15 Ideas on How to bring happiness in life?

In this article, we will tell 15 Ideas to understand – How to bring happiness in life. Also, we will state the matter should take care to become comfortable or be happy in life?

How to Live a Happy Life? Short Essay

Happiness is so important to us, both as individuals and the world, primarily because satisfaction is all that exists. As humans, although we have cognitive abilities and highly orientation on “thinking.” Our emotions ultimately determine the quality of our lives.

For example, what life would you prefer- a wealthy, attractive, successful, healthy and influential person who, despite all these blessings, or very unhappy,  an indigent, unattractive, unsuccessful, unhealthy and powerless person nevertheless happy?

When considering happiness as part of good, what is terrible or bad is only undesirable because it reduces the pleasure of an individual or group. The British philosopher John Locke accurately defines good as what creates happiness and evil as what creates misfortune.

Happiness or satisfaction, which includes pleasant emotions and the mood that consists. It is the only aspect of our life of any highest value. Aristotle described it as “the highest good.” An excellent benefit is any that facilitates the happiness or greater happiness of humans and other life on our Planet.

15 Amazing Tips to Live Happy in this beautiful life

It doesn’t matter the money you have in your bank account, your age, marital status, or what you earn for a living.  All people want to be more successful in their lives. Defining success is different for each of us, but here are 15 proven ways that can make you more productive, happy, and successful in life.

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1. Get involved:

No matter what goals you set in your life, you must be required. It is thanks to your commitment you will continue to make the improvements need to improve yourself.

Whether you’re starting a business, becoming a gym member to enhance your well-being, or participating in cooking classes because you want to become a chef, commitment is what makes us all more prosperous.

2. People talk about your individuality:

People don’t care about the costly clothes you wear, how big is your home or the car you drive. This does not signify that they do not respect your possessions or achievements.

Instead, they care for you as an individual and will support you no matter what – because they love a person’s individuality.

3. Be grateful every day:

According to researchers Robert Emmons, Martin Seligman and Michael McCullough, gratitude can make you feel better in your life, more enthusiasm, and a desire to help others. Recognition can even reduce coronary heart disease. Use some time to write down what you are grateful for every day.

4. Take action:

In the article in The Atlantic, the authors Katty Kay and Claire Shipman share research on the difference in trust between men and women. Scientists have found that trust is as important as competence. The article describes that “strengthens faith is the ability to succeed.”

5. Money cannot buy happiness:

As The Beatles famously proclaimed, “they can’t buy me, love.” Do you know what else can’t buy for the money?

Happiness. Just because you earn six numbers doesn’t mean you are satisfied. Sure, money is needed, and it makes things easier. But satisfaction focus on your passion, not the money.

6. Do not discourage from unsuccess:

At some point, we all face rejection. Instead of taking it,  use it as an educational experience. Why did VC reject your offer? Maybe there was no market for your product.

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Perhaps you didn’t have convincing sound. Maybe, the VC partner just called and said he’d spent the extra cash. Accepting and learning based on rejection is one way to lead you success.

I was rejected with my startup for online invoicing. I spoke to over 50 VC before I got one who believed in my product. Learn from rejection and use it as a motivation to improve the situation!

7. Prepare a backup plan:

You never know when the unexpected will happen, but when it happens, chaos surrounds you. Preparing for the worst-case scenario can at least make it a lot less chaotic.

When my last business collapsed, if we did not save money, it would fall into financial ruin. Keep the proper back plan for emergency and hold happiness

8. Improve your social skills.

After analyzing data, Santa Barbara, economist Catherine Weinberger said that ‘people who are both intelligent and socially proficient earn more than similarly equipped himself.

9. Go on Vacation:

As Yii-Huei Phang writes in the Huffington Post, traveling is a great way to “develop a person’s character” and increase mental openness or happiness. Also, while traveling is a great way to get away from the everyday hustle and bustle, it helps you feel joy what you have at home.

10. Do not do overloading tasks:

If you feel always burned out, it’s because you do too much at once. Studies have shown that “when you go from the normal task to do something more, you increase the time it takes to complete the task by an average of 25 percent.” You also burn your energy supply. Both of these problems reduce productivity and prevent the achievement of tasks and goals.

11. Include the way you think about growth:

Stanford psychologist Carol Dweck says we have two attitudes; “Fixed” and “variables.” The traditional way of thinking “assumes that our character, intelligence, and creativity are static.”

However, the “way of thinking about variable” develops as a challenge and perceives failure not as evidence of unintelligence, but as a comforting stepping stone to grow and to stretch our abilities. “

12. Balance work and life:

Disruptive work can burn employees and reduce office morale. Although this may not be a choice for employees, it proves that everyone needs a time out of the office.

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If you can spend less time in the office, working remotely, or having flexible hours, be able to be productive in both personal and professional life.

13. Don’t hold offense:

There is no need to keep the offense intention. It can use you mentally and make you unhappy. And it doesn’t life seem to run smoother when you’re not happy.

14. Live the moment:

A person can’t change the past, and he has no control over the future. Live the moment and enjoy what is ahead of you right here.

When you are busy making too many plans, you cause stress that prevents you from enjoying the present.

15. Take care of yourself and then help others:

According to Mark Snyder, psychologist and head of the Center for Individuality and Society Research at the University of Minnesota: “People who volunteer have higher self-esteem possess mental well-being and happiness.”

Besides, helping others is beneficial for our social relationships. But how can you support others if you haven’t taken care of yourself? Take care of your requirements first, and then help others.


Happiness is not only crucial for our personal and social life, but it is essential for our global community. Misfortune breeds wars and terrorism. Countries that unjustly attack other countries do so because they are not satisfied with some international realities.

Terrorists attacking individuals and populations are deeply dissatisfied with various social, political, religious, and economic realities.  Pleased people would not commit acts of terror.

Countries that unjustly attack other countries do so because they are not satisfied with some international realities. Terrorists attacking individuals and populations are deeply dissatisfied with various social, political, religious, and economic realities.  Pleased people would not commit acts of terror.

Why is happiness so important? As individuals and as a society, happiness is both our highest goal and an effective means of achieving many of our other valued goals.

Both as individuals and as a planet, satisfaction and happiness is our ultimate reason for living. Happiness is all that exists, and all that will ever be; everything else is just a means to happiness.