Speech on Unity is Strength for Students and Children

In this article, you will read Speech on Unity is Strength for students and children. We have included two speeches in 600 and 1000 words for school and college students.

Speech on Unity is Strength for Students and Children

Unity is strength can refer to families, marriages, countries, communities, religions, and even classrooms at school. It is also to say that we are much stronger than being alone.

As you all know that all the citizens of the country unitedly fought to make our country independent. If there is no unity among all the citizens, then we are not free today, so Unity is essential for us and everyone.

Lets go the speech part-

Speech of Unity Is Strength (600 Words)

Good morning to all of you,

I am thankful to all of you for allowing me to speak on this special occasion today. Today we are all together and discussing it together. 

Our five fingers together form a claw. The claw of the hand has creative power; it can be an artisan, a worker, a writer, a painter, a teacher, a soldier. The only failure comes when the power of the individual fingers is divided.

The development of our society is based on this spirit; our existence rests on this spirit. In ancient times, man did not live together; he lived like animals. And ever since it became a society with Unity, civilization developed. And our security increased, facilities increased.

As you are aware of all the TV and newspapers that people all over the world are victims of many kinds of violence. For example, this violence is domestic, religious, and even between countries. The main reason for this is the lack of Unity among the people; people quarrel with each other for their small benefit and are forgetting the power of Unity. 

“Unity” means work in a unified way. The term is mostly used to refer to people and communities, united in the face of adversities and threats. It refers to 2 or more people working as a unit. Between people and societies, Unity plays an important role. Our country was not free for 200 years because of a lack of Unities in the past.

The British came to our country as traders, and then they ruled over us because of a lack of mutual Unity among the people of our country. All the citizens of our country unitedly fought for freedom and proved that Unity could bring success, and this is how we got our independence on August 15, 1947.

We should still live with Unity, we should not think that we are free now, so there is no need for Unity. We should stop all the conflicts in our country – based on location, religion, and color. If we do not live together, another country will start ruling over us again, and then we do not know how many years we have to remain slaves, maybe over 200 years.

Therefore, in the end, I would like to tell you again that there is Unity, strength in prestige in the organization. There are many stories to tell about this, such as pigeons and traps ‘old father and his five sons.

And “strength of unity” and “destruction in the division” when we are relying on a group, we should unite so that we can succeed. Being divided into a group, we never get to taste success.

Thank you, who listened carefully to my speech among all of you, I hope all of you will understand the Importance of its Unity and say to others as well.

Speech for Strength of Unity (1000 words)

Good morning to the principal, all teachers and students. First of all, I want to express my gratitude to all of you because they have given me such a great opportunity to present some of my words to all of you on this great occasion. I want to discuss a very important topic with you today.

That theme is “unity is power” in today’s people, I want to ask, is this just a saying? It has been seen from the beginning of humankind that whenever there is division, only destruction has taken place. I am sure you will understand the power of Unity because you are all mature, and if you understand this, then you should also understand that the quarrel is meaningless.

It only spoils society and relationships. We can never beat big trouble by remaining isolated. I want to understand this by giving you an example. There lived a poor old man in a village who had five boys. Those five brothers were always quarreling among themselves. One day that man’s health became terrible; he felt he is going to die now.

He called all his boys and made a wooden bundle of 5 sticks and gave them to his boys and asked the boys to break the bundle. One by one, all five boys tried, but no boy could break the bundle. Then he opened the bundle and gave 1 to 1 wood to his boys and said break it.

Everyone broke easily. The man then told his sons, anyone can break a stick easily; it is very easy to destroy one person. If you choose to remain separate after my death, anyone can take advantage of the situation of you and harm you. But if you all choose to stick together like this bundle of sticks, no one of your enemies can harm you.

After this, all his sons promised to live together for a lifetime. The moral of the story is “unity is strength” Unity is an important factor even within a family and our society. Family members, who live together and support each other, have a lasting relationship. It can solve each other’s problems in a valuable manner.

Napoleon, a French leader, believed that “there are only two forces that unite men – fear and interest.” However, today, the term interest is broadly used. People can b together because of the need of their spirit, which has nothing to do with common interests. They can also be together because of a shared history or past, as with the civilians.

of a country. In our society, Factors such as trust, engagement, understanding, and love help to maintain Unity among people.

Always good ideas inspire people; they will remain united and strong for it. The moment the group doesn’t have Unity, everything collapses. So please remember to stand tall against all difficulties. Please do not forget if we are not united, and we cannot taste success. It is very important to be together to taste success.

I think you heard this famous saying? “United We Stand Divided We Fall.”

Today, people living in 29 different states and seven different union territories in our country are with faith in brotherhood. Care, love, and harmony together give it a real essence of life. It is a unity that has become the basis of a prosperous, strong, and prosperous India in the country despite terrorism, corruption, and disorder.

People in India have a high affinity for work and spirituality, which makes relationships strong, and at the same time, people respect all religions equally. Today we have discussed here and found that Unity is supreme and omnipotent in every stage of life. And I would also like to say that no unity is possible in this world without Unity.

Unity is not only for our country, but an integral part of the entire world, and many issues are seen where a country is going through a problem, and the countries of the world are united to solve this problem. This can be possible if Unity is there. So we know Unity plays an important role in every aspect of everyone’s life.

No one but only Unity has the power to change the whole world. It is fully up to us we are all united. We are celebrating Independence Day in our country on August 15 every year, which is the greatest example of the strength of Unity.

It was not possible without the feeling of the power of Unity among the people, and Unity is one reason why our country is free today. All the people in the country unitedly fought for freedom and freed the country. This would never have been possible without Unity.

This is the correct time when we are united against all difficulties such as terrorism, riots, animal cruelty, murder, corruption, etc. All these problems can be eliminated from the root only if we are united against it.

With this, I want to end my speech and special thanks to our principle, teachers who supported this speech unconditionally. I would like to give a special thanks to all the people to gather here and make this event a success. 

Thank you so much. Forgiving me this opportunity to address.

I hope you liked these speeches on Unity is Strength for students and children.

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