Essay on Science and Technology for Students in 1300 Words

In this article, we have published an essay on science and technology for students in 1300 words.

Science and technology have an essential role in contemporary life, and they have affected human civilization by reaching deeper into it. Scientific progress in modern life has given us a great deal of insight into the mind.

Scientific advances picked up their full tilt in the 20th generation and became more rapid in the 21st generation. We are now entering a new century with structures for the benefit of new ways or men.

Modern society and civilization are becoming dependent on scientific and technological because they’ve become an essential part of everyday life following people’s needs and needs.


Throughout the world’s history, science may have come a long way. Some of the elements we know about are the discovery of a person’s evolution. Science was instrumental in providing people with answers in common questions as well as providing solutions to many of the issues we face each day.

For instance, there are various vaccines, potions, medicines that scientific knowledge has aided to discover around the world.

Previously, there have been several illnesses and diseases that have taken a lot of people’s lives. It is not just the lives of the people; instead also the lives of specific animals. Nowadays, technology is still active in our daily lives, and it’s still being used to fight a lot of pathogens and pathogens out there. Technology is also a key factor throughout the advancement of technology.


Also, we should take into account that research, technology or developments are relative to one another. The development of technology coincides with breakthroughs throughout the scientific world. Several events have been made to relieve the workload which burdens guy. Machinery is a prominent example as it helps to make a lot of work or tasks simpler.

It also helps its employer to limit the number of losses caused by paying more money for manual labor, and that this helps since machines will also be extremely efficient and price-effective.

Advances in science have brought us to the foundation of modern cultures. This growth contributes significantly to almost every part of our daily lives. Citizens are, therefore given a chance to appreciate these outcomes, which makes our society more comfortable and enjoyable.

Aspects of Science & Technology

When we talk about everything, there are still many advantages to scientific and technological. We vary from small things to bigger ones. For example, the morning newspaper that we read provides us with accurate information is the result of scientific advancement. Electrical equipment and without it, life becomes difficult to imagine, such as a fridge, AC, microwave and much more, were the product of technological innovation.

Also, if they look at the transport situation, we see how advances in science also play a crucial role here too. We really can quickly attain another part of the planet in a matter of hours, all cheers to the advancement of technology.

Likewise, science and technology also influenced the scientific and agriculture sectors. The numerous treatments that are found for illnesses have saved millions of lives by research. The development has improved the output of different crops to the advantage of farmers in large part.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Science and Technology


Through understanding technology, physicists dare able to develop something that can immensely boost the future of our planet; for starters, machines, telephones, TVs, planes, as well as the list goes on. The creation of these technologies makes it much easier for citizens to achieve their ambitions. Science has become a huge help to our nation, as we understand.

It can turn a right, small country into a prosperous one. Science is a person’s only hope against disease. Without the inventions in science and constant attempts of scientists; several diseases and illnesses such as malaria, heart disease, and so forth have spread throughout.

Throughout the past, disease or illness was regarded as incurable and will be conquered. Technology has become so popular or economically financially viable that its advantages were regularly published, which include the potential to improve knowledge and connectivity. Engineering is the study of education.

Use apps, you can find your daily work simpler. You need to learn about every division of existence, such as industry, schooling, safety, and connectivity, etc. and figure out how to use and utilize technology.

Other benefits include:

  1. Life is made simple and convenient using science and technology.
  2. In mins, travel is becoming easy and quick.
  3. Interaction is becoming more accessible, faster and cheaper.
  4. The quality of life has increased with either the increase in innovation.
  5. Man has become sophisticated by using a variety of new technologies.


With the progress of science or technology, several semi-automatic rifles have been created, and recent wars between nations became more damaging and damaging. Nuclear power is becoming a significant threat to the world of modern times. Keeping that in mind, brilliant scientist Einstein noted that perhaps the fourth world war would be waged with stones or displaced plants.

He was afraid that the inventions in deadly military weapons could end human civilization someday. If we use technology and science to the well-being of human beings, it will create us as quickly as possible.

  1. Man has misused the tech and using it for destructive purposes.
  2. Man uses it to do illegal stuff.
  3. Technology such as a smartphone, etc. hurts children.
  4. Terrorists use modern technology for damaging work.
  5. Due to the introduction of nuclear energy and the atomic bomb, many dangerous diseases such as skin conditions are developed.

Science & Technology in India

India is in negotiations all over the planet since before the British rule. Since freedom, it is the modern technology that enabled India to progress over time. It has become a vital hub of innovative and ground-breaking scientific advances around the globe. In other terms, the Indian economy has been boosted by all the tremendous scientific and technological achievements of our world.

Subsequently, advances in science also led to the development of various fields, like astronomy, astrophysics, space exploration, nuclear power and more. Several beautiful examples of such events were the railway system, smartphones, the metro system, among many others.

India is becoming an essential resource of innovative and fundamental scientific progress in all parts of the globe. All of the significant scientific advances and technical accomplishments have changed the Indian economic condition in our nation. They have provided many new approaches for the future generation to build a technologically sophisticated climate.

Many new technological product developments throughout the areas of mathematics, design, chemistry, science, pharmacy, metalworking, dogmatic theology, physics, farming, medical care, pharmaceutical products, astrophysics, nuclear energy, space exploration, computer, and defence, have been developed.

The implementation of academic research, innovations, and methods in the education field also brought a massive shift in the future generation but has provided several new and creative opportunities in their very own interest.

Medical science in India also made scientists conscious of their relentless and hard work. The Indian scientist was great, who has made scientific advances of the highest premier league quality.

Professional development in either region would improve the event of any nation. To enhance the power of technology or technology to India, its Government of India created the Science and Industry Research Commission in 1942 as well as the Science and Industry Development Council of 1940.

To order to highlight the advancement of science and technology throughout the region, the Government in India has established several research colleges in national labs and different fields.

Looking at the most recent accomplishment, India has launched Chandrayaan 2. The lunar discovery of India also received critical acclaim from around the globe. Once again, success has been made possible by scientific and technological.

The Bottom Line

Science and technology simply also describe the state of the nation in aspects of progress. Some countries were considered backward when they do not have its required as well as up-to-date implies of scientific and technological and use archaic implies.

Nowadays, the lot, though not all, of individuals, rely on evidence or technology every day. It varies from interaction, transport, different forms of recreation and health care. All the changes we undergo are highly dependent upon science and technology.

Besides, we must accept that advances in science have driven human civilization to success in history. Nevertheless, we must use all that is a wise and restricted way. Misuse in scientific and technological can have negative consequences. We, therefore, need to control the use and be careful with our behavior.

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