Essay on Good Friday for Students and Children in 1000 Words

In this article, read an essay on Good friday for students and children in 1000 words. This includes its history and observation, celebration, about Jesus, and important facts in lines.

Essay on Good Friday for Students and Children in 1000 Words

In the entire world, there are different kinds of people are living and following various cultural activities and religions. 

Distinct people follow different religions. For example, Christians follow Christianity, Muslim Follow Islam, and Hindu Follow Hindu Religion, etc. Most of the holidays and festivals relates to their religion and culture.

For example, if you see Good Friday, this is a significant day or festival which celebrated by the Christians in the entire world.

History and Observation of Good Friday

Good Friday is a famous Christian festival. It is usually celebrated on Friday between March 20 and April 23, before Easter Sunday, and is also called Good Friday or Great Friday. Further, this festival is celebrated as the Crucifixion Day of the Lord Jesus.

Great Friday begins mid 40 days. This year, India has a 40-day blessed walk starting March 9. It has been a decent Friday for as far back as 40 days. Christians purge spirits by performing distress and fasting for 40 days.

It is important that Christianity likewise gives a message that decontaminates one’s spirit, notwithstanding adoration and absolution to the adherents. They accept Jesus to have resurrected in the wake of being in the tomb from Friday to Saturday.

Importance of Good Friday

Good Friday, which is the significant and religious day, is remembered when the Son of God was crucified and buried. According to Christian details and belief, Jesus is the son of God. He entered there a world in the form of man and lived there with people.

They believe that he sacrificed himself for humankind on the big cross or crucifix. They observe this day as an essential feast of up to forty days. The last week of this period is called a holy week, and this is the day, or Good Friday comes in this week.

All the teachings and books of Christianity show that On Good Friday, Christians remember Jesus for his sacrifice. To this day, prayers and meditations are fixed in churches. In this celebration, Christians purify their souls by suppressing and fasting.

Celebration of Good Friday

On the day of Good Friday Day, the followers of Christianity go to the Church to remember Jesus Christ. They remember the pain and difficulties which Jesus was born for humanity. On this day, they ring no bell in the Church. People remember Jesus by kissing the cross sign. They do fasting and full-day prayers in Church.

They do also mourn on this day because this day is full of sorrow, solemn, and one of the holiest days in Christianity. This is not the of any party of celebration, but it is the day observing and remembering the pain and sorrow of Jesus. On this day, Christian wears the cloths of black color to show their grief and sad feelings.

If we study, then it is written in the book of the Bible that Jesus was crucified for six hours and was executed. During this time, each of the four sides clouded the day. After his passing, the fire consumed, and all the graves were opened. From that point forward, this day is commended each year as Good Friday. Supplication will be offered in the congregation at 3:00 on Good Friday.

Further, a conciliatory sentiment was made beforehand to the Lord Jesus for transgressing, which was actually a false statement. They view this week as heavenly. There is no congregation festivity this Christmas.

On this day of sorrow, the sacrifice of God Jesus marks the beginning of the end of sin. And they do this in their memory, but the ways sometimes change little in the Church. People go to Church wearing black clothes; today, the candles are not lit. Everyone remembers God according to his account. Some sow, some praise, some read the book of God. Also, people are sacrificing today by doing something.

Crucifixion of Jesus

We all know that they emerged Jesus Christ as the son of God and spread the light of knowledge and guidance. According to beliefs about 2000 years ago, Lord Jesus was teaching people about humanity, brotherhood, unity, non-violence, and peace. Seeing their increasing popularity among the people, the religious leaders declared Jesus an enemy of humanity. Even after this, his popularity continued to grow. 

After this, they issued the decree of issuing the death penalty, accusing Jesus of treason. After they issued the death penalty, they crucified Jesus. Crowning people inflicted many physical tortures. Eventually, they were hung on a cross with nails.

As showed by the Christian sacred text, the Bible has held tight a cross for six hours, with Jesus speared. Over the most recent three hours, there was obscurity throughout the state. After the demise of Jesus, the tempest came. The entryways of the considerable number of tombs tore open. They tore the drape of the blessed sanctuary.

After this, consistently, this day was commended as Good Friday. Christians accumulate and ask in the congregation at three toward the evening and apologize to God Jesus for his wrongdoings. Alongside this, tribute is likewise paid to Christ on this day. On Good Friday, the congregation doesn’t play any ringers. 

People of Christianity pay their sympathies by wearing black garments on Good Friday. This entire week shows extreme holy in Christianity. In this blessed week, no festival other than supplication is commended in the congregation.

10 Lines on Good Friday Event

  1. Good Friday is also called Great Friday, and Black Friday. 
  2. The celebration begins on Friday before Easter Sunday. 
  3. Around 2000 years back, on this day, Jesus Christ was nailed to the cross and held tight to the cross. 
  4. That is the reason people make it a day of grieving. 
  5. No Church chimes are rung on Good Friday. 
  6. The Christian people group cries in dark garments. 
  7. On this day, many Christians all around give respect to Jesus Christ. 
  8. On Good Friday at 3 pm, individuals go to the chapel and supplicate and apologize for their transgressions. 
  9. This week marks a holy day in Christianity. 
  10. There is no festival in the congregation.


We say that Great Friday is an exceptionally wonderful day for Christians. As per Christianity, they executed the Lord Jesus Christ on this day to benefit his supporters.

Great Friday is a day of adoration and absolution for Christians. Jesus made an impression on his devotees to excuse the individuals who carried out wrongdoings against him. Christians praise this day in their memory.

I hope you liked this Essay on Good Friday for Students and Children.

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