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Today you will read an ‘essay on I love my family’ for students and children in 1200 Words. This essay tell us what is a family, members of my family, reasons of love, importance, 10 lines.

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Introduction (Essay on I Love My Family – 1200 Words)

It is the human nature to attach with any kind of creature, object, habits and family, etc. By the time since its origin and birth, the human has changed his nature and behaviour a lot.

The in-depth study already has been done in psychology of human. We all know that human love a lot to their family. A family includes a father; mother, brother, sister, wife, husband and kids.

What is a family?

This is a subject of discussion about who should be included in family and who should not be. If we see in Indian scenario, a family has the father, mother, brother, sister, wife and kids.

In India, there was a tradition of the joint family. But this system will reduce slowly. Now people include only husband-wife and kids in a family. Still, there is a joint family system found in many families in India. 

Members of family

A complete family has several members, including the grandfather, grandmother, Father, Mother, Brother, Sister. These are the leading members of a family. In some families, you’ll find a vast number of members. Grandparents tell the children and kids several tales and stories. 

Reasons of love to the family

A human or any creature like animal or bird all loves to their family a lot. They know that the family is the base of their existence. Without family, they cannot imagine their life. Family is the first teacher and guide in the world. So they love a lot about their family. 

Family is our base of existence

The family is our root of life. Without family, no creature can come in the world. So the family is essential for all of us. We all take birth in our family, and our family keeps struggle a lot to maintain and nurture their kids and children till they stand on their feet. Therefore, people love family.

Family Provide Guidance And Education

A family or our parents is our first teacher in our life. They are our Guru, and they guide us in what is right and what is right. If the family is not there, then we cannot think of better guidance and light of ethical culture and education.

A family does day and a hard night’s work to nurture and nourish their children. They suffer a lot for the sake of their family’s goodness. So we love our family.

Family Protects Us

A family is the first protector or safety guard of their kids and children whether they are young or elder. If kids grown-up, then the family and member of the family.

A family always stands behind the person just like a stone, and they support a lot. The family gives moral support, physical support, and financial support to their family member. 

Best And Trustworthy Friend In Tough Time

We all love family to our family because they are the ultimate source of trust and support. Family always support in a tough time. They give well boos to the member of the family.

If any adverse and harsh circumstances come in life and all others can leave our hand, but only our family is the primary source and base which supports us round the clock in a lousy time.

Support to get success

Our family always supports us, especially to prepare for any competition or exam time. They make us tension free and gives us time to prepare appropriately.

The family provides financial support to get admission of their children in a good coaching centre for preparation. We can say that the family is the base of our success. They guide which is good for us. So we all love our family.

Naturally Love To Family

God created us with love and affection. Since our birth, we learn to live with devotion. A child grew up in a family with a distinct love and a positive and supportive atmosphere.

So this is a human nature given by God to love each other, especially with our family. It is a God gifted quality of a human to love our family.

Importance of family members and their role

There are many benefits and importance of a family. The role of each member of a family is vital in our life. Grandfather and grandmother guide us, teach us marvellous things and ethics as per their experience of life.

It is imperative as parents also share the experience and knowledge of his involvement with their children, and they follow in the path of their path of life.

The role of the mother also is significant is a family. The mother is base of our existence. Mother suffers a lot since our birth to till our grown-up period. She keeps taking care of all children and another member of the family with affection.

Mother provides moral support and works as a strength of the family. Not only is cooking in another field of life a social, a mother plays a very significant role.

Family is very much important because they are the reason for our existence in the world. Parents always live along with their children in a tough time. Since childhood till life end parents guide their generation for the betterment of their life. 

The brothers also support a lot in a family because they love their parents, siblings and other members of their family. A brother loves with other members, and they help in educating the younger brother and sister. A brother’s role is also crucial in a family. They support the parents in their day-to-day household activities and task.

A sister’s role cannot be ignored in a family. Further, sisters are very supportive and helpful for each member of the family. They always support their younger sister and brother as a guide and a teacher.

Further, they are so sensible and polite with their parents. They always help in a terrible time. Sisters love a lot with brother and stand as big assistant and guide to them. An elder sister plays a role like a mother.

10 lines about family

  1. Family is the base of our existence. Without family, we cannot imagine a life.
  2. We love family very much. Family is the ultimate source of love and affection for all.
  3. Family is the best friend in hard times. It stands with us even when we are left alone by everyone.
  4. With family love and being together, we can easily face any difficulty.
  5. The family is the name of a group who are living together under the same roof. I associate members of a family with each other in various roles.
  6. Members of a family may include parents, sons, daughters, wife, grandparents, etc.
  7. Family love is a sacred love for a man to whom we can sacrifice.
  8. It relates family members to birth, marriage and adoption of the family. It shows three characteristics of the family.
  9. Joint families comprise a few single families, and as a result, it is large.
  10. Family members also have emotional connections, besides economic relationships.


In last words, it can be easily said that the family is our base of life and existence. This is our invaluable assets and gift of God. We all take birth in a family, grow up, and live an entire life.

We get success and do our entire task and function with the help of family. Nobody can live and survive without the family. The family is our strength. I hope you liked this Essay on I Love My Family. Thanks for reading.

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