Essay on Music for Students and Children in 900 Words

Today we have published an Essay on Music for Students and Children in 900 Words with Advantages. Do you know the importance of music in our life? You can find out just by sitting in buses, tempo, cabs, and taxis.

How do all day buses, autorickshaws, taxi drivers and people receive energy after hearing it and they do not feel exhausted?

So, let’s start the essay on music…

Introduction (Essay on Music – 900 Words)

Do you know, When Tansen used to sing the song raining starts happening.

In today’s time, there are many famous singers in our country. All people remember well-known lifelong singers. I highly respect all singers because the singers make us happy and relax by presenting songs and music, which we all enjoy very much by listening and singing.

Famous singers such as Mohammad Rafi, Lata Mangeshkar, Asha Bhosle, Sonu Nigam, Kumar Sanu, Udit Narayan are evergreen singers of India. We all know that music never dies, it remains immortal.

People of India especially love listening to music. We all like to sing and listen to the singing. I consider it a unique quality. People who sing pleasant songs become very popular. Everyone wants to meet him.

Music is a need for all of us. We are listening to music decreases, our tension and fatigue. Children, old and young, everyone likes to listen to music.

Music taught as a subject in most of the schools. The music business in Bollywood is massive. Companies are making crores of money from a single music launch. Famous singers and musicians of the country earn millions of crores rupees from the music industry.

Learning music is considered a complicated subject. On backbreaking work, the singers can sing correctly.

However, once popular, the singers become famous all over the country, and they become thousands of millions of fans. Saregama Private Limited, Universal Music, Tips Industries Ltd, Sony Music Entertainment are the leading music companies of India.

Advantages of Listening Music

1. Makes peace, relaxes stress

Whenever we feel stress and fatigue, listening to music in a slow voice is an excellent idea to relax. By doing this, our exhaustion immediately removed, and the stress also ends. We all feel delighted listening to music.

2. Produces employment

The music industry is vast. It is the market of millions of crores rupees. According to the 2018 report, India’s music market is $. Enormous music companies sell songs and sell songs.

Nowadays the music business has increased more on the Internet. Those musicians who write and sing songs for movies earn good money. This way, music gives employment to many people.

3. Helps in studies

Students during their exams and stressful days like to listen to music in slow voices while because it gives the mind much comfort and feels good to read. When reading, listening to music in a slow voice does not wander around, and the concentration increases.

4. Music for worshiping God  

In our country, all the people listen Bhajans on their smartphones, computer filled with devotion, worship in the morning. In the temples, markets, devotees keep on playing devotional songs all day. Therefore, the importance of music in our lives is very much.

5. Music teacher as a career

Now most of private and government schools appointing music teachers. It gives them honorable pay, so many boys girls make their career in music.

Music is essential to marriage and other auspicious occasions. There is a prevalent practice of playing songs at weddings. When the groom’s procession comes out, they play lovely wedding songs. It is a fascinating and happy opportunity.

Guests, couples, relatives, friend do lots of dance at the wedding. Indians at marriage ceremonies are incomplete without music. Apart from this, all people like to listen to music on the birthdays of children, on the occasion of Mundan and other happiness.

6. God loves music

In Hinduism Krishna, God used to play Bansi. By listening to the sounds of sweet flute, all Gopis became enchanted.

7. Keeps the body healthy

Research has found that those who listen to music while exercising in the morning get more enjoyment exercise. With this, aging is also slow. Listening to music also increases memory power.

Apart from this, nowadays many hospitals have arrangements for listening to music for patients. In some hospitals, they play music in a slow voice during operation.

8. Listening to music gives enjoyable sleep

Listen to music for before sleeping relaxes from a tension headache, depression is over; they become free from the worries of their lives. They sleep well. People should listen to classical music before sleeping at night.

9. Music is very useful for heart patients

Listen to music for heart patients is very useful. By listening to music, our mind immediately relaxes. Patients who suffer from stroke, heart attack problem get many comforts.

It balances hypertension. High blood pressure patients should listen to music for a few minutes in the morning.

10. Music fills us with extra energy

That is 100% true. You must have felt it too. Listening to music brings a new freshness and energy to all of us. Which helps us in our daily work with double passion.

In the end of this Essay on Music, I can say! Listen to music every day, and stay away from all problems in life.

I hope you liked this informative essay on music.

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