoint online presentations, we can present them neatly and more clearly. Calculations can also be made using spreadsheets because they have built-in mathematical functions.

Internet and browsing:

Computers are useful for finding information on the internet. In today’s world, we can see every information about everything online. We can also contact an online service provider, and many companies are doing online.


Many tasks difficult for people can be done using computers and robotics in many areas, such as industry, space exploration, etc. Robotics has become a technology boom.

Cost efficiency:

Because data is kept online, the need for hard copy storage is reduced drastically, that reduces costs and increases productivity.

Quick work

Today computers are being utilized on a large scale universal, the large-scale cause for this is that it works much quicker than humans, it can do extensive calculations in a few seconds.

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Easy communication and contact

It can use to contact your friends anytime and anywhere through features like video calls, email, social networking. You can get any information on the internet by using a computer. Computer technology facilitates banking works like transfer money to anyone sitting at home.

Disadvantages of computers:

Although in today’s world, we encounter many difficulties while using a computer, there are also a few disadvantages but less than advantages to this upcoming technology.

Some disadvantages of computers are:

Virus and data loss:

Computers are preferred for storing and protecting data. However, when a virus attacks a computer, maybe valuable data will be lost and may not recover it.

Making people lazy

While the computer is making people smart, another one is using more is making people ill as more use of computer and mobile is proving to be harmful to health. Long working on the computer harms to eyes due to continuous viewing on the screen.

Presently the people are more involved with the computer and internet in spite of physical meeting, talking among society.

Cause of unemployment

In large companies and factories, many works are working by computers and robots, that has also increased unemployment.


If you do not use internet banking carefully, there is a risk of your data stolen, which causes many users to suffer financial loss. Similarly, on the social networking site, if not working carefully. Cheating through the internet has increased in a big way.


If we use this computer technique in the right way, our future can change a lot. But its wrong use can also spoil our life. Use it correctly, safely, and enjoy the modern era of technology and science.