Essay on Zoo Visit for Students and Children in 1000 Words

In this article, you will read a beautiful Essay on Zoo Visit for Students and Children in 1000 Words. Here, you will know what is a zoo, the purpose of the zoo, and my experience of a zoo visit.

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Introduction (Essay on Zoo Visit – 1000 W)

The outing can be in the form of a visit to a historical place, natural beauty places or any new modern place of attraction as Zoo. Many people, students and children want to go for Zoo visit. 

What is Zoo?

The Zoo is the place where live animals and birds are kept safely and separately in their proper living way so that people may see them carefully and know more about these. 

Purpose of making Zoo

The Zoo is established for below purposes-

  • To entertain the people -To Research & gain Knowledge.
  • To experiment favour of humanity.

Visit the Zoo of Delhi

I went to the Zoo in Delhi on 24 March 2019. I was thrilled to go to the Zoo with my parents and uncle by a cab. I enjoyed a lot during Zoo trip which I described as below-

Beautiful ice cream and garden flowers

First, we ate ice-cream before starting Zoo round. There were so many beautiful flowers on there that I couldn’t even tell. There was also a panda in that garden. Then I kept walking while looking at him. 

Toy train Inside the Zoo area

We saw there is the right toy train of a few open coaches o take a round of the Zoo. We received tickets and wait for the arrival of. We all sat on the train and took the full series of the Zoo. It was a delightful round on a fantastic train. I love a lot this.

We Saw Tiger, Chimpanzees and Monkeys in the Zoo

We went ahead; the guide said this side is a tiger and that side is chimpanzees and monkeys. Then we went to the tiger side.

After going a little further, we saw a huge pond and saw birds on its banks or in the pond with lots of water. There we saw ducks, cranes and lots of birds but mostly there were cranes. I saw a tiger there next to the door.

It was inside the compound. His mouth was so good with his strips and his tail, and I was a little scared. He was very scared when he opened his mouth. Then we saw the chimpanzee and monkey there.

I saw Deer and Barasinga

We started seeing a deer where we saw a tiger, where we were standing right behind me I saw a deer, but it was a forest, there were trees, and behind it, we were behind the net and the net.

When we saw the deer, I thought it was a barasinga. I know why I thought it is a barasinga because one of the baby reindeer had eight horns. After that, we saw a blue cow. Well, she is not blue, but that is her name. After that, we caught that car. 

I saw Rhinosaurus & Hippopotamus

We went ahead, there is Rhinosaur, and there is Hyena and Hippo Potamus. So we went to the Rhinosaurus. He was a giant Indian Rhinosaurus. His sing was a little small, his skin was good.

He was alone in a huge yard. This huge animal has a big and strong body feature. Then we went by way of a hyena, when we went to that way, then we showed hyena, when we came to see it, then it went down then it went from the other way, till that hyena came from the other way, while we were drinking mango juice Monkeys appear.

We saw three big Hippo Potamas, one was a child and two were big, then we went ahead there were three big ones, one Hippo Potamus had made it so big that the other one got caught, but nothing happened to them. 

Lion & Snacks 

I saw a lion in the cage area. First, he took the round. Then he stood near his cage. He was sitting near the door of the cage, and then standing there. Then we saw an indicator.

Then we saw that there is a snake house and there are a baboon and a jaguar. Then we went ahead, showing us the area of ​​a baboon, just an empty room, and there was a cat in the shape of a rive doing meow meow.

The crocodile looked like a dead

Crocodiles were lying near the water as a dead body. I felt like death, and my father was saying that he is alive and slept. After the baboon, we went ahead and took a break and sat down.  

Emu & Other Birds

I saw Emu’s signboard. Then we got down to see Emu. Emu is another big bird in the world. He stays with his mother or father or with a friend. We have seen a lot of peacocks. We took photographs there. 

Elephants also were there

We also saw an elephant. They were not too close. They were looking at one male, and one mail was more inside. The female was looking a little better outside. We took a lot of photos.

Lunch in Zoo

After seeing all animals and birds, we all tired of roaming. Then we got out, went to the restaurant in front of the Zoo. I ate food with my parents and uncle and then we came back home.

10 Lines on Zoo

  1. Animals and birds, the principal elements of forest wealth, can now be seen only in zoos.
  2. The Zoo is located in many places of the country. The largest Zoo in the country is in Calcutta.
  3. On one side, it is entertained by seeing the Zoo and on the other knowledge increased.
  4. Wild animals stay a herbal existence in favourable surroundings created with the aid of them in Zoo.
  5. The Zoo offers us the message of conservation of rare wildlife.
  6. The most significant characteristic ofZoo is that in many locations, the fierce animals are roamed freely.
  7. The world’s largest Zoo is located in London.
  8. The famous Zoos of India are in Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Jaipur, Jodhpur, Lucknow and Kanpur.
  9. The arrangement of birdhouse comes under the Forest Department in the Ministry of Agriculture.
  10. We should always try on our part to preserve and improve the forest and wild animals.


I can say that an only Zoo is a place where we can see rare creatures around the world with our eyes. Our knowledge increased.

Here we live a natural life in a favourable environment created by them for wild animals. We can see every activity of his life very carefully. The Zoo gives us the message of conservation of rare wildlife. I hope you liked this inspirational Essay on Zoo Visit for childrens.

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