Speech on Save girl child in 700 Words for Students and Children

In this article, you will read an inspirational Speech on Save girl child in 700 Words for Students and Children. This speech motivates every person in this world to spread the importance of Saving a girl child.

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Save Girl Child Speech for Students (700 Words)

Greetings to all present respected audience and guests. I am here to say a few words on the subject of Girl Child’s importance and how we can save them. Since years we know through our culture and ancient history that the importance of women is documented and accepted always, but on the practical ground, we should be more serious.

Human life on this planet, Prithvi, cannot be completely gin without the inclusion of men and women alike. They are equally responsible for the existence of humankind on earth. They are accountable and responsible for the progress and development of any country or any country.

However, the presence of females is more important than males, because, without it, we cannot even think about our existence. Therefore, we must take steps to protect the human population from extinction and protect women.

It is a common practice in India, where people abort or kill girls at birth. But, they should be given equal opportunities and given the honor and opportunity to move forward in life. However, the fate of civilization is in his hands as the core of my creation.

There are various evils in our society; one of them wants to be a boy. In our Indian culture and society, everyone expects and desires an ideal parent, sister, wife, and daughter. But they never want that girl to be their blood relative. Besides, other social ideologies force many parents into society. Other social evils include dowry murder, female foeticide, and more.

Although girls are ahead of boys in many areas, people still prefer boys. There is evidence that girls perform better in every field and career field than boys these days because of their dedication and hard work.

Many have also gone to outer space because of their intelligence and capability. They are more talented, reliable, hardworking, and responsible for the family and their lives. Besides, girls tend to be more caring and affectionate towards their parents. Above all, they give 100% to every task.

Measures are taken by the Government of India to protect girls. The govt has taken several initiatives to protect the girls and launched several campaigns to protect them. Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao (Beti Bachao), is a recently launched initiative by the government, which actively encourages people to protect girls. Also, many NGOs, companies, corporate groups, and human rights commissions have launched several campaigns to protect girls.

Crimes against women are a significant obstacle to the development and development of the country. However, the government has taken the matter seriously, and, to prevent female fetuses, they have banned sex-determination ultrasound, amniocentesis, and scan tests in hospitals and laboratories. The community knows that all these steps are not the gifts and burdens of God.

The first step to protecting the girl begins in our own home. We must encourage our family members, neighbors, friends, and relatives to protect and educate others about this. Also, we have to make our family members a girl instead of a boy.

The girl deserves a life that feels like a boy. And we should give him love and respect just like everyone else. He is equally involved in the development and development of the country.

Also, she strives for the well-being of society and the nation. They have also proved their worth and stand up to the equal of boys in every field. Therefore, they deserve existence because their existence means the survival of humankind.

Swami Vivekananda Ji expressed that a country that does not respect the gods and the country will never develop! Thus, people in India know how women and young women are perceived at first. Beti Bachao Beti Padhao Yojana or the government has launched a campaign to protect girls.


Girls should be protected because they are less able or capable than boys. They can act like boys and take responsibility for their family and country. All of today’s girls are tomorrow’s mothers. If we respect and care for them today and treat them appropriately, they will appreciate and respect us tomorrow.

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