Speech on Labor Day for Students in 600 Words

In this article, you will read a Speech on Labor Day for School and College Students in 600 Words. This speech tells us the importance of labor day.

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Speech on Labor Day in 600 Words

Good morning friends,

We gathered here at our company to celebrate International Labor Day; On May 1 every year, workers celebrate their hard work and dedication to the organization regardless of their power, position, role, and responsibilities. Workers Day is a tribute to workers’ social and economic achievements.

Labor Day is also known as May Day or International Workers Day‘ and is hailed as a national holiday in almost 80 republics. It ideally provides for annual and widespread acceptance for the devotion and cooperation of workers, ensuring the well-being, strength, and welfare of the country.

Our company values ​​every employee’s work and believes in giving them equal rights. I have been allied with this organization for almost 35 years, and I have not had a single issue or complaint regarding the suppression of labor rights.

Because we have so many new Joiners in this organization, I would like to inform you about the origin of Labor Day. May Day or Labor Day advocates for eight hours of work a day from the United States trade union movement in the late 19th century. In the late nineteenth century, workers were forced to work for about 12-16 hours a day, as working conditions were poor and unsafe.

Federation of Organized Trades and Labor Unions (FOLT) in 1884 passed a resolution that eight working days would become a statutory working day from May 1, 1886. The workers carried out many agitations, strikes, and so on. Eight hours is the standard day. Five years later, May 1 was recognized by a socialist organization as a national holiday, and gradually many countries adopted this culture.

Today’s workers are no longer ignorant or uneducated people whose rights are unknown or quickly suppressed. But some big companies import workers from remote areas or villages. Because these people are unaware and they are weak, they agree to work on any terms and conditions.

The members of our organization go to those areas and listen to the problems they face and expose them to the state government and work for their progress. We have opened schools in many villages and educated children and the elderly.

Our organization works against child labor. We have identified many mines and factories that employ children in their production department. This issue highlighted by an NGO last year, and we immediately raised the issue and freed all those children from such units. We are now educating them and training their parents in arts and crafts so that they can earn their living.

May Day is celebrated in its entirety for the advancement of the organization. It is a result of the cooperation and respect that workers provide for our society. But today, the Mazdoor Day has grown into a trade union festival that loses the depth and real significance of the day.

However, our firm actively recognizes workers’ rights, also known as employees; in fact, many companies are given to employees. Although Labor Day is introduced to implement an 8-hour program per day, an employee has many other rights in the organization. The company must work only with the intention of profit.

It should also look at the needs and needs of employees, without which the organization will not achieve its goals. At the same time, workers or employees must also respect the work culture and adhere to the code of conduct of the company in which they are working.

Labor Day certainly protects workers’ rights and should not be used as a weapon to threaten management to obtain unfair benefits to employees; By then, Labor Day’s goal will be fulfilled.

Thank you!

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