Farewell Speech by Students, Teachers, Boss, Colleague (With Samples & Tutorial)

In this article, read farewell speech samples by students, teachers, boss, colleague for college and school programmes. This includes farewell speeches with sample and tutorial so that you can learn and give, write speeches efficiently.

Farewell Speech by Students, Teachers, Boss, Colleague (Sample For School & College Function)

1. Farewell Speech by Students for Leaving College or School


First, acknowledge the attendance of essential individuals in the audience and then the graduating pupils.

For instance, it can be somewhat like this: “Good morning distinguished headmaster, vice-principal, associates, families and friends, pupils, and my dear departing 12th class students.

I am thrilled and pleased to greet you all with this colourful rite. Today, we are all here to bid sendoff to our 12th-grade students who are departing the college.”


Remember old remembrances; I mean, old memories pooled in sync with the students and try to put them on a piece of paper. However, remember to keep them short and accurate when placing keywords down.

Put in writing a few success stories that occurred during their stay in the school. Also, talk about how the college had better equipped them to conquer encounters they are expected to meet in the next challenge of their journey.

You can add a sense of humour as an essential part of the speech if you need to. Also, note your encounters as a tutor, relating to the excellent performance of the students leave behind.


You need to recap all your key points. It’s entirely okay to reveal some encouraging views with the departing students. And wish all the best to them in upcoming ventures.

Note: Maintain it short, accurate, and avert any form of insulting words that could dull the communication you are trying to express. See for the correct phrases to make the sendoff party colourful and that which will grab your audience awareness.

Sample for Farewell Speech by Students Leaving College

Good morning respected headmaster, vice-principal, peers, families and friends, pupils, and my dear outgoing 12th class students.

I am thrilled and delighted to provide this farewell speech. Today is the 1st of July, which is a day of pride, especially for the graduating pupils and their parents.

We are all here to bid farewell to our students who are leaving this college after the fruitful accomplishment of their 12th year in the school. I welcome you all to this lively ceremony.

My dear 12th class pupils, despite some demanding tasks, grief, and sadness that you have faced in action of your lessons in the college, at the end of it all, you finished this part of the voyage with significant accomplishments and beautiful memories.

Being challenging with you does not imply that we dislike your set, but to prepare you for a more substantial test ahead, and to cultivate you to build a solid foundation for your next stage.

Under our advice, you have achieved this remarkable achievement in your life with great respect and honour.

Today, I am thrilled to say; we are gratified of your many accomplishments over the years, your various achievements in almost all core curriculum and extra program activities.

Your great results in educational discourse and sports competitions are indeed recognised. Your sweet remembrances will always remain in our spirits.

My fellow associates and I wish to thank you for the incredible passion you have displayed towards your studies, in your association with the teachers, management, the junior students, and even among yourselves.

In the chronicle of this beautiful college, we have observed and documented cases of school intimidation, aggression, and many unpleasant activities. It had originated because of the unrighteous actions of some of our students.

Today, I am very excited and happy to say that during your set, the school neither witnessed nor documented any such instances.

Honestly, you have showed to us you all came from a decent home and well educated. Therefore, you have left behind a very generous legacy for the apprentice and in-coming students to follow.

My beloved students, as you leave this college, anticipate that some challenges await you. Thereby, I firmly believe going by your qualifications and the way you have handled yourselves over the years and the abilities and knowledge we have taught you, you will surely conquer them.

I want to implore my dear gregarious students always to see yourselves as great representatives of this college and never allow venal interest to damage the integrity you have developed over the ages of this beautiful college.

Be courteous and decent to folks you encounter on your path up. Allow the expressions of God to steer you as you journey to prominence. Think big ideas and be hopeful in whatever you are doing.

On behalf of the school, I offer you farewell and wish you the best of luck in your days in the future. May God bless you all!

Thank you very much.

2. Farewell Speech for Teacher by a Student for Retirement

Guide to starting a farewell speech

Typically, in speeches, the opening and last speeches have a way of sticking more to the ears of the meeting delivered than the body of the address itself. No part of a speech is less important.

Therefore, it is crucial to keep in belief, first of all, that the nature of the speech should be constructive and genuine. This way, you could charmingly carry your audience along from the very beginning of the address to the end.

Farewell speeches, as well as several other kinds of speeches, are usually referred to as an array of audiences. Even though in this situation, most of the population is being addressed are the schoolteachers. Others that could be present are classmates, friends, and well-wishers of the departing teachers.

