Essay on Friendship for Students and Children in 1000+ Words

In this article, you will read an essay on friendship for students and children. This includes benefits, importance, 10 lines on friendship.

Introduction (Essay on Friendship)

Friends have a very great relationship bond. Lucky are the people who have faithful friends.

The friendship between two persons results from immense love, care, and affection for each other. It is a devoted relationship between them. Friendship usually occurs between two people who share similar interests and feelings.

You make several friends throughout your life, but only a few friends will stay with you forever. Those are your loyal friends who still are connected with you through your thick and thin.

Friendship is one of the most beautiful parts of life which you can present to someone.

Benefits of friendship

Friendship is essential for the physical and mental wellbeing of a person. Trust, honesty, and faithfulness are the pillars of friendship. A genuine friend is a person upon whom you can always count on during the times of your adversity.

They always stand by you whenever something wrong happens with you; they are always there for you. Friends are your soul mates who always cheer for you, give you wonderful suggestions, listen to your problems, and mainly never talk behind your back.

A genuine friendship never stands in the corner envious of your achievements and accomplishments; rather, he cheers with you for your success. You can share all your flaws and secrets with this person, and he will keep it to himself. 

The loyalty of a good friend is beyond imagination, as trust fullness is a significant factor in friendship. An excellent friend results from all the good deeds that we have done in our life.

They are always there for you and with you of need. They make you smile, make you forget your sorrow, and lift you when you are down.

True Friendship

People are acquainted with many people throughout their life. However, only the closest ones become their friends.

You may have maintained a large friend circle during your school and college life, but you know the fact that you can only count on a few people to share your true friendship with.

Naturally, there are two types of friends that we make, the first one is good friends, and the other is true friends, which we also call as best friends.

Best friends are the ones who have a special bond of love, care, and affection for each other. Having true friends makes our lives much more meaningful, beautiful, easier, and full of happiness.

True friendship stands on the base of the relationship, which is free from any kind of judgments. In a true friendship, a person can entirely be themselves without fear of being judged, or anyone being around.

This is a part of friendship, which makes you feel loved and accepted. True friendship offers a kind of freedom that everyone longs for.

True friendship is what gives us hope, reason, and strength to be strong in life. Having a loving family is the greatest blessing that we have received. To be fully known about how the world functions, friendship is also very important.

True friendship is also necessary to be completely happy. Some people in the world don’t even have families but have friends who are not less than any family. 

Importance of Friendship

Friendship is a crucial part of life, as it is the only friendship that teaches us some great deals about life.

We learn many things and life lessons from friendship, which we may not be able to find anywhere else. The best part is when you learn to love someone who is not in your family. You learn how to be yourself when you are around your friends.

True friendship never leaves alone during bad times. They do teach us how to understand people better and trust others. Friends always motivate you, guide you, and cheer for you. They will guide you to take the right path in life and save you from making any mistake.

Similarly, friendship also teaches a lot about loyalty. Friends help us become trustworthy and also get loyalty in return. A loyal friend is really a fantastic blessing that we have received.

Friendship strengthens us. It tests us in hard times and helps us grow. For instance, we usually fight with our friends, and after that, we come back together after setting aside our differences. This is what makes us strong and develops our relationship and also teaches us patience.

Best friends help us overcome the difficulties and bad times of life. They always try to save us from any kind of danger of misfortune in our life. They offer us timely advice.

True friends are one of the best assets that we gain in our life; they share our sorrow; they soothe our pain; they celebrate our success and make us feel happy.

10 Lines on Friendship

  1. Friendship is a mutual bond between individuals who share the same mindset, thoughts, and affection for each other.
  2. They are someone with whom you do share your thoughts, moods, and even your secrets, which you may not be able to share with others.
  3. Friendship deepens with time and converts into a healthy relationship.
  4. In friendship, each person tries to make the life of the other better by bringing some positive change in it. Staunch friends always show the righteous path.
  5. The prime characteristic of true friendship is a sense of sacrifice.
  6. A genuine friend is always ready to sacrifice in order to make the life of his friend better.
  7. Friendship provides care and support during hard times.
  8. ‘A friend in need is a friend indeed’ or being rightly said as it signifies the essence of genuine friendship.
  9. There is always a figure of respect and a sense of undertaking in true friendship.
  10. Friendship is an unbreakable bond between individuals, which heightens our happiness, lightens our sorrows, and brightens our lives.

True friendship can be formed between two people or more, or between a man and an animal. Best friends help us during our sufferings and our bad times of life.

Genuine friends always offer us their valuable time and also give us timely advice on what’s wrong and right, which helps in protecting us from our dangers.


A good friend is one of the hard things to seek in life. That is why we should appreciate and value this divine relationship. People need friends to live happily; indeed, friends are a blessing for everybody.

Friends are one of the best assets of our life, and we should be grateful to have them. A true friend is our most precious possession. Hope you liked this essay on friendship.

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