Essay on Corruption for Children and Students in 1500 Words

In this article, we have published and Essay on Corruption for Children and Students in 1500 Words. We have explained about – What is Corruption? Its Types, Examples, Causes, Effects, and Control also Government policies to get rid of it.

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Introduction (Essay on Corruption – 1500 Words)

Corruption is “the abuse of power committed to personnel gain.” Corruption affects the growth of every nation. Not only did it down the economy from reaching extra heights, but rampant corruption has also hampered the country’s healthy development.

India remains among the most corrupt countries in the world. According to the Corruption Perception Index (CPI), that ranks 180 countries. In the world, it shows India 81st most corrupt homeland. They also position developed countries like Ghana at top corruption levels. But corruption is like a pandemic, people spread it everywhere.

We can classify it as large and small depending on the amount of money lost and the sector where it occurs. The worst corruption comprises at a top level at the government that distorts the policies, allowing few persons to benefit at the expense of the public good.

Small corruption refers to the day-to-day abuse of power by low and middle-level civil servants in their interactions with ordinary people who often try to access crucial goods or services in places such as hospitals, schools, license departments, and some other agencies.

Political corruption is an effect of policies, institutions, and rules in the allocation of resources and funding by political decision-makers who abuse their position to sustain their status, power, and wealth.

It is a social evil in which it loses the quality of service to someone’s benefit. Crime is prevalent throughout the world in most countries. Only the degree and extent of this varies.

It bases corruption on the means used for the purpose, level, effect, and impact, etc. However, since it is related to a social matter, the best way to classify it based on its social impact.

Types of Corruption

Below are some major types of corruption occurring in our society –

  1. Judiciary
  2. Business
  3. Political
  4. Government
  5. Law enforcement
  6. Education
  7. Health system
  8. Administrative

1. Judiciary Corruption

The judiciary is one of the full protected systems of the constitution of the nation and provides justice to citizens. However, because of unlimited powers, the judges of the courts are prone to corruption. They destroy support for justice for the person or society. The prevalent corruption in the judiciary is:

  1. Delayed justice
  2. Selective justice
  3. Voluntary harassment
  4. The extent of inappropriate behavior.

2. Political Corruption

Political corruption is because of the use of powers by government officials for illegal personal benefit. Its forms are distinct but include bribery, extortion, favoritism, nepotism, parochialism, patronage, trade-in influence, transplants, and embezzlement.

This also includes kidnapping, murder, violence, injustice, etc. To win the election, political leaders use wine, women, wealth, and everything among people.

It is widespread in public service, politics, business, and other areas. India is famous for big democracy, but its democratic system distorts corruption. Politicians are very responsible for all kinds of corruption in the country.

We chose our leaders with many expectations to lead our country in the right direction. In the beginning, they make many promises to us, but immediately after the vote, they forget their responsibility toward citizens and engage in corruption.

Undoubtedly, every country will be free from corruption one day when our political leaders will be free from greed and will use their power, status and position for the development of the country, not their own luxury and personal wishes.

Political corruption is the worst case of moral corruption. Here, political parties do it in several ways.

  • Calm people from freebies or subsidies
  • Calm the minorities
  • Buy votes and a ticket.

3. Administrative corruption

It includes people like higher authorities, officers, police persons, etc. For example, if we give money, we can get work done quickly. Give money without visiting the office.

You will get a driving license. By the bribe, blind and handicap, they can also get a driving license. “Money makes the mare go away.” At the hospital, court and other Govt. Offices everywhere you have to give money to complete for any work.

4. Government officials Corruption

Rulers resort to corruption. They do this by making scams, awarding contracts to their friends, etc. They continue to do so until the end of the term. The media easily follow and inform public opinion. However, because very few media organs are also corrupt, they try to hide such problems and protect governments.

5. Law enforcement Corruption

Concerns corruption is in the police departments. This corruption occurs in almost all countries. The police authorities take bribes and help destroy the evidence.

6. Business Corruption

This is common and long-lasting corruption. Business people choose corrupt practices to generate more revenue. They can do this by forcing the government to pass specific laws in their favor.

Another way is to produce goods of a lower standard and save money. However, the same company will produce high-standard products for other countries that have strict quality control regulations.

In the business corruptions, they also do duplication of medicines, duplication of imported items, contaminated production of health and hygiene products, mix lower quality ingredients in food items, Mixture of spices, stones in cereals, animal fats in ghee, kerosene in gasoline, etc.

Causes of Corruption

There are many reasons for corruption in India. The principal reason is the lack of effective management in the organization.

Because of poor management, there is poor control over the various departments and their work. This uncontrollable and unsupervised administration allows a starting of corruption at a small level, later, that causes on a large scale.

Also, the appointment of ineffective managers, supervisors, and management at various levels of the hierarchy leads to poor governance.

However, because of the lack of support and cooperation from social groups, talented leaders are often overcome and suppressed because of lack of proper vigilance systems in the country. Here, some officials are tempted to get illegal money, leaving corrupt people without penalty and punishment.

Effects of Corruption

Corruption leads to obstacles for the development of the nation, loss of wealth, and prosperity. This is a massive loss for the future of all corruption increasing and also other countries.

Over the last ten years, India has shown an increase in the corruption index, in which the country has lost billions of dollars in various scams. Those were taxpayer’s money.

Many development projects worldwide decrease and slow their completion because of corruption. This leads to backwardnesses in every area, such as sports, technology, medicine, research, economy, defense, and infrastructure.

These are the common effects –

1. Obstacles for business

It associates corruption in the public services sector that causes severe difficulties to the right enterprises. Even for the application of a business license, prove to be a severe obstacle to it.

Companies feel terrible when they have to give a bribe, even for the connection of water or electricity.

2. Backwardness and poverty

Because of it, it is hard to eradicate poverty. The wealthy persons are becoming more prosperous, and the poor are becoming weaker.

Despite the announcement of rehabilitation and monetary packages, corrupt people in various government departments and contractors, sucking the fund through various means leaves little to end-users.

3. Loss of natural resources

India is rich in natural resources, but in India, it leads to a loss of valuable resources. Common problems with illegal sand mining that disturb water resources in the country.

Bribery in mining is common, which loses substantial government revenues. Because of the lack of supervision and transparency, there has been arising in these types of corruptions.

For example, it is estimated that almost half of the iron ore exported from the state of Goa was illegally extracted.

Control measures

The first and most important solution is the change in government working styles. If government members and procedures are transparent, it can decimate corruption.

Further, the provision on the election of representatives of the nation must be rigorous. So that bringing a case against a person is not eligible for elections.

Second, offering direct communication between government and society. This can reduce corruption by increasing direct contact between the government and the governed. E-administration can help in this direction.

Third, everyone should behave like a responsible citizen. It is vital that every citizen fulfill their duties faithfully and as their abilities.

Every citizen should seek to eradicate corruption. Citizens should report cases of this immediately to the Vigilance Department.

Fourth, the government and regulatory agencies should always check the source of income and bank accounts for leaders and their associates. If it detects suspicious transactions, it should report them to the court system.

If any leader does not perform his duties correctly, it should dismiss him. The government’s higher position should be filled based on their working results. The government should regularly test the works of the leaders.


Finally, there is required determinant, capable, and strong leadership. All those who have been granted authority through elections should fulfill the promises given to the people. They should strive to eradicate corruption from government administration. Remove unwanted obstacles and even laws that help to escape the corrupt from punishment.

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