History of World War 1,2 and 3 (Reasons, Results)

In this article, we have explained the history of World War 1,2 and 3. ‘Word War’ is a very shaking word that shakes the entire world when it happens.

Till now there were two Wars that happened, and the third may be in the future. Here in this discussion, we will discuss one by one about all world wars.

World War I

The First World War was fought from 28th July 1914 to 11th November 1918. It was a perilous war in which more than 10 million soldiers were killed and 60 lakhs civilians lost their lives.

It was was fought between Europe, Asia and the continent of Africa. There was a massive loss of life and property. It was the saddest experience of life for the generation of that time in the world. This war was fought for about 52 months.

Why did world war begin?

The main reason for the outbreak of this war was the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand and his wife, the successor to the throne of Austria on 28th June 1914 in Sarajevo. A Siberian institution was responsible for this murder. Soon Austria declared war against Siberia as a reaction and action.

Then Russia, France, Germany, and Britain assisted Serbia while Germany favored Australia. Britain declared war against Germany. The result of World War I was the coalition forces won. Russia, Germany, Austria, Hungry and Osmania came to an end in this World War.

Main Reasons for World War I

There are several reasons counted and noted, but few were major which are mentioned below:

1. Imperialism

The Industrial Revolution had taken place in the year of 1914. Because of this, all the big countries wanted to create colonies from where they could get raw materials. For this purpose, there was a race to colonize all the developed countries. Every country wanted to take control of another country.

On 28th June 1914 Australia’s successor Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife were assassinated. Enraged by this incident, Austria started a war against Serbia. It was here that the First World War started.

2. Nationalism

In the 19th century, a sense of patriotism arose within every country. A strong sense of nationalism and patriotism arose within most states of Europe-Germany, Italy, Britain, Holland and Belgium, and France.

The factionalism started between all the big countries in those days. The main war was to take place only between Austria and Serbia, but gradually other countries joined it. In this way, many nations joined the World War. Russia, France, and Britain helped Serbia in the war and Germany did Australia.

3. Militarism

At that time all the big countries wanted to become more and more powerful and influential. Between all, there was a competition to make advanced weapons like a gun machine, tanks, large ships with guns. Britain and Germany had surpassed the rest of the countries by making modern weapons.

Those countries had become very successful and developed due to the Industrial Revolution. Countries like America, Russia, Japan, Italy, France, and Belgium began copying the model of Germany and Britain.

In the competition, everyone wanted to become influential and powerful like them. In this way, World War I took place intending to become more powerful than each other.

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Result of World War I

It is known that the consequences of wars always go bad. The same happened in this World War I. The Monarchy ended in Germany, Turkey, Austria, Hungry and Russia. The Ideology of fascism originated in Italy and Germany.

A feeling of national love was born among the people. May countries in South East Asia, West Asia, and Africa began to overthrow colonists from their lands. It was seen the outbreak of epidemics. When men joined the war due to the end of the world war, women started working in factories.

After this, the desire of people to live a better standard of living increased. Labour legislation was passed due to industrialization. The League of Nations was established to create peace, harmony, and security at the international level. Later this institution was known as the United Nations.

World War II

As we explained above in detail and last indicated that in the end the League of Nations was created to avoid any future war, but after 20 years again a fight started and converted into World War II.

The Second World War was started from 1st September 1939 to 2nd September 1945. There were 60 countries took part in this war. All states were divided into two camps-the Allies and the Axis Nation. 5 to 7 crore people died in this war. The Allies triumphed in World War II.

Nazi Germany Collapsed

Japanese and Italian empires collapse. The League of Nations was disbanded. United Nations was created. The war took place in Europe, China, the Atlantic, the Pacific and the Horn of Africa, North and South America. It was fought for six years.

The Causes of World War II

There are below main reasons for happening World War II

German Attack

The Second World War started with Germany invading Poland. In 1935 Germany violated the Treaty of Versailles. In the treaty of Versailles, the Allies much insulted Germany. Germany was forced to sign the Treaty of Versailles. A large part of it was snatched and divided among them.

The foundation of World War II was started as above. The Allies had seized a large part of Germany and disabled it militarily and economically. The Germans considered the Treaty of Versailles a stigma and wanted revenge from Allies.

Broken of Treaty of Versailles

As soon as the power came into Hitler’s hands, he tore the Treaty of Versailles and started World War II which took a dangerous face.

Result of World War II

The result of World War II was worse than World War I and uncounted losses and lives lost. This was between 5 to 7 million people of both groups were killed. Civilians were also murdered. Millions of Jews were murdered. The US attacked Japan with an atomic bomb that completed destroyed Hiroshima and Nagasaki cities. It destroyed a lot of wealth.

Hitler’s patience was shattered after the Battle of Britain, which lasted for over 1000 months from Britain and about 1800 from Germany in the Battle of Fight Plains. It is because Germany ruled more than half of Europe and for some time and if the war continued, Britain would have to lose tomorrow or not today.

But Hitler was not as right in diplomacy as he was in politics and what he should not have done as he made three big mistakes and his biggest mistake. He postponed the war with Britain and after thinking of defeating Britain later, he is currently attacking other countries of Europe.

Hitler’s second mistake biggest mistake was Hitler’s mistake that waged war with Russia for no reason. Hitler had three lakhs soldiers to fight with Russia, 7000 tanks and 4000 troops and boarded the jet plan at that time, German Nai troops entered Russia. Still, later they could not stand in front of Russians troops and the cold weather of Russia more than 9 lakh Nazi soldiers were killed, and Russian soldiers drove out German forces and drove the border of Germany.

By the time Hitler made the third mistake, he had declared war without any reason to wage war against America. Japan was so powerful at that time and that it was not ready to give up and had to defeat the allies bring it to an end ultimately. But America attached Japan with an atomic bomb that killed thousands of innocent Japanese and brought an end to World War II.

The imperialist colonial era came to an end after the second war. All the colonies of the imperialist countries slowly slipped out their hands. The Second World War saw the fall of fascist and Nazis powers. The world collapsed like Germany, Italy, and Japan and was defeated in battle. After that, the United States and the Soviet Union emerged as a powerful nation.

World War III

Nowadays in the present new things happening and things are becoming more challenging to solve with nations in the world. The possibility of World War III cannot be ruled out. The relations between America and Iran and North Korea are becoming worse. In such situations, the global situation does not look right. People are assuming that if the situation remains like this, then the third World war is not far away.

If World War III happened, then there is so much confidence that America and Russia will be face to face. Both are the most significant forces in the world armed with nuclear bombs and the world after the Second World War rests on the rivalry between them. So the event of war statistics says that nuclear attack will give absolute position.

The Bottom Line

The third worldwide battle can make the earth a place of no peace and desolation. When the impulse of ultra-nationalist forces the head of state to go to any extent, there will be no delay in great disaster. Therefore, all nations should work for the peace and betterment of the world.

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