Speech on Global Warming for Students in 600 Words

In this article, we have presented a speech on global warming for students in about 600 words. This is an inspirational and motivational speech for everyone to encourage to keep our environmental temperature balance.

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Speech on Global Warming (600 Words)

Today, I want to discuss global warming – the most significant environmental challenge facing the planet. So tell me about the seriousness of the problem. The bottom line: Anyone who fuels our homes, our cars, and our businesses are heating the Earth faster than expected.

Global warming takes place when the Earth warms up (temperature rises). Greenhouse gases (carbon dioxide, water vapor, nitrous oxide, and methane) trap heat and light from the sun in the Earth’s atmosphere and raise the temperature. It harms many people, animals, and plants. Most people can’t make a change, so they die.

While there may be many causes of global warming, the primary and foremost reason is the greenhouse effect. This effect is mainly due to gases such as carbon dioxide, methane, chlorofluorocarbon, nitrous oxide, etc. These gases form a mantle in the Earth’s atmosphere, allowing the sun’s hot rays to enter the Earth but not exit. So, the sun’s temperature is in the lower circle of the Earth, which increases the temperature.

The world fears that by 2050 the temperature will rise from about 4° to 5° C. The average temperature of the Earth has increased by 1° C over the last five centuries, and this heat occurs in the twentieth century. Global warming is escalating at a startling rate.

Global warming is changing numerous parts of the planet. Global warming causes the sea to rise, and as the sea rises, water covers many inland islands. It is a big problem for many plants, animals and people of the islands.

Global warming has a lot to do with people as well as animals and plants. It kills algae, but it also destroys enormous forests. The pollution that affects global warming is associated with acid rain. Acid rain slowly destroys almost everything it touches. Global warming is causing more and more fires that can wipe out entire forests. It is because the Earth can become very hot due to global warming. In the woods, the leaves of some plants and trees become so dry that they catch fire.

The rise in average land temperature adversely affects crops, forests, and life growth. It also changes the equilibrium equations of marine organisms. Dissolving glaciers pose a threat to habitat along the coast. Due to these dangerous effects of ‘global warming,’ actions are being taken in the form of conferences, treaties, and research at the international level.

Temperatures based on a world that has been changing for centuries, and it is a common occurrence until humans begin to make a powerful impact on nature. Also, since 1979, land temperatures have risen faster than sea temperatures, and all of these changes start with problems such as ice melting, flooding of areas, and lack of drinking water. E

Earth’s growing population feels the need to address these issues because future generations will suffer all the negative consequences of current human activity.

Also, it is essential to explore the factors that contribute to the current situation on the planet with climate change. Most surveys prove that human activity, such as industry and commerce, is the leading cause of global warming.

Further, the rise of carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere is a significant contributor to the active process of global warming. Besides, global warming has close ties with various greenhouse gases, creating a unique chemical structure that creates air on the planet, which is even more dangerous to human health.


In conclusion, addressing the environmental problem is one of the most discussed issues these days as the world community is concerned about the future of our planet. There are many ways to reduce carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere, but they are not used adequately and are not accessible, especially in developing countries.

Also, it is generally accepted that there is a need to implement various state environmental programs that include local and global measures. Also, people need to understand that global warming is a common problem, which concerns every individual and humanity.

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