Speech on Women Empowerment for Students in 800 Words

In this article, we have written a persuasive motivational speech on Women Empowerment. This speech encourages all women and will neither let them weaken nor will they understand less than men themselves.

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Speech on Women Empowerment for Students, School, College (800 Words)

Good morning to all the teachers and all the students,

Today all of us have gathered here to celebrate women’s empowerment day. Today, I would like to give a speech on women empowerment in India on this occasion.

As we all know that today, the situation of women in our country is horrible, and we should pay attention to this subject, and for gender equality, female empowerment in India is essential.

We can say in simple language that it is essential for women empowerment to bring women together in the same way. Women’s empowerment means “To make women their own decisions and to change their thinking, which makes them more strong.”

Friends from history India is a male country, i.e., half power of the country women are forced to work in the house and to handle their home. They are not aware that women are half the power of this society, and both men and women, together with step by step, will become the full power of the country. Our country becomes a developed country if we make our countrywomen empowered.

Perhaps these men do not know how powerful women are. It is vital for all the men of India to understand that they understand the power of women and make them self-reliant and let them move forward to show their influence in the country and the family.

In our nation and society, without women’s empowerment, a woman can not get her real place. Women cannot face these centuries-old traditions without women empowerment they stuck in the same old customs.

It is the reason that women can not take decisions by freeing all the bondage. We have to change our thinking so that they can make their decisions independently.

With women empowerment, we can build a better society, but for that, it is necessary to realize the need for women in the world, every year, on March 8, World Women’s Day it is celebrated worldwide.

Each year a new topic is given to empower women on the empowerment of women. In the year 2018, the theme was Time is Now: Rural and urban activists transforming women’s lives”. It means “women will have to come forward themselves to improve women’s situation.”

In our country, women are struggling with many problems like dowry practice. It is a practice that has been running since ancient times.

The men ask for dowry without any fear. It seems as if someone’s marriage is not a job to sell it. Women must be allowed to choose someone according to their rights.

Friends, women do not have the right to move freely in our country, because due to some bad people.

The people of our country must give equal rights to all the women and not see them with an evil eye. Because they also have the right to come anywhere with fearlessness.

Girls in our country are considered to be burdensome, and somewhere this is the reason that people kill them before they come.

But after the gradual change in the present time, now the rate of female foeticide has decreased. Very little, and all these indications are that people are paying more attention to women and have begun to understand their rights.

Slowly women of our country are coming forward. All of you have heard these words in a TV channel, often because of a leader, “The council is changing, and women’s participation is increasing in all directions.”

Gradually, the country is changing, and Nowadays, girls are not less than boys. Today the girls are also walking step by step with the boys and their family persons supporting them.

In today’s era, many girls are working on posts like doctors, engineers, lawyers, and many other societal jobs. But even after so many changes, there are still need changes in small villages of many states, and the people of that area have to be aware, and women should be in the process of moving ahead.

Friends, I will request to all the people of India that through women empowerment, allow women to come forward and change their minds because women’s empowerment is thinking and it is necessary to get this thinking ahead and forth.

The skills of women’s lives to make their lifeline by which time he could also do his own business. Women should increase their self-confidence so that they do not stay behind anyone and do not fear anyone. With the thinking of us and your thoughts, we can move the women forward and make their life happy and successful.

The Bottom Line

We should work together to empower women and talk about this in our life, identity, and relatives as it can change the thinking of this country through you and us. If every person in this country changes their thinking, then the whole country can change thinking. Thank you

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