Essay on Importance of Sports and Games

In this article, we have published an Essay on the Importance of Sports and Games for school and college students.


Knowledge of books is useful in our life. But this is not enough to build a great personality. Sports are necessary to make a great personality, it is not possible only with reading books and study. No one can refuse that games are a part our of life. Life is also a game, and the world is a vast playground. We have to play the game of experience with all your energy and spirit.

Sports and sports are an essential part of our life, it helps our body to grow physically and mentally. Sports are considered the best exercise, and it helps keep our body fit, active and energetic. A successful person needs to be healthy both mentally and physically, mental growth starts from our school days, but exercise is essential for physical development that we do by sports.

A person who is physically fit is generally mentally healthy and fit. A healthy mind is always hopeful and cheerful. On the other side, an unhealthy person leads a painful and sad life. His life becomes a burden to him. Games and sports also provide a sense of equality, teamwork, and fellowship.

They give enough amusement to remove the rust caused by our boring daily life. They add color to otherwise dark and dull life. All those features which we get from the playground help us to face the struggle of life. Children who only like to read do not play, it is seen that they become irritable, lazy, or tired, even unable to protect themselves.

Main Difference Between Sports And Games?

  1. A significant difference between a sport and a game is, we can play games both indoor as well as outdoors, but we can play sports only on the outdoors. We can’t play sports indoors.
  2. Game player is called players while sports players are called athletes or sportsperson.
  3. Games depend on strategy, Sport is based on personal performance and luck.
  4. Sport is based on physical energy and game mental strength.

In sports and games, people of all generations, whether children, young people, and old men are all interested in them. Extreme sports are beneficial in our physical development, on the other hand, the body maintains healthy glow and active, while indoor sports sharpen our mind level. At the same time, it is considered to be the best source of entertainment.

Importance Of Sports And Game

In today’s busy routine, sports are the only medium, which, along with entertainment, are helpful in our development. It keeps our body healthy and fit. This increases our concentration, strengthens bones, and circulates blood properly. With sports and games, our digestive system works better.

Sports is an exercise that improves our mind level, increases the skill to concentrate. With this kind of exercise, all the parts of the bodywork perfectly, which makes our day joyful and happy. Through sports and games, our body becomes curvy and attractive, which removes laziness and provides energy.

Therefore, it keeps us free from diseases. We can also say that sports its an important role in the improvement of the personality of human beings, it is only by this that man becomes self-reliant and achieves success in life.


Some sports need individual work, while some want teamwork. Thus sports incorporate teamwork in a person. Which is necessary for every fieldwork. A company can only run by working together and not alone. So a person needs to know how to work together in a team. Only then you can reach the necessary goal.

Future In Sports And Games

Many people feel that sports spoil the children’s future. But in today’s era, this thing is wrong. Today, if any person is involved in any sport and he has excellent skills in those sports, then he can also make a career in this Sport.

Today, it is a great honor for our country India that sports like hockey, cricket, tennis as well as kabaddi are being played globally. This is the biggest example of how one can make a good future through sports and games today.

Sushil Kumar is the first wrestler to receive a gold medal in “World Wrestling Championships,” female boxer Mary Kom is a famous boxer who started her career from Manipur State, who has been awarded various awards by the Government of India like Padma Shri Arjuna Puraskar Rajiv Gandhi Khel.

Awarded with the award etc. India has also got many medals in the Olympic Games, which are held every four years. In the year 2012, India has done 4 bronze and 3 silver in this way and has won 7 medals. Indian players have performed very well in other international sports such as the Commonwealth Games and Asian Games.


Sport and Games is a symbol of the youth of any country. This keeps the people of the country healthy and young. A lazy full and inactive nation never advances. That is why the development of the country depends a lot on physical exercise and sports.

It is not good to keep playing for the whole day. There should be a balance in our routine. In which, there should also be enough time to study and do other work. Because other tasks are equally important as well as sports and games.

Peoples who focus on sports and games keep away from diseases, which makes their life full of cheer and joy. I hope you have liked this essay on sports or games and have learned something from it.

Featured Image – Image by Sasin Tipchai from Pixabay