What would give your speech a good shape is recognising the needs and feelings of your target audience. It would give you the right source or say the foundation for building a great down to earth parting speech.

With this understand that an effective farewell speech comprises three most essential parts, which are the introduction, main body, and conclusion.

How your introduction should be?

First, your introduction should include; welcoming the audience- It should be noted that VIPs present should be greeted while groups like students and fellow teachers should be hailed as a group.

You are gaining the interest of your audience.
You are establishing a relationship between you and the audience.

They are familiarising the audience with the aim of the episode. Here, state how cherished the leaving teacher is to you and the school.

Setting the effort and tone for the speech.

It is now shifting on to the body of the speech, is the central part of the speech, make it efficient and remarkable. Full statistics and skills shared between the teacher and you as well as the entire recipients of the teacher’s involvement in the school.

However, the following principles and tips are to note when composing the body of the speech. Genuine and truthful encounters should be shared.

All the added things of message

An optimistic message added across to the audience.

The amount of moment the teacher has devoted and its impact in the school should not be minimalist in the speech.

The exceptional contributions made to the school by the teacher

Some sense of humour is added to the attitude of the speech.

For the closing phrases of the speech, it is crucial to note that you must not just bring the audience to an unexpected end.

After taking the audience through a delightful drive on the understanding you had with your teachers, the end should be however brief, yet full of the representations of thanks and how greatly leaving you would much lament. Finally, make sure to thank everybody present once again.

With this brief and crisp guideline on writing a farewell speech for teachers by students’, giving your genuine farewell speech for your teachers should be a piece of cake.

Sample Farewell Speech for Teacher by A Student for Retirement

Good day, hugely respected headmaster, knowledgeable teachers, fellow students, and dear well-wishers.

I hold it a great privilege to deliver this farewell speech on such a remarkable day as this. You are all here to bid farewell to an exceptional and extremely valued teacher who has also been a great confidant and guidance counsellor. I realise today; indeed, those treasured and valued moments sail.

It is a chance to acknowledge, reverence, and give thanks for how impressively our dear teacher has with so much know how passed across some unique information and skills to provide the ‘leaders of the future.’

Though it is sore bidding farewell to somebody who has developed more of a parental and less of an educator to us, we’ll still need to use this great chance to validate our gratitude to him for being ever noble.

Throughout the administration of his responsibilities to our distinct lives, he adds to the enhancement of our body of expertise.

Teachers are in the honourable facility for over the years, ceaselessly conveying their expertise and abilities accurately. He is indeed genuine, heroic, accountable, highly respected, well admired, and a high hard worker in the teaching career and as a human being.

He makes further attempts to provide the comforts of the school’s job to us, creating us also want to go the additional mile in resolving whatever work he gives us. He has survived to push out the brilliance in us by this.

We understand it, even though we have acted like they were reprimands for us, we know just as well that your ways in managing us have made us healthier every day.

His strength was the mainstay on which so many fragile students rested on. He gave strong support and was firm when he wanted to be. So he delivered a cohort of intellectuals under him that was not feeble but tough, and not obstinate but submissive.

Balancing all characteristics of life with professors, the school became more than a building for learning books alone. It grew to us a fortress of wisdom where all about life could be learned and related to the practical experience. Thank you for making learning real.

Being a recipient of so many accolades in the years you have spent is not a thing below your capability and contributions. You ought to have much more than you have got all these years.

The competitions, symposiums, and pioneering courses you led us to win were all an incredible skill and moment with you. Though prominence came more to the school, you transcribed on our hearts, which is our real hall of distinction as the winner of those moments.

We’re thankful you have instilled with sincere enthusiasm and excitement. Thank you for the sense of humour you added to coaching us, making the classes not dull to us. You knew just how to grab and enthral our interest.

One time, you came to the class attired in a particular outfit to get into the spirit of the character of what you were to educate us. Oh! What a fantastic moment that was.

Thank you for your diligent efforts, Sir. Your family can now have additional time with you, but I consider you know we are your pupils, though your ‘second family’ will always like to even hang out with you.

Let’s not ignore to pick dates for that! Overall, you are embossed on our hearts; none can obliterate your cuteness, determination, competence, and caring actions to us.

The end part

On behalf of our dear headmaster, my fellow students, your colleagues (teachers), and all the well-wishers present here today; we wish your life’s best offer. Hundreds of souls pray for you this day for letting this generation gain from your sanctity.

