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Introduction (Essay on Honesty is the best policy)

Being honest is essential in life due to the fact it solves many troubles and leads to peace and success. Honesty is the wealth that offers trustworthy people a lot of trust and appreciates in life. “Honesty is the best policy” is a well-known announcing by the famous person Benjamin Franklin.

An honest existence with simplicity is life from all redundancy, which is observed by everyone. It brings uniformity to the household and society. Honesty is a real asset, which helps in accomplishing success with a peaceful life and dignity-being honest helps one to focus on the essential things in life.

What is honesty?

Honesty is the best policy as the reason is the foundation of a well-functioning relationship. Further, it nourishes many lives in several ways. Here, trust is the basis of any relationship that is received honestly.

People usually find it difficult, to be honest, because it is quite challenging to maintain honesty. Honesty means being truthful to a person in all aspects of life. It includes not lying to anyone, not hurting anyone through bad habits, activities, or behavior.

An honest person never gets involved in morally wrong activities. Honesty does not break any rules and regulations, be disciplined, behave well, speak the truth, be punctual, and honestly help others.

Honesty helps a person to get around, lots of happiness, and blessings from the supreme power, and faith in many things. Being honest is very beneficial in real life. It is not something that one can buy or sell. This is a good habit that one can attain through practice.

Integrity leads a person to a promising path that gives real happiness. A person is honest when he follows honesty in various aspects, such as honesty in speaking, fairness in justice, honesty in behavior, and honesty in all the activities we do in our everyday lives. Honesty makes a person free from all troubles and fearlessness.

It is common and general news that the condition of society is very pathetic, however, but honesty has its very own reward. Morality, poverty, and sorrow may also come in its way, but it also generates satisfaction, self-esteem, and self-assurance in a person. It helps us to make good, loyal, and excellent friends in our lives due to the fact honesty always attracts honesty. People who generally tell the fact are capable of constructing better relationships and, thus, a better world.

Why is honesty the best policy?

During these days, scientists have proved that “honesty is the best policy,” which has helped the great humans in constructing a massive soldier to win the trust of the fellow mates of their land.

Further, according to old times saying, it is never successful to lie and make conditions worse. Some humans do not pick out the route of reality for many reasons, or they do no longer have the braveness to live honestly. However, in hard instances of life, they recognize the significance of this policy.

Lying can lead us into hardships that one cannot bear, so we are honest in our lives, and some people who do not have the courage, to tell the truth even to their loved ones, usually lie and be dishonest. The reasons are bad situations. On the other hand, understanding the truthfulness helps to strengthen our character and makes us stronger.

History of honesty

History witnesses that trustworthy politicians like Abraham Lincoln and Lal Bahadur Shastri, scientists like Newton, Einstein, and others, have earned a name over all ages. We can never overlook great and honest persons like Mahatma Gandhi, Leo Tolstoy, Martin Luther King, as they dedicated their lives to honesty and outstanding work.

Honesty for a successful life

Being honest shows the right and clean character of a person because honesty develops high-quality in instances. Honesty can alter the personality & mind of someone, both internally and internally, without any harm and by calming the brain a lot.

A tranquil brain gives satisfaction to a man or woman by making suitable stability between body, mind, and soul. Honest people are always in the heart of man, and we can say that, even in the coronary heart of living almighty.

The honest people are always well understood in their society and family and are the most delightful people worldwide. However, a dishonest man will still face the difficulty and bad words of the people of the community. Here, good character is the most valuable asset of an honest person more than other precious things like gold or silver.

However, without developing the addiction of honesty, we can’t obtain simplicity and different goodness of life. We can say that morality can appear without simplicity, but simplicity can never show up without honesty.

Without integrity, we stay in two worlds, one is the real world, and the other is the world we have created as an alternative. Individuals then comply with “honesty is the best policy” in each factor of life (personal, business, job, and different relationships) and commonly lead a similar experience.

The definition of ‘honesty is the best policy’

“Honesty is the best policy,” states that honesty is a strength that has the potential to eliminate corruption and resolve many social problems from society. Practicing honesty can be painful, and initially, it can be challenging for human beings; however, later, it feels better and relaxed. It makes a character feel comfortable and free from any burden.

10 Lines on Honesty is the best policy

The following points describe the benefits of an honest lifestyle.

  1. It helps to make high quality, loyal, and good friends in life as honesty does attract honesty.
  2. It let one be trustworthy, earning a lot of respect in life as others will always those people.
  3. It brings confidence and strength and helps others not to underestimate themselves.
  4. People develop a sense of well-being and rarely develop cold, fatigue, hopelessness, depression, anxiety, and other mental problems.
  5. Honest people lead a comfortable life with relief compared to a cheater.
  6. It is an essential tool of peaceful life and gets us out of trouble.
  7. Honesty can easily win one’s trust.
  8. Only by walking on the path of honesty can a person succeed in his life.
  9. Honesty helps the person to keep away from corruption and immoral acts.
  10. Good thoughts always come to the mind of an honest person, and his memory remains calm.


Good character, belief, and morality in life serve to develop honesty due to the fact a character with a proper personality has nothing to conceal from anyone. Therefore we need to try to be honest in our life due to the fact honesty is the key to each success. I hope you liked this Essay on Honesty is the best policy.

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