Essay on Nature for Students and Childrens in 1000 Words

On this page, you will read an Essay on Nature for Students and Childrens in 1000 Words. This post tells us the importance of nature in our life.

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Introduction (Essay on Nature – 1000W)

Understanding nature should be a part of everyone’s life. In today’s time, most people spend most of their time watching television and running the internet. Mostly he spends his time inside the house.

The Beauty of nature

The most significant disease in the world today is provoking mental stress. In addition to our work, we must also enjoy the view for a few days because nature is the power that everything in this world gives us whether it is our food or our lives.

Nature has the power to remove many diseases from the body. Greenery reduces stress and provides peace of mind. So if you have a high workload most of the time and you are surrounded by psychological stress, enjoy nature to calm your mind.

A man should never hurt nature. Today’s man realizes that nature has to be according to him, which is the biggest mistake. We, human beings, live in harmony with our nature and should not bring about some change in it.

Nature is our best friend

Nature is our great friend because we live on this planet, and all of its parts look natural. By nature, we get water to drink, clean air, animals, trees, plants, good food, and houses to live in so that man can live a good and useful life.

Every human being on earth should enjoy this beautiful nature without disturbing the ecological balance. We need to keep it clean to prevent the destruction of the environment and nature. Nature is a lovely gift from God. Nature is gorgeous, many important forces give us happiness and healthy life.

How to Protect Nature?

We can protect nature by taking care of a few key things like-

  • By planting more and more trees. Soil erosion can be prevented by planting trees.
  • By preventing soil erosion, we can protect nature’s beautiful oceans, rivers, and the ozone layer.
  • Sources Prevent excessive use of natural resources. There is a need to use wisely without wasting available resources.
  • Hunting for wild animals should be stopped for wildlife protection.
  • Farmers should be taught for mixed cropping systems, fertilizers, pesticides, pesticides, and crop rotation. There is a need to promote the use of fertilizers and organic fertilizers
  • Deforestation should be regulated.
  • Eating a Rainwater Harvesting System should be installed.
  • The use of renewable resources, such as solar, water, and wind energy, should be promoted.
  • Water used in agricultural processes must be recycled.
  • Car-pooling is the best way to diminish fossil fuel consumption.
  • As per limit to use of paper and promote recycling.
  • Save energy by using fluorescent bulbs instead of old light bulbs. Also, turn off light and electronic items when not needed.
  • We must try our best to keep the nature around us clean.
  • All measures should be taken to prevent all types of environmental pollution.
  • We must never distort the balance of nature for our own sake because it will eventually become the most significant cause of human destruction.

Importance of Nature

Our nature has given us a wide variety of flowers, birds, animals, trees, blue skies, lands, rivers, oceans, and mountains. God created all these things to improve man’s life, so we must never harm this natural wealth.

Nature has given much to man, but man is always busy destroying it. Humans have created many natural-destructive causes for their benefit, such as environmental pollution, global warming, and the greenhouse effect.

There are so many innovations in the world of technology today, but nobody cares how these innovations affect nature. Therefore, before doing anything, we must assume that doing so would benefit or harm nature.

We need to keep our environment as clean as possible, not spread pollution and promote deforestation in our area. Millions of houses are being built every day, for which millions of trees are being cut down; we need to plant new plants every day so that the trees in nature are balanced.

Just as important as man is in nature, animals are just as important. Life on earth is impossible without animals. Therefore, to protect our environment, the protection of the organism is also critical.

Many countries of the world have built wild sanctuaries to protect animals. Besides, in every country, there are government agencies for the protection of organisms that live there.

10 Lines on Nature

  1. Wordsworth, a loyal nature lover, believes that nature is a storehouse of joy and happiness.
  2. It is the eternal source of divine beauty.
  3.  It is healing to a friend, guide, and stewardship and person. A sick body or a broken mind feels very relaxed, courageous, and relaxed in the lap of nature.
  4. It gives new energy and emotion to a person in the form of God.
  5. The immense beauty of nature is full of blessings for humanity.
  6. Flowing rivers, flowing noise, flowing winds, raging waterfalls, mighty flowers, and high mountains add to the natural beauty of the moon.
  7. Nature fills our lives with genuine happiness, goodness, and happiness.
  8. For the lover of nature, every object of the earth is alive as a person.
  9. Great nature lover Wordsworth wrote: “Nature is a soul.”
  10. We must respect the gift of nature and use nature according to the rules.

The Bottom Line

There are some major transformational forces in nature that control our mood and behavior. Nature is essential to a healthy life. Therefore, we must keep it clean and safe for future generations. We cut down trees and forests. We have to keep it intact. We must not pollute the oceans and rivers to save the ozone layer safe. And all our lives are undisturbed.

By simplifying nature, we must control the problems of the greenhouse effect, global warming, and so on. To make our nature pleasant, we must always work hard to keep it safe so that all life on earth can be saved. Finally, we can say nature is our father and mother and the breathing of our life. I hope you like this Essay on Nature.

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