As you take your bow out, please stay on with a teaching heart. Our heart blesses you.

Thank you, principal, teachers, students, and well-wishers.

Farewell Teacher!

3. Farewell Speech for Boss Who is Leaving Job or Retirement

Your boss’s departure marks the starting of a new phase in their life. Your farewell speech intends to honour this landmark and help the retired person get enthused about what’s to come.

Use your speech to offer them farewell, convey your admiration for their service and commitment, and let them know how much their support, motivation, support, leadership, and guidance have meant to you and your coworkers.

Parts of a Speech

Speeches, much like other scripted works, comprise three general sections – an inaugural, a body, and a finale. Here are some endorsements to keep in mind about these three portions while writing a farewell or goodbye speech about a retiring boss.


In the initial section of the speech, you need to welcome your audience and clearly state the intent of the occasion. It need not be exceptionally long, but it should set the point for the rest of your speech.

Example Sentence: “Good evening, everybody. It is a privilege and an opportunity for me to be providing this speech. Today, we are all here to tender a nostalgic farewell to our Addie, our incredible boss, who today is leaving after 19 years of service and guidance.”


It is where most of your speech’s subject will live. Be sure to make your phrasing clear and understandable to the audience. Use short and straightforward sentences when conveying your most essential points.

It is where you should emphasis on exactly how the retiree affected the workplace and any standards or achievements accomplished during their stint as manager/CEO/boss.

Example Sentence: “Susan’s organisational proficiency and ability to persuade enabled our group to set, join, and even exceed exceptional deals targets that would have seemed eccentric five years ago.”


It is your speech’s climax, where you should recapitulate your strongest moments and express appreciation to your boss on behalf of your whole group.

Be Grateful for their time and effort and applaud them on their work with the company. Be sure to end on a soaring message by hope for them well in their future ventures.

Example Sentence: “Allen’s influence on this business goes far ahead of what can be seen on paper. Running alongside him has been an intensely entertaining, informative understanding, and I know all of we will sense his deficiency in the weeks and months to come.”

Sample: Farewell Speech for Boss Who is Leaving Job, Company or Retirement

Good afternoon everyone,

I am gratified to greet you at the farewell party. It is a privilege and a great delight for me to provide this speech. Today, we are all here to offer farewell to our very excellent boss, an incomparable leader, and a supporter who retired from the active job.

It gives immense satisfaction to say that we must acknowledge, appreciate, and realise all the invaluable skills, experience, and all the constructive traits that our likable boss had taught to us. We should be grateful to him for all his time and endeavours in shaping our career.

Of course, we all know how terrible it is to say goodbye to a friendly boss and a father. However, we all need to convey our genuine appreciation to him for all his significant influences not only to this company but toward every staff career evolution.

He spent 15 years shepherding and motivating everyone in the workplace; it seems like it was yesterday; we worked under him. Sir, you have given us so many chances to be grateful for.

I see myself and my associates as fortunate to have operated under your guidance. Words are not enough to convey how much we are going to miss you.

You will be considered for the fantastic things that you have done not only for this corporation but for every team in the workplace. If it had been possible for us to stop your departure, or reduce your age and improve the number of years left to continue with what you know how to do greatest.

Establishing a nonviolent workplace for the superiors and assistants to work incongruence collectively—we would have done that for you. However, it is your turning today. Our departure period is also waiting all around the corner when somebody else will have to bid us farewell, just like we are doing for you today.

I am also thrilled to have observed today’s incident and honoured to have operated under your direction. Not only are you an astonishing boss, but you have shown yourself to be an affectionate and compassionate person.

I recall when I was unwell and had exhausted all hope of ever getting on with this job. You advised me, gave me moral support, and prayed for a marvellous recovery from the ailment.

During that challenging time, all your words of inspiration, motivation, and kindly support put me back on track for ideal job performance. I will never overlook the positive impact that you have made on my life.

Through your gentle heart and help, put grins on many faces. Your management made working in the office efficient and pleasurable. Thank you for launching many prospects for my associates and me and for being so enthusiastic about our well-being and professional advancement.

I consider when the corporation was encountering some financial struggles, with your specialised skills and expertise, in making quick judgments in a very competitive position; you could bring back hope to the company even beyond our anticipations.

