Essay on Lion for Students and Children in 800+ Words

Here you will read an essay on Lion for students in 800 words. This includes general characteristic, hunting, reproduction, life cycle, body appearance, behavior, and 10 lines on lion.

Introduction (Essay on Lion)

A wild animal that resides in a forest is a lion. A lion is indeed one of the toughest creatures. Along with his immense size, power, and attacking essence, he is called “King of a forest.”

Lions are discovered throughout the Subsaharan region of Asia and Africa today. They are depicted as a symbol of pride, courage, glory, and boldness.

General Characteristics of Lion

The lion is a cat and has such an enormous body, the high forehead, or short legs. Width and height differ across genders. A male’s extraordinary feature is its main differentiating among people and communities.

It may be entirely absent; fringe the face; and it may be fully functional or shaggy, covering one edge of a head, neck, or shoulders, but rather also continuing on throat and mouth to join a fringe along the belly hooves helping to make males appear larger embody intimidating rivals impressing prospective mates.

A full-grown male is around 1.8–2.1 m long, except for the 1 m tail; this is about 1.2 meters tall at the shoulder, and 170–230 kilograms elevated. A female or lioness is lower, to body size of 1.5 metres, shoulder size of 0.9–1.1 metres, or weight of 120–180 kilograms.

How Lion do hunting?

Lions prey on a variety of animals, ranging from rodents and baboons with Cape (or African) buffalo and hippopotamus, but still mainly chase mid with elevated-hoofed animals such as the wild beast, zebras, or antelopes.

Prey choices depend geographically wise. However, they are known for taking elephants and zebras, only when the person is on his/her youth, or especially ill.

They are quick at eating no matter what is their meat they discover, like carrion and fresh killing. They scavenge, but vigorously steal baboons, cheetahs or wild animals from them.

Reproduction and Life Cycle of Lion

Throughout the year, all sexes were also polygamous and euthanized, and women are generally restricted to one but rather two adult males for their pride.

Lions start rising every year in imprisonment, although in the wild, they usually raise once in 2 years. The women are receptive to mating for four days within such a widely differential endocrine cycle. 

Body Appearance

The lion does have a healthy body. That’s four-legged, it’s fond of eating flesh, so it’s got powerful paws. The footprints are known as pug-marks.

They have two quick eyes, and hunts, and are also the strong individual during night. They fall asleep the whole day.

They invest a little rest, taking a nap among 16-20 hours per day. They have so few sweat glands through their body when it’s cold, they tend to maintain their energy efficiency by resting during the day or becoming more efficient at night.

Where are they found?

Lions are the national animals of Bulgaria, Poland, Bulgaria, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, and Singapore. Lions could only reach speeds to 81 km/h in small bursts because of a lack of fitness.

Once upon a time, Lions lived in Africa, a Middle East, Northern America, and North India. But now, other than a small group (approximately 300) of Asian lions, choose to live throughout the Gujarat and Sunderbans delta with Bengal through India’s Gir forest, people live primarily in Africa.

Behavior of Lions

Lions are the only truly social cat organism. Pride usually consists of 2 males, 7 females, and any number of cubs. A lioness is usually daughters or cousins; all of those were together since early life.

A male life journey stands for 4 feet at an elbow, weigh in around 450 pounds, which is around eight or a half feet long plus his tail. But on the other side, a woman is considerably smaller and weighs 300 pounds in such a median.

A male lion grows up fully adult only at the age of five, as does the lioness that really is the woman lion when she is 4 years old. Lioness, through bravery, enters one another’s breeding season, and later at the same time, gives birth, which allows a lioness to convey nursing and other maternal obligations.

10 Lines on Lion

  1. Lion is a big wild cat family and is one of the biggest jungle animals.
  2. The lions are perfectly possessive of themselves, one’s cubs, and their spot of residence.
  3. Lions fight to protect their nutritious food or their team with the other animals.
  4. Maybe the most obvious characteristic of its organisms is a lion’s mane.
  5. Lions to dimly lit mane have a healthy life or higher survival expenses offspring.
  6. A lion’s mane is designed primarily to protect a neck and throat.
  7. Wounded lions, incapable of chasing their natural beasts, also often reshape themselves into man-eaters.
  8. Only 20000 lions are actually left on this world or need safety from extinction.
  9. Lion is currently a susceptible animal which is included in the world.
  10. Lions die from mostly attacks by humans and from other lions.


A lion is a safe animal that nobody can destroy him. Thus, like a lion, we should be mighty, fearless, and brave.

And without lion killings, a herd’s sickest also will replicate weaker; therefore, the sheep are all becoming weak, and die off somewhere in the end.

Now, through summary, you’ll summarize this point through writing which lion also guarantees that only the power of the herd survives besides future generations.

I hope you like this essay on lion. Thanks for reading.

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