How to write a Letter to Motherland? – with Sample formats

In this article, we have published a tutorial on how to write a letter to the motherland? This letter is for school and college students with sample formats in about 500 Words.

How to write a Letter to Motherland? (500 Words)

Dear Motherland,

I hope you find this letter in progress and development. I am writing this letter to say thank you from my heart for everything! You have given me the blessing of life. I grew up playing in your lap. I can never thank you enough for having friends, incredible drama, and happy times in my childhood.

I walk on your surface; I eat food from your crops; I eat fruit grown in your gardens, farms, and pastures. Thanks for the sunshine; Rivers, oceans; Snow-capped mountains. When I was in the hills, I was close to you. You are a great homeland. They gave me more than I needed. You have given me paradise. I am fortunate to have a great home like you.

You gave me the gift of education. I was born wild, But with the power of teaching, I became a better person. I have gathered the light of knowledge in your schools, colleges, and universities. I have learned life lessons and rare insight from excellent guides, leaders, masters, writers, great leaders, saints, etc.

Thank you all. I vow to try to be like your great son. Thank you for the struggles I have faced and made me a better person. Whenever I am sad and upset, I always feel your loving support. You hold my heart filled with new hope and energy.

You nourished us by birth, and we dream of settling in a foreign land one day. We blame others for not doing what we say. We keep pointing fingers at others, but we repeat the same mistakes ourselves. Your great sons and daughters are martyrs for your freedom, and we continue to fight for the little things.

We are like this because you are a mother, you love us just like your child. We got your love. You gave us all for free, and we ruined it. You are as powerful as God Almighty; you can get straight to it at any time. You have all the weapons and tricks to accomplish this, but you have a mother’s heart, you will never harm your children.

The comprehensive of your blue ocean surf, the river stream with the sound of energetic waterfalls, the beautiful gorge of flowers, the attractive snow-capped and evergreen mountains, the beautiful aura clouds, the sound of rain dropping, the background of rainbow, the secret song of hidden birds, the obscurities of tall trees always gives me a sense of coziness. You have given us the legacy of the exterior of the sand where we plant trees for food, make the environment and shelter. A big, heartfelt thank you for all this

I assure you that I will try to bring honor and pride through my honest efforts. I remember my obligations towards you. When you raised me in my youth, I would look after you as you grew older. I will not do anything to hurt your image.

I will never forget that you will get rid of the intruders’ hut. I remember that you would give everything you had to raise your millions of sons and daughters. Thank you, my dear homeland, I love you. You can always thrive and stay safe!

Your loving son,

An Indian


I hope, you liked this sample format – Letter to Motherland.

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