Rules for Writing a Good Article for Students and Children 1000 Words

Hi, In this post you will read best rules of writing a good article. These article writing tips will help you write an effective post or content. So read some amazing tips to write a magnificent article today.

Introduction to Rules for Writing a Good Article

We write an article to reach a broad audience. We write one of the chief articles; we publish it in either newspaper or magazine or papers to make some variation to the world. Many times people writes articles in a newspaper or magazine to put out a problem or suggestions or propagating news.

How to write a good article?

To write an article, understand the topic and must have a thorough knowledge of the subject and an extensive range of vocabulary. You should have thoroughly researched the issue and perfect organization skills.

Here is the format that is usually followed by the writers while writing an article

1.   Heading

The heading usually consists of five to six words and should be catchy. Always be creative while writing a title.

2.   By Line

It refers to the name of the person who is writing the article.

3.   Body

It is the central part of the article which comprises 3–4 paragraphs.

a)   In the first paragraph, write a brief introduction. In this paragraph, the precise meaning of the matter mentioned. Startling facts or quotes mentioned generating interest among the readers.

b)   In the second and third paragraphs, a explain complete analysis of the subject with the facts. Categorize them in the following manner-

  • Current Scenario–The current situation needs to describe in this paragraph. It may also include the advantages and disadvantages of the topic.
  • Cause and Effect–With the support of facts or data, the cause-and-effect relationship needs to develop.

c)  In the fourth and fifth paragraph comprises the conclusion of the article. Never keep the article open-ended. Whenever the problem is elaborated in the report, ensure to mention the steps to solve the problem.

Like the introduction paragraph, this paragraph also needs to be precise.

What can an article include?

An article should always be between 500 to 800 words, with a reading time of 5–10 minutes. When an article is longer than they are, it can hurt the readers. If you have more content, then you can split the article into several steps.

However, beware of overloading the reader; each article should have a specific focus, linked to learning objectives. You can always use links and supplementary resources, which will allow the readers to explore a topic further.

Can you use graphical representation?

Text can accompany articles to illustrate or improve them, with the help of photographs, diagrams, slides, etc. It will help the readers to understand your article in a better way.

What kind of tone needs to be used?

Articles are not necessarily to be academic; hence it is unnecessary to be formal Tone. It can be more of conversational types of article in which the writer can let you have their voice known.

How should the title grab the attention of the reader?

Here are some tips to write the title which will grab the attention of the reader

  1. The title needs to be clear and concise; it should be short and no longer ten words.
  2. The title needs to be catchy, use words like “how to” and “easy tips,” which will keep the reader and editor interested.
  3. Mentioning number in your title is a good example. It motivates the reader to read the article as it gives a sense to the reader; we can summarize the article in a few steps.
  4. The article should motivate the reader; it should show the reader how the material will affect and change their lives.

Question to Ask yourself when writing a good Article

Following are the questions the writer should ask while writing an article

1.   Why is the article being written?

Is the article that is being written is attractive to the reader? Is the writer passionate about the topic? Is the topic noteworthy? Is the issue that is trending in the social network?

Answering the questions mentioned above should help the writer to motivate them to write the article.

2.   Do the facts strengthen your views?

The article should comprise the statistics or studies that strengthen the views of the topic. It will ensure that the readers understand the core information of the article.

3.   What is the article about?

The writer should do a thorough investigation of the topic through reliable sources before writing or publishing the article. The writer should understand the need and importance of the article.

4.   What points to be included in the article?

A few points need to be mentioned that will make the body of the article. The positions need to be mentioned and elaborated in each paragraph so that the reader can understand the contents and needs of the article.

5. What is the writer’s angle?

The writer needs to convey the angle of intentions of writing the article. They have to provide fresh and creative stabs at a known topic. When they have a proper angle, they should try to expand the perspective of the issue. The writer needs to brainstorm the aspect with other creative personals.

The grammar of the article needs to be checked by the writer before submitting the report, not only through computer checking apps. Though the technology is helpful, don’t wholly rely upon them.

The writer has to take a print of the article and check every word of the article. The article needs to be read several times so we can reduce the flaws. Also, the writer can show the draft of the materials to their friends or relatives so they can know about their opinion and feedback. It can boost the writer’s confidence.


The final and implicit rule of good writing is practice. A writer can perfect their craft by practicing. Preparation will ensure that the writer will internalize the form and structure a good article so that producing them makes a second nature. I hope this short guide on rules of writing a good article will help you in your project. Thanks for reading.

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