Essay on Respect (for Students in 1000 Words)

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Introduction (Essay on Respect in 1000 Words)

Respect is an abstract concept that is a charge of competence and prestige that affects both the social level and self-assessment of an individual or institution such as a family, school, regiment or nation. Accordingly, individuals (or institutions) are given value and stature based on the harmony of specific tasks.

Concerning sexuality, honour has traditionally been associated with “purity” or “virginity” or, in case of married men/women, “loyalty”. The importance of the concept of respect has declined in the modern world and has been replaced by conscience. As a noun, honour can also refer to an award. For example, given by a nation; such honours include military medals, but more generally it means civilian awards, such as Padma Shri, knighthood or Pakistani Nishan-e-Pakistan.

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Few sayings about respect

Below are some few quotes which tell us importance of respect-

  1. Only when you respect yourself will others respect you.
  2. Respect for all living beings is non-violence.
  3. It is better to drink the nectar of humiliation than to drink the poison of honour.
  4. If earning increases by losing respect, then poverty is better than that.
  5. Protecting self-respect is our first religion.

Importance of Respect in Life

a. For Value in Society

A person who is not respected in society has no value in society. Everyone tries to stay away from him. Nobody helps in that man’s time of strength. He spends his life apart from the whole world, and it is also true that a person takes a lot of time to increase his respect in society and it does not take even 1 minute to finish that honour. It is easy to earn money in the world, but it takes a lot of time to make respect in the eyes of people.

b. For Developing the own personality

When you give respect to someone, it reflects your vastness. The more people you do not respect in the world, the less is your prosperity. If you appreciate everyone, the more you will get. He is a learned man who respects all. Giving respect is the quality of advanced consciousness. Therefore, I thank all of you.

c. For Life

Respect is essential in our life because just as money is required in life, so it is necessary to respect life. It is challenging to live in a society without respect; a person who does not have a connection in the community has no value in society. Does not happen, every person tries to stay away from it, no one helps in that man’s time of compulsion, he lives his life apart from the whole world.

This statement is also true that it takes a lot of time for a person to increase their respect in society and it does not take even 1 minute to finish that honour. It is easy to earn money in the world, but it takes a lot of time to make respect in the eyes of people.

Reflection of Respect

The importance is revealed only by the actions and behaviour done by human beings, that is, according to the importance of work, human beings are considered essential. By evaluating the significance of a person’s work and behaviour, his feelings and social thoughts towards him are called his respect.

The goal of most humans is to get maximum respect, subject to which their thinking and their work is done. The cooperation of man in travelling from the ancient to the present modern era is a symbol of the greatness of man. Just as the importance of works is different according to practice, similarly, there are many forms of respect.

Encouragement increases in doing work due to respect

Those who want to honour themselves only by showing off instead of doing any good work for human society and humanity; they are misguided humans of confused intellect. Those who want to get respect in society by showing off their belongings and resources and showing off their property, house, vehicle, etc. and declaring themselves as rich.

Honesty Showing due to respect

The person desiring to be respected must first learn to respect himself for which he will have to look into his conscience and if he is a fraudulent, deceitful, dishonest or a liar, then how will he honour him because he lies to the human world. Still, it is impossible to rest with your mind.

Respect Improves in conduct and nature

When a person is guilty and cannot even respect himself, it is foolish to wish for respect from society and the world. Respect is the subject of human behaviour, conduct, and deeds, so forgetting respect, it is necessary first to review their behaviour and deeds and improve them first, change you then only the world will change.

Self-respect means that self-respect separates humans from animals. It is due to this feeling that a person feels superior. In Indian culture and our past, this sentiment was filled with the code. But in a dark period, the people of India not only lost their self-respect but also destroyed their self-confidence. The rule of foreign invaders gave rise to inferiority complex among Indians

Woman’s honour

Woman- lives in the forms of a mother, sister, daughter, and wife. A human is a woman who makes connections with society. But unfortunately, by not giving due respect to this world leader, he has tried to subdue himself from the beginning. He considers the form of the goddess as a symbol of the goddess. Her honour has the potential to change the whole world.  


In conclusion, it can be stated that respect is a capital that can earn only by creating goodwill in society by doing good deeds with honesty and respecting others also. God creates everybody in the world, and all have their importance and value. So each other respect is fundamental and necessary.

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