Narrative and Persuasive Essay on Abortion in 1200 Words

In this post, we have published a Narrative and Persuasive Essay on Abortion in 1200 Words. Here you will read its introduction, what it is, types, harmful effects of miscarriage, why it is done, causes of miscarriage, facts, and conclusion. 

So, let’s start this Persuasive Essay on Abortion…

Introduction (Essay on Abortion – 1200 Words)

Abortion is a sad and frightening term for a pregnant woman. Every woman wants her baby to come into this world and be healthy without any problems, but sometimes some women get pregnant due to physical problems.

The higher the physical pain that causes a miscarriage, the more it weakens the woman mentally. In such a situation, a pregnant woman needs to help her recover emotionally so that the blow will gradually get out of her mind.

What is abortion?

If the fetus dies before the 20th week, it is called abortion. It is also known as automatic abortion. Many people think that abortion is a rare condition, but it is not.

Miscellaneous types of abortions

We have also included type of abortion in this augmentative essay on abortion.

There are many different types of abortions, and it depends on your pregnancy status. The symptoms of each abortion may vary. 

1. Missing the Abortion

The pregnancy ends automatically without any bleeding or any symptoms during this time. Certain times, the fetus remains in the womb even after the miscarriage and is found when the embryo stops developing. It can be detected by ultrasound.

2. Incomplete abortion

In this type of abortion, the woman has heavy bleeding and severe abdominal pain. In this, only a part of the embryo can come out. This is why it is called an incomplete abortion. It is diagnosed with ultrasound.

3. Complete abortion

As the name suggests, this abortion is complete. In this, the embryo comes out of the uterus ultimately. Severe abdominal pain and heavy bleeding may be symptoms of a complete abortion.

4. Inevitable Miscarriage

Bleeding occurs, and the uterus opens, allowing the fetus to move out. During this time, the woman often has abdominal cramps.

5. Infectious (septic) abortion

At this time, there is an infection in the womb, which can cause miscarriage.

Physical harm to recurrent miscarriages

Many people are unaware that repeated abortions are fatal. Besides, continuing pregnancy can be painful in future pregnancies. The below harms can be.

1. Infertility

Abortion problems can affect fertility and can even cause problems at full birth. Nowadays, many people have to deal with infertility, ectopic pregnancy, or childbirth problems. Infertility does not mean that after 12 months of trying, the offspring will not. 

2. Baby Fall

Many times a child falls due to medical abortion. If the cervix is ​​damaged due to any reason, further miscarriage may be troublesome. Apart from this, it can also cause miscarriage. If the uterus is damaged during an abortion, it is too dangerous for the child.

3. Premature delivery

This is one of the main effects of early miscarriage. This is dangerous because it increases the chances of premature labor, and it increases the placenta incorrectly.

4. Pelvic inflammatory disease

Repeated miscarriages also cause pelvic inflammatory disease. PID is a dangerous disease that can also cause infertility. It can cause lesions in the tissues of the fallopian tubes, leading to decreased infertility. 

5. Decreased fertility

Lack of fertility many women feel that there is a problem of conception after a miscarriage, and they think that they are unable to conceive whenever they want. It is because of the abnormal wound caused by any scratching or dilation in the uterus during a miscarriage.

6. Uterine perforation

Uterine perforation causes this problem in 2 to 3 percent of abortive patients. This is found more in those women who have given birth to a child earlier. In patients suffering from this problem, many times, general anesthesia is also given during miscarriage.

7. Infection

Infection: Frequent abortions cause health problems in women, such as excessive bleeding, infection, cramps, anesthesia complications, embolism, uterine swelling, endotoxic shock, cervical injury, bleeding, etc. As per some intelligence findings, women who undergo more abortions have more complications. 

Why is abortion done?

Mostly reasons are very personal for going for an abortion. The choice of medical abortion depends on the medical condition and advice of our family doctors. Without any valid reason, it is not permutable as per law.

Only when it is necessary for the sake of baby life or mother life, then gynecologists will suggest taking these steps. If an infection is found during the pregnancy, and it is not curable by drugs, then abortion is the last option in these types of cases.

Main causes of Miscarriage

1. Getting older

For women whose age is more, those women also get a miscarriage. It is mostly seen that women who are more than 30 years of age are more at risk.

2. Health deterioration

The health issue of pregnant women is a significant issue. With this, those women can also get an answer to the question of why miscarriage occurs. The most common are diabetes and infection, thyroid, lupus, and other autoimmune disorders. 

3. Lifestyle deterioration

It is significant for both men and women that their lifestyle should be right. It is essential for women when she is pregnant because their slight negligence can cost them dearly.

4. Substance Abuse

Women who consume narcotics have a higher risk of miscarriage. Because it has a terrible effect on the child in his womb, he is also at risk of heart disease—for instance, smoking of cigarettes, consumption of alcohol and misc, drugs, etc.

5. Stressful environment

When any woman is pregnant, those women should stay away from stress because it affects their mental health, which can be harmful to them and their future children.

6. Sleep deprivation

Pregnant women should mostly take rest and should not do much physical exertion either. You should complete your sleep when you sleep. The reason for not ending sleep is that the hormones in their body become imbalanced, which directly affects their unborn child.

7. Reduction in a nutritious diet

When you are pregnant, you should eat nutritious food, as it directly affects their child. Any deficiency in your diet will affect the health of the pregnant woman. Therefore, whatever you eat should be nutritious for your body, and the most important thing is that you should reduce your intake of outside food very much.

8. Negative thoughts

Pregnant women have to take great care of their entire body. They also need to bring a lot of change in their thinking. If negative thoughts come to their mind, then it affects the health of the child. 

Important facts about Abortion

  1. The most common symptoms of miscarriage are abdominal cramps and vaginal bleeding.
  2. According to statistics, every woman has 2 to 3 abortions. Which is called a recurrent miscarriage?
  3. If abortion occurs after 20 weeks, then a dead child is born in it.
  4. Obesity causes many diseases in women
  5. According to sub-section (2) and sub-section (4) of section 3 of the Medical Termination of Pregnancy Act, 1971, a registered doctor can perform abortions
  6. The defined period of conception for having abortion allowed is 20 weeks.
  7. The current implemented abortion law and rule is almost five decades old.
  8. Miscarriage can be a painful and painful experience.
  9. With advances in medical science, abortion is a safe procedure.
  10. Multiple miscarriages can weaken the cervix.


Finally, we can say that usually, abortion should be avoided. Abortion out of the limits prescribed by law is considered illegal. If the abortion is not done legally, both the abortionist and the abortionist can be arrested.

Most often, it does not. But where abortion is not lawfully legal, many women die due to unsafe pregnancies and unsafe abortions. I hope you liked this persuasive essay on Abortion.

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