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Essay on Christianity (1000+ Words)

Christianity is known as the largest religion in the world. Over 2 billion people in the world are followers of Christianity, who are classified under 34000 denominations.

Initially, Christianity strengthened from Judaism because Jesus Christ and his Twelve disciples were Jews. This religion’s principle revolves around the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. The religion is monotheistic as Christians believe in only one God.

The Holy Bible is believed to be the word of God by Christians. Although it is taken literally by some Christians, it is considered being derived from the Holy Spirit.

History of Christianity

Right after the death and ascension of Jesus Christ, an era of persecution occurred. His followers were the first to start the Church. His followers were kept in prison & killed simply because of their belief.

In the 4th century, Constantine formed the first council of Nicea in the name of Nicene Creed, and thus Christianity legalized. The Church of England, Eastern Orthodox Church, and the Roman Catholic Church still use this Creed.

The Roman Catholic accepted Christianity as it’s the official religion in A.D 380, and consequently, Jesus Christ was declared both fully man and fully God. In the following years, the books of the Bible were determined, and it was decided that Nicene Creed was the permanent doctrine to the Church at the Council of Rome.

Beliefs of Christianity

  1. Christians belief focuses on that there is only one God, who created the heavens and the earth. The Divine Trinity of God comprises 3 parts, The Father (God Himself), The Son (Jesus Christ), and The Holy Spirit. The religion is hence monotheistic in nature.
  2. The concept of Christianity revolves around the life, death, and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ. The Father (God) sent Jesus Christ, regarded as the Messiah, to this world to save the world. Jesus Christ was crucified on the cross to forgive humanity of their sins, and then he was resurrected on the 3rd day after his death and finally ascended to heaven.
  3. Christians believe that Jesus will return again to the world, which is basically known as his Second coming.
  4. The Holy Bible contains all the teachings of Jesus. It also has teachings of many prophets and disciples. It talks about the world since it’s the creation and even the creation of first humans. It offers teachings and instructions on how one should live.
  5. The Holy Bible contains two testaments, old and new testament. Jews and Christians both follow the Old Testament, but Christians also support the New Testament.
  6. The symbol of Christianity is the cross.
  7. There are two major festivals of Christians. Christmas (this is celebrated as the birthday of Jesus), Easter (this is the resurrection of Jesus).

Jesus Christ and Christianity

According to the historians, Jesus Christ was a real person born around 3 B.C or 4 B.C. A large part of knowledge about Jesus Christ was derived from the New Testament of the Holy Bible.

According to the scripture, a young virgin, namely Mary, gave birth to Jesus in Bethlehem, a town located in the south of Jerusalem ( modern-day Palestine). Scripture says that the happening was a divine supernatural event with God impregnating Mary through the Holy Spirit.

Very little is in the record about Jesus’ childhood. His father Joseph was a carpenter. Initially, he grew up in Nazareth, where he and his family received continuous persecution from King Herod. Then he moved to Egypt.

Jesus was initially a Jew. As per the scholars, he wanted to reform Judaism and not to create a new religion.

Jesus took baptism when he was about 30 years old, by the prophet John the Baptist in the Jordan River. He started his public teachings after that.

Jesus traveled from place to place for around three years with his 12 disciples to do ministry to numerous people and performed miracles, which proved his divinity. He did many wonders, and some of the most extraordinary events were raising a dead person named Lazarus from his grave. He walked on water; he cured the blind, etc.

Teachings of Jesus

Jesus’ teachings were in parables, i.e. short stories with some spiritual hidden messages in Christianity.

Some major teachings of Jesus are mentioned below

  1. Love God, always.
  2. Love your neighbor as you love yourself.
  3. If anyone did anything wrong to you, forgive them.
  4. Love your enemies as yourself.
  5. Always ask forgiveness to God for your sins.
  6. Jesus has the authority, and he can forgive others as he is the Messiah.
  7. You must repent from your sins.
  8. You must not be hypocritical.
  9. You must not judge others.
  10. The Kingdom of God is coming soon. It is not for the rich and powerful, but for the good and righteous to inherit his Kingdom.

Festivals and Celebrations in Christianity

The Christian calendar is basically the most used calendar, which is used throughout the world in all countries. There are two types of the Christian calendar, namely the Julian calendar and Gregorian calendar.

There are either 365 or 366 days in the Christian calendar which are divided into 12 months. The 12 months of the Christian calendar don’t follow the lunar cycle. A week on the Christian calendar contains seven days. Further, all the holidays and festivals of Christians are based on the Christian calendar. 


Around one-third of the world’s total population belongs to Christianity, and it has been for the last 100 years.

The major reason that Christianity is still growing is that the Church in these days is still as powerful as it ever had been. Participation in Church has been decreasing in Europe since the last few years, whereas it is increasing in the rest of the world exponentially.

For the first time during the seventh century, it was witnessed that, in the upcoming times, there will be more Christians outside Europe than that of Europe itself. It has been predicted that most Christians will be in Latin America and Africa in the 21st century, and around 20% of Christians will be non-Hispanic whites within 2050.

10 Lines on Christianity

  1. The largest religion in the world is Christianity.
  2. Christianity has three main essential parts.
  3. There are Ten Commandments in Christianity.
  4. Sunday, the Sabbath, is the holiday in this religion.
  5. There are two major festivals, names Easter and Christmas.
  6. There is no Bible that dates back to Jesus.
  7. Every year around 100 million Bibles are sold.
  8. There are three Abrahamic religions, and Christianity is one of them.
  9. There is the holiest city in Christianity, and that is Jerusalem.
  10. It has teachings about hell and heaven.


Christianity has played a significant role in constructing the world as it is that we know today. The Church inherited ultimate power and authority since centuries, whole over the world, and it still has in some places in some aspects.

The Bible has originated many laws we follow in Western society. It also shares the morals about the sense of wrong and right being inherited from the teachings of Jesus. The atheist groups also have protocols that are the same as those given by Jesus.

In this Christianity essay you have read various beliefs, teachings of Jesus, festivals celebrated by christian peoples and more. I hope you liked this informative Essay on Christianity. Thanks for reading.

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