Indeed, your unique characteristics have motivated us in many ways. For that, we cannot thank you ample — the sweet reminiscences of ever working with you will stay in our hearts always.

Thank you for all your backing and inspiration; you are the most excellent boss we have ever performed with. Your many roles in our accomplishments are enormous.

You have added immeasurably to the company’s triumph in so many approaches. It is no benefit to say that it will challenge for anyone to exceed the pleasant instances that you are leaving behind.

The end part

Our excellent departing boss has put in fantastic endeavours in inculcating values, such as endurance, patience, fairness, compassion, sincerity, perseverance, and qualified skills that are needed to get on with the job even in his dearth.

You have worked diligently. Now, it’s time to appreciate all that you’ve struggled with all over the years and live life freely with no anxiety.

As you join the elders of this fantastic nation, I pray God remains to grant you sound health, leniency, and benedictions. And may you find life after departure an ecstatic moment with unending sweet memoirs.

On behalf of the business and my collaborators, I wish you good luck and full success in future ventures.

Thank you.

4. Farewell Speech for Colleague on His Retirement

Guide for How to Write a Farewell or Goodbye Speech Opening:

This is the early part of your speech in which you need to welcome your audience and state the rationale for the event.


This is where you need to reveal some positive characteristics of your colleague. Reveal some incredible encounters you have had altogether and some valuable experiences you have realised from toiling together.

Also, it consists of some talents and ideals they have which encourage you. Cite how these proficiencies have made a constructive impact on your profession. However, recall keeping things fleeting and detailed when recalling old reminiscences shared at the office.


Summarise all your vital points and remember to wish them good fortune in upcoming ventures.

What You Should Focus on in Your Farewell Speech

A brief description

Write the skills, achievements, and attributes that best describe your colleague. Please make sure you are fair and honest about which adjectives you used to describe them.

Recall old memories

Include the most important, inspiring, and interesting ones. Also, let them know how lucky you are to have them in your life and share the memorials you’ve made with them throughout the years.

What you have learned working together: Write some skills and knowledge that you have gained working with them over the years. Mention how they have inspired you and your colleagues to become sound professionals.

Express your appreciation

Say thanks for all the great times you shared with them. Remember to wish them good luck and all the best in their future endeavours. Let them know how much you’re going to miss them.

  • When writing the speech, keep these three things in mind:
  • Your speech should be brief, clear, and understandable.
  • Don’t be detrimental to your listeners.
  • Make your message inspiring and engaging.

Sample: Retirement Farewell Speech for a Colleague (Teacher, Worker, Friend in a Company)

Good afternoon everyone,

As we all know, we have gathered here this afternoon to say goodbye to [insert name], who is leaving us today to start another phase of his career as the [insert his new position].

Let’s use this opportunity to express the organisation’s profound gratitude for his hard work and the great times we’ve had working with him.

He is a remarkable colleague and friend who has spent over [insert time spent at the company] working with us. The responsibilities that he played have changed the workplace, especially for meeting, and sometimes surpassing, the aspirations that we are tasked with by management.

He is active, cheerful, productive, an initiator, diligent, honest, friendly, reliable, persistent, resourceful, talented, loyal, self-disciplined, and broad-minded. These are just a few of the positive qualities and personality traits that describe [insert name].

We will miss your valuable contributions. You always got the work done flawlessly and with no delay. Indeed, you are a mentor and an inspiration to many of us in the workplace. I look around, and I imagine who could fill the void you’re creating today.

We’ll need someone like you, someone who is always willing to assist other colleagues on their projects, someone who is insightful, analytical, and who can work under pressure with little or no supervision.

We are proud to have called you a friend and colleague. You are an achiever who worked hard and tirelessly to deliver excellent results in the workplace. During your time working with us, you had magnanimously trained others to handle their jobs better.

This organisation will be better off because of the hard work you put in training your colleagues. Today, I am happy and confident to say that we can get on with the job without stress.

Your contributions towards our shared success will stay in our hearts forever. Indeed, we met and surpassed the company’s expectations.

Your dedicated support and creative mind made sure of this. Although your leaving made us sad, the sweet memories of working with you will always be remembered.

With a gratifying heart, I say thank you for getting work entertaining and for all those pleasant memories which we shared in this workplace.

I wish you good luck and all the best in your new position as you move to a higher level in your career. May you find your modern workplace be enjoyable and fun.

Thank you for your help and your time. Thank you for everything!

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