Essay on My Favourite Game Cricket for Students and Children in 1000+ Words

In this article, we have published an Essay on my favourite game cricket. Also, we have explained its history, different formats of this game and craze in India.

Essay on My Favourite Game Cricket for Students and Children (1000+ Words)

Many times, sports can be counted as a crucial part of our life and also on both the national and international levels.

If one asks what the healthiest activity is for one to keep fresh, the answer can be “sports” as if someone plays an outdoor game, his/her whole part of the body takes part, even the brain. This results in the person to be more fresh and active. 

In this modernistic time, many games have been played on an international level, and many are native to only a few areas like cricket, tennis, badminton, hockey, football, and many more.

These are the sports played on an international level while rugby, kabaddi, and many more are few games native to a few areas. So, my favourite game is cricket.

What Is Cricket & How It Got Discovered? The History of Cricket

Cricket began in the 16th century and was founded in South East England. The sport became the national sport of England in the 18th century and then was recognised worldwide in the 19th and 20th centuries. At the start, various International matches were being played since 1877, and it is the 2nd most famous sport after football. 

To speak of cricket is governed by the International Cricket Council, even if many think it was originated in France. The game back then was meant only for the children, and previously, it was called “Creckett” and then later on as “Cricket.” This sport took high in the 18th century and became very famous.

Cricket in India became famous, and many played when the Britishers invaded the country. They learned the game, and today it has become the world champions in this sport. Cricket is one of the most played games worldwide, and many loves this game. It is a game which was first played by Prince Edward, and then it spread all over the world. 

Cricket is a game that is played by using a bat and a ball between two teams of eleven members each. Rules of this game are not very complex, and so even the kids can play it. This led cricket game to be the most favourite one in the subcontinent.

This game is very much played by both children and adults daily evening in a small playground and is liked by all age groups as it is a very suspicious and interesting game. Here, there is no accurate prediction that a specific team will win. At the final moment, any of the teams may win, which raises the enthusiasm of everyone. 

People have their own favourite cricket team, which they want to win and see until the game is over, and they get the results. There is a huge crowd of cricket lovers in the TV rooms and stadium to see the cricket whenever any test match, or national/international level competition takes place.

Young boys are highly affected by this game, and many wants to be a good cricketer. Cricket is not a native Indian game but is played with a lot of joy and enthusiasm. Further, cricket is played in a lot of many countries viz: England, Pakistan, India, Australia, Bangladesh, New Zealand, South Africa, Netherlands, Sri Lanka, West Indies, Ireland, and more.

Cricket matches are usually played for five days with one’s rest day with two teams of eleven players in each. The whole test match contains two innings of 1st and 2nd innings. Win and lose in the cricket depend on the highest total runs scored by the teams in these 2 innings. And the team getting max run at the end is declared as the winner of that day match.

Why My Favourite Game Is Cricket?

Many international matches are played every year, and they’re arranged & approved by the ICC (International Cricket Council). ICC makes any rules & regulations of the cricket and permits the team to play.

The high degree completion is “world cup” that is held every 4 years between high ranked teams and hosted by different countries each time. For many, including me, the world cup is the favourite cricket tournament. 

Cricket is not a simple game but can be practiced and learned over a regular basis by following all the rules and regulations. There are two main players called one batsman and one bowler at a tome, and both are changed timely when they get out or complete the number of balls and overs. 

Prior to the start of a match, a coin is tossed to decide which team will start the batting first. The team who wins the toss bats, and opponent teams do the bowling. But both the teams get a chance of batting and bowling alternatively.

Win and defeat are two aspects of the game that make this game most suspicious and interesting. Whenever the batsman through the ball goes for chauka (a four) and chhakka (a six), the whole cricket stadium and ground becomes full of the high tuned sound of the cricket lover, mostly when your favourite cricket team does the batting. 

Cricket is among the most famous game in India and is loved by all. My favourite game is cricket and I enjoy watching every match being played. Indians have grown up watching cricket, and everyone in their lifetime has played gully cricket. 

Different Formats of Cricket

There are different formats of crickets like T-20 cricket, One-Day International, Limited Over Cricket, National League Systems, Test Matches. 

Test Matches

These are long-form cricket, and it lasts for 5 days. This is played between two countries, and who plays the matches is chosen by ICC. It is only a convenient way of playing cricket, but the ICC has made different other forms also to make the game more entertaining and commercial.

National League Systems

This is also known to be countries in England & various other states in Australia and different islands in the West Indies. These matches last for 3 to 4 days.  

Limited Overs Cricket

This is another kind of form, and the length of this game is considered by the number of episodes being played. Here, every team may play on innings, and in case there is rain to hamper the game, they follow the formula of Duck worth- Lewis Method.

One Day International

One-Day International of ODI is the 50 overs match played between two countries. This is the most common form that is used and followed. 


T-20 or Twenty 20 game just has 20 overs and is played between two countries. This game is exciting to watch and is perfect for those who cannot wait a whole day to watch the game, even if cricket is their favourite sport. 

Cricket in India

Cricket is like a religious activity in India, and the great player Sachin Tendulkar is taken to be as a god by many.

They have literally prayed to his image and have fought and cried for the game during the game. Indians are very passionate regarding cricket and mostly when there is a match going on between India & Pakistan.

During that moment, the entire country comes to a halt when the game is within neighbouring countries. Cricket is my favourite game, and it is also played in institutions as one sport games. It is also a game that unities the country and brings harmony through its people together.


Cricket these days is very much affected by the corrupt, and bullies and this entertainment is getting the source of a criminal act by the last few years. ICC should take some steps to control these kinds of acts so that the spectators can enjoy a good game every time.

This is difficult, however, if practiced regularly. I am also very fond of playing this game near my house. My parents are very helpful & motivate me to play cricket every day. I hope you liked this Essay on my favourite game cricket.

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