Essay on Faith for Students and Children in 1100 Words

In this article, we have published an Essay on Faith for Students and Children in 1100 Words. It includes meaning, types, benefits, and importance of faith.

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Introduction (Essay on Faith – 1100 Word)

Faith and belief is a way of considering or believing in anyone. Mostly faith word is used for God or any unseen power or any spiritual person. Since its origin of this earth, human used to follow the faith system or God or any blind faith.

People have different faith in different power from time to time. Faith depends upon their belief and understanding. Faith always plays a crucial role in our day-to-day life.

What is Faith?

This word “faith” can be explained in many ways. The meaning of faith is different according to the uses of the word. In a simple concept, we know faith as confidence or belief, which can be on anyone or anything.

Is most of the cases it faith refers to a religious system in the world. In old times and current time, belief and faith are common, and people have faith in God, and some do not have faith in God.

Types of Faith

Nowadays, there are various types of faith and belief in the world. Many religions and non-religious people also have faith and trust in someone. The trust and faith is an idea of believing to anyone without seeing that.

1. Blind Faith

The term of blind faith used when someone believes with no reason and evidence and any logic. There are some reasons on the side but not having any base of that. This is a traditional faith which people follow.

For example, if someone says that this doctor is right, then others will believe in their statement without checking and with no reason. Mostly in blind faith, it happens, and people follow blindly. 

We observe this blind faith in the religious field. If any spiritual leader explains anything to their follower with no philosophy and reason, their followers will trust and trusts him blindly. If anybody raises the cross-question against him, they become an enemy of that person. So it is called that blind faith is perilous.

In Indian reference this is common. We usually see that a person killed someone or his kids as a sacrifice before the idol goddess on the advice of any priest. This is because he has faith in that person blindly. Here, they not used their mind and logic.

2. Religious Faith

We relate this faith and belief to any religion. In this faith, people of a particular religion have faith in their system of religion and its natural or supernatural power. This is a spiritual belief of this faith. There is a unique type of religion in the world. Followers of this religion follow their system and believe in God and its power.

In religious belief, people follow the rules because they have faith. For example, Christians wear the cross symbol mostly because of having faith in it. In Islam, also people use a cap or cover his head during the prayer and having a beard. Women used to wear a unique dress to cover the complete body as they believe in the ruling of a religious system.

The population of having faith in religion in the world is increasing fast. In this futuristic time, you’ll find a vast number of people who follow Christianity and Islam in the world. In religious faith and belief, people of that religion accept the spiritual and supernatural power. They believe in the holy books of those religions.

Benefits of faith

Faith, whether it is religious faith or blind faith, it has some common positive characteristics which provide the right thing and guidance to the followers. 

1. Increase Unity

If some people or group of people having faith in anything, then their unity increases. They collect at a place on a particular time for any meeting, spiritual conference and teaching classes.

They discuss together and solve the issues related to their belief and their group or community. So we can see it that unity increases the unity between the people.

2. Increase Hope

Hope increases the hope is the key to faith. If faith has its existence, then the hope exists there. Without hope, faith is not valid and meaningless. Followers or believers accept the rules and religious cultures because they see the glimpse of hope it.

Hope is there in many faiths. In blind also people keep their promise. In religious, also people have great faith for their wishes and betterment of the world and humanity.

3. Provides Inner strength

Faith and trust provide a lot of moral support and inner satisfaction and power. The faith and trust provide the opportunity to be selfless and to be helpful for others. The faith offers to the people to see and search for life and the purpose of life. 

Importance of faith 

Faith is essential in life. Nobody can ignore faith. People have faith, and trust in any object, people, natural or supernatural powers, religion. Faith and belief are a natural and God gifted quality and requirement of the human. 

Faith is essential for life. The human came in the world and living here for any definite purpose, and they have the faith they by doing this, they can go ahead. They always keep a hope of faith that this thing will help him or will support him.

Faith is essential for development. Faith is a pillar of growth. If people have faith in any system, they follow the policy of that object conscientiously to fulfill the purpose of that task. Suppose if anybody has the principle that by listening to any poem or verses of any teaching of any religion, then he will seriously with great hope. 

People in religious faith follow the rules of their religion because of faith. But some people or group of people change the system and rule in the manner as per their wish. Faith is always giving hope and confidence, whether it is blind faith or religious faith. 


At last, it can be seen and analyzed that the word faith is interesting and helpful for all of us. Faith connects every person in the world. Any individual, student, Army, spiritual leaders and religious member all are involved in the system of faith.

The category or types of faith depends upon the follower. In the world, everybody should have faith and trust. Without this, they cannot live positively, and their life will become worse and hopeless. Hopelessness is a curse. I hope you liked this essay on faith. Thanks for reading.

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