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Introduction (Essay on Politics – 1300 Words)

The historical backdrop of political theory is old. It began in Greece in antiquated occasions when Greece was a modest community in the state. City-states were called polis in Greek. The Acropolis was “the chief spot for choosing the immediate state legislature of the city of Athens.” By the name of that place, ‘polis’ basically signifies ‘Nagar Raj’.

Furthermore, presently it is regularly said that the word legislative issues or political theory is gotten from the Greek word ‘polis’. The subject which is today called a political opinion or governmental issues was called ‘legislative issues’ in antiquated occasions. The word administrative issues are gotten from the Greek word (polis). 

What is politics?

Politics is a system. Governmental issues are known as a total framework, whose essential goals are open intrigue and whose achievement relies upon the prosperity of the individuals.

In administrative matters, the open choose a hireling, a worker who is known as a pioneer. They know about each issue of the individuals. As such, there ought to be no mystery among him and the individuals. Straightforwardness is an essential piece of this framework. 

Indian Politics 

India is a vote based nation. Political pioneers and gatherings in India come to control through the democratic framework. Indian residents beyond 18 years old reserve the privilege to cast a ballot and choose their pioneers. Even though it is a legislature by the individuals, for the individuals and the individuals, the basic man despite everything needs to tolerate a great deal. 

It is, to a great extent, an impediment to the development and improvement of the nation. The normal man of the country generally endures because of degenerate Indian governmental issues. Then again, clergymen are man handling their capacity and position to propel their inclinations. 

The overall population is being burdened vigorously. Rather than utilizing this cash to build up the nation, degenerate legislators are filling their ledgers with it. 

World Politics 

World legislative issues – The connective association with the name of world governmental issues is the name of the adversary of the control in the problems of political and financial investigations of the world and culture. The current differentiated procedure of political globalization poses the inquiries of social power at the focal point of the area. 

There seems to be control of relations between towns, state-countries, state, global partnerships, non-administrative associations, and universal associations. Current conversation areas incorporate guidelines of national and ethnic debates, legislative issues of majority rules system and national self-assurance, globalization and vote based system, similar governmental issues and harmony, near legal matters, political economy, and relations with the global world of politics. 

Significance of Politics

The need and significance of contemplating the political theory –

This is a significant inquiry where there is a need and relevance of examining legislative issues? Numerous scholars have depicted it as “childish, unimportant, unprofitable, superfluous and hurtful”.

In frigid words, “Political logicians disapproved of scholars resemble the individuals who first pass dust over their feet and later state that they don’t see anything. These are the importance of politics-

1. Information on improvement and utility of state 

The state and government are the most significant organizations in our public activity. They deeply affect our lives, letting the state rules administer the majority of our work. By considering political theory, an individual knows about the over a significant period type of state and government. 

2. Acquaintance Political Concepts – 

With the investigation of political theory, an individual turns out to be all around familiar with all such political ideas which she hears in her day by day life. However, they don’t comprehend them well like Loktantra sway, solidarity and other and intrigue gatherings, popular supposition and so forth. 

3. Making of perfect resident 

The most significant necessity of the investigation of political theory is the formation of an ideal resident. Resident’s instruction governmental issues, law, Desires for obligatory data about typical assistance, and so forth. Everybody should know their privileges and obligations.

4. Instruction of Co-activity and Adjustments

Political theory shows collaboration, change and concordance. Legislative issues are viewed as a battle for power. Be that as it may, in this climate of fighting, a Yenken sort of agreement is likewise settled. The investigation of political theory gives the individual a superior capacity to clarify each other’s view and pay on comparing choices. 

5. Supportive in the development of political cognizance (Helpful in the event of political awareness)

The best utility of the investigation of political theory is that it makes an individual politically cognizant. An individual is a political creature, that is, a few needs of the individual are such which can be satisfied distinctly by the state. 

In-depth underlying foundations of political debasement

In a nation like India, legislative issues have presumably become the way to achievement in each field and to get rich short-term. This is the motivation behind why on the lines of asafoetida, and alum rang chokha, the gathering of government officials is continually developing longer. From a minor metropolitan councillor to individuals holding the top political posts of the nation, debasement has frequently been sprinkled. 

In a country like India, it has become a typical conviction that once you become an MP, game plans are made for eating and drinking, in any event, seven books. So it ought not to be unexpected that notwithstanding all the limitations of the Election Commission and the Code of Conduct Elections, there is a round of crores in Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha’s decisions.

Regardless of monitoring all parts of this defilement, all the individuals are sitting quietly. This is the place genuine political degradation begins. 

Criminalization in Politics 

Our nation got freedom from English servitude in 1947 following several years. At the hour of freedom, all the pioneers of the country had vowed to understand Gandhiji’s fantasy of ‘Smash Rajya’ however at the quick pace of criminalization of Indian governmental issues at present, one can say that we can have strayed. 

All the residents of the nation should self-survey and attempt to re-soak up the virtues which we have lost. Dark showcases, pay offs, debasement, nepotism, casteism and communalism are essential things that help spread politics around the nation. 

Claims of debasement have been produced using time to time from a general worker to top pioneers. Criminalization in the nation’s legislative issues is expanding step by step. 

10 lines on Politics

  1. The Greek thinker Aristotle is called the father of political science.
  2. The English word ‘politics’ is a synonym for ‘politics’, from the Greek word ‘polis’.
  3. The study of subjects related to the state is called political science or political science.
  4. Political science is closely related to political economy or economics.
  5. Clear and clean politics is the need and demand of today’s world.
  6. Politics or Political science is a broad subject or field of study.
  7. In a real sense, politics is the art and science of solving social problems.
  8. The main objective of politics is to achieve ‘perfect life’.
  9. Leadership qualities, communication skills, decision-making ability, and the ability to withstand stress are considered to be essential for politics.
  10. It is generally seen that people have negative views about politics.


Finally, it is observed that politics legislative issues are commonly viewed as a filthy game where individuals are spurred exclusively by narrow-minded interests and don’t esteem the attention of others either. 

It makes individuals ethically misshaped and tricky. Notwithstanding if government officials begin expecting their jobs and duties and begin releasing them magnanimously, then the word ‘legislative issues’ won’t be related to negative angles. There should be an innovative brain and not a ruined political game according to the government assistance of the individuals just as the country state.

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