An Argumentative Essay on Police Brutality for Students and Children in 1000 Words

In this article we have published an argumentative essay on police brutality. If you have not heard about it, this post will help you understand it. Also, we have explained how it is a terrible & unsocial behavior?

Nowa days Police brutality is has a major role in racism and corruption. Most of their department use their power and force to do whatever they want.

Argumentative Essay on Police Brutality (1000 Words)

Many problems can cause dysfunctions in society. Police brutality has become disputable and is a significant problem facing United States and most countries today. Let’s understand how police brutal behavior and activities that are terrible for public faith.

History of Police Brutality

Police brutality dates to the early 1870s, its uses of excessive force by a police officer can include anything from attacks, lethal strength, harassment, and more. Using force, power has existed for decades to resolve conflicts and protests. 

This problem has become even worse in society because people have rights and can capture the problem on their technological devices. As the world becomes more and more based on technology, police brutality is becoming more visible to society.

Many people think the police do not protect them and only make their problems worse. Police brutality is causing a loss of confidence and faith in the police. Many people think that strength is necessary to prevent more crimes. 

According to Johan Burger, a decrease in morale is detrimental to the possibility of reducing crime and improving security. Without the citizen’s trust that the police serve individuals, what the purpose of having the police seems to be. Research shows that faith is the leading intermediary between police officers and citizens.     

The study shows that African Americans are treated differently when they have contact with law enforcement agencies than Caucasians. They are more likely to be pushed to the ground, sprayed with pepper and handcuffs.

This cause tensions between African Americans and the police. Police brutality is a constant problem in India as well. 

Studies show that people show less confidence in police officers for two reasons-     

  • The first reason is a first-hand, negative experience with police officers.
  • The second reason is that innocent people are also imprisoned. Data analysis show that perceived discrimination causes increased stress responses and unhealthy behavior.    

In this study, we’ll look at the impact of police brutality on society. It will also look at the problem that arises because of police brutality. 

I will also consider the impact that police brutality can have on an individual, mentally and physically. In this study, we’ll also look at how police brutality affects police-community relations.   

An Interdisciplinary Approach

A multidisciplinary approach is essential because it allows the individual to see different points of view on Police brutality. This may allow you to view this problem in several disciplines. 

An interdisciplinary approach can allow for more creative and unconventional ideas. It enables new ways of learning and applying information. Overall, using a multidisciplinary approach helps to understand better.    

Some disciplines it would like to apply to this issue are psychology, sociology, geology, and history. These disciplines would show ​​the problems of police brutality and how not to repeat the past. 

I want to use psychology to look at the impact of police brutality on its victims. A person can look at the short and long-term impact he or she has on the individual’s viewpoints.    

Sociological discipline would allow someone to study the brutality of the police around them and what areas have the highest rates. This would enable a person to see how police brutality affects the surrounding community. 

It also allows you to study the reaction of society before and after police brutality and sociological discipline could look at other countries experiencing it.   

The subject of political science would allow someone to look at the impact of police brutality on the government and let someone think of a more appropriate way to solve it. The discipline of political science would allow someone to learn or introduce laws to combat police brutality.  

Historical discipline would allow someone to discover previous cases of police brutality. This would enable them to learn from past incidents and how not to repeat the same mistake.  

New articles about police brutality appear almost weekly in the United States. They mostly use of excessive force by the police when controlling a situation. Police officers may only use such power necessary to perform their task or control the situation. 

One of the most targeted groups that are most targeted is innocents. Factors that contribute to police brutality are psychological factors, organizational factors, and racial profiling.    

Different departments have different structures, regardless of whether the department changes employees, the level of supervision, or their formal or informal rules. Each fabric has a different aspect of police brutality. 

For example, in the Rodney King officers of the Police Department in Los Angeles, they use such force for their department. The department allowed the police to use their discretion to settle, which caused Rodney King and his two friends to be in a violent state. 

Rodney King suffered from broken teeth and bones, a fractured ankle, permanent brain damage, and emotional and physical trauma. The king’s friends were kicked, stamped, and threatened. The department affects how the officer responds, brutality or not.          

Psychological factors such as personality disorder, work-related trauma, or an inexperienced officer who has not learned the formal behavior of the department contribute to police brutality. 

For example, Peter Liang, a novice at work for 18 months, killed 28-year-old Akai Gurley by hitting in the chest. Gurley’s death shows the lack of training of officer Liang because he was aiming at Gurley’s chest. Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is another factor associated.   


It is essential to understand that police brutality is not limited to only visible in today’s mainstream media, but it is more hidden that does not come in mainstream news.

Police brutality is not limiting to one country, but it occurs all over the world. To overcome this issue requires doing the counseling of the newcomers and inexperience police personnel. Hope you liked this argumentative essay on police brutality.

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