Essay on Good Manners (for Students in 1000 Words)

In this article, We have published an Essay on Good Manners for school and college students. Here you will read its symptoms, benefits, and some examples of good manners.

So, Let’s start the Essay on Good Manners…

Introduction (Essay on Good Manners in 1000 Words)

It is sayings that “a man’s habits and manners are a mirror in which he shows his figure.” Therefore, to be publicly respectable, it is necessary to have good manners. We feel that intelligence and money are the only way to gain respect in people and society, but this is very misconception. Even if someone is intelligent or productive or both are at the same time, he is not treated with respect if he lacks good manners and treats others well.

Furthermore, good manners lead to good habits and Its eventually lead to personal development as well as the overall development of a country. It is essential to understand the importance of magic words such as “Thank you,” “Sorry,” “Please,” “Forgive me,” and gestures like holding the door for others, not to use the phone when we are standing with someone also.

Besides, there are other situations like while offering your seat to someone, keeping an eye on strangers and making eye contact and doing many small things that can make anyone feel more happy and comfortable with you.

Symptoms of good manners

Humility is a sign of courtesy and good manners. When called by someone, yes, no, yes, you should answer by saying good. It is courtesy to greet the guests who come home with a smile.

There are instances like gazing in a train or bus, giving seats to women, children, getting the blinds to cross the road, not interfering with the words of others, taking the patient to the hospital, not taking an interest in the affairs of others, comforting a sad person, etc.  These are all courtesy to help someone.

Benefits of good manners in life

Good manners are essential in both a person’s personal and professional life. Etiquette helps keep things together and right. Without good manners, everything will be messed up, the classroom will look like a fish market, the dining table will be filled with gross scenarios, the salesmen will fail in its sales, and everything like that will go wrong.

1. Personality Development

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Man’s conduct plays a vital role in the all-round development of man. His excellent behavior gives him a special place in family and society. A virtuous person is respected by all and is dear to everyone.

2. Respects Increases

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Having good manners and ethics shows that you respect the person you are discussing. It will help you to provide a positive image of yourself in the world. Your manners are the first thing a person will consider when judging you because this is what determines your early belief.

3. Success in Interview

Even in interviews, your manners and etiquette are taken into consideration before evaluating your communication skills and technical knowledge. People you connect with daily may be pleased with how you treat them.

This quality of treating people can come to your aid in every situation. It can help you by socializing with different types of people. You can easily make new friends and win their trust.

4. Develop Greatness

Manners make life great. We move from smallness to sovereignty, from narrow thoughts to great thoughts, from selfishness to generous feelings, from arrogance to humility, from hatred to love. The seedling of manners is sown in the child’s heart from childhood. In a student’s life, it gradually leads to development.

Good Manners for Students

For students, ethical conduct means that they respect their parents and Guruji and obey their orders. Help the weaker students and the afflicted ones. Mutual jealousy – abandons emotion and stay in harmony. If anyone helps them in any way, then thank them.

Examples of Good Manners

a. Truthfulness

Without good conduct, man cannot achieve prestige in any society. To be virtuous, he must avoid the bad qualities and adopt virtues. We should always be truthful. All humans should not have feelings of jealousy and hatred towards each other.

Man’s sense of hatred and resentment towards others creates alienation towards others, but my goodness, a special place, can be found in the heart of others. Mutual love and respect increase with ethical conduct.

b. Sympathy for others

A virtuous person always behaves sympathetically towards others. In all circumstances, he tries his best to discharge all his duties. He has true faith in God and prays to God for himself, the welfare and upliftment of his family and all humanity.

Importance of good manners

Having good manners is considered a virtue. It is essential to have good manners. The methods of a person describe his character. At every stage of life, a person is judged by his first impression. This is what remains in a person’s mind forever. Our manners and behaviour recognize us to others before we speak.

Thus, it becomes imperative for a person to make the correct first impression. Good manners are one of the traits that count the most. Good behavior towards a person makes him feel respected, and he immediately starts behaving well for that person. Friendship begins and good.

Behavior against good manners

There are certain practices contrary to etiquette such as smiling without looking at others, talking about others, talking to people while walking on the street, molesting girls, watching them tear their eyes, leaving the person injured in the accident, and moving forward is rude to go.

The Final Thought

Keeping in mind the importance and benefits of good manners, a person should always try to incorporate these things in his daily life. In this way, he will not only benefit himself but will also contribute towards a more balanced and sophisticated society. I hope you like this Essay on Good Manners.

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