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In this article, you will read an Essay on Tiger for Students and Children in 900 Words. This essay includes tiger’s body structure, description, origin, facts and 10 lines.

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Introduction (Essay on Tiger – 900 Words)

Tiger is the cat’s entire family’s biggest carnivorous mammal. It is said to be in significant numbers in Asia. It has a powerful body.

His forelimbs are strong, helping him to jump forward or run quickly. It has been signified as the national animal by the Government of India.

Body structure description

Tiger is one of the very best animals in the world. It is a carnivorous animal and resembles an enormous cat. Further, it belongs to the Felidae family. It has two beautiful eyes that are six times stronger overnight than human beings.

Her eyes are identical to that of a domestic cat. The white tigers, however, have blue eyes. Its eyes throughout the angry night stare like a burning flashlight. It has two ears that assist him in hearing the voice of all the other animals whilst on hunting.

Tiger has four long canine teeth, 2 in the upper jaw, and 2 in the lower jaw. Such teeth are of significant help in catching and strangulating the prey.

Origin of tigers

Where did the tigers originate? This is the most complicated matter. Most say Asia is the place of origin for tigers; most say, Africa.

However, tigers are said to have the source not in Africa but throughout the Asian continent. Bengal or Chinese tigers were resettled to Africa. They came from zoos with such a view to expanding the species’ survival or habitat.

How Tiger Catch its Prey?

Tiger usually hunts for animals of large or medium size like buffaloes, deer, crocodiles, tigers, pythons, and so on. Tiger lives alone and hunts on its own, not in a community. If it catches crocodile, this first attacks, including its paws on the eyes.

It then catches him in his jaw or strangulates him until death. Though, tiger may not chase his prey for a long-range, slowly creeping behind the prey or suddenly attacking it. It can jump to a height of 10 meters at one time.

Tiger may not eat men, but sometimes it just turns into men eater. This is because of weakness, the wound, but because it’s as well old. Tiger depends on animals for food, like wild sheep, horses, cattle, and so on.

The source for research reveals that even a tiger (that eats cows) hunts an ox of its 60 to 70 years in age every five days. If a tiger seems to have problems finding food, they may eat the birds, eggs, and berries. And then when, either, it can’t find some food, this eats some flesh.

Fact about Tiger

Tiger has so many varieties and facts that these are:

  1. The tigers live throughout the zoo and in the wild for around 25 years.
  2. Its long tail helps keep balance when running behind all the prey.
  3. Tiger bones were used to heal joint pain, stiffness, back pain, spasms, or rheumatism.
  4. Its body will have black stripes.
  5. It instantly attacks the prey.
  6. Living and hunting alone love to.
  7. Catching its prey to the neck, it strangulates this.
  8. In a time, tiger runs 85 km/h speed.

Feeding Capacity of a Tiger

In a dense forest much further away from the public, there will be three basic needs of the tiger, big prey, water, or den. In one moment, however, that may eat 55 to 60 pounds for flesh during the night, an adult tiger requires about 12 pounds for the meat to eat. At every 20 days, the tigress with three youthful cubs needs around 280 kilograms flesh.

Tiger as a National Animal of India

Indian rule has symbolized tiger as India’s National Animal. There will be two significant reasons underneath tiger declaring himself a national animal:

  • First, Tiger is strong and brave.
  • Second, to safeguard them from diminishing numbers day after day.

10 Lines on Tiger

  1. Tiger is the largest wild animal throughout the cat family, and it is one of the jungle’s fiercest animals.
  2. Tiger is a “carnivorous” animal, meaning that this is an animal that eats flesh; it chases other animals as food;
  3. Tiger’s body is long or strong. It has four legs, powerful paws, or one tail with sharp nails.
  4. This is usually orange or black stripes on that, but white tigers have black lines on white skin.
  5. Their eyes typically resemble the cat’s eyes; however, the white tiger has blue eyes.
  6. The tigers generate a “roaring” sound, which can be heard from 3 km field.
  7. The tigers live to the jungle for up to 26 years, however live throughout the zoo at only 16-18 years.
  8. A tiger may eat between 25 and 27 kilograms flesh in a single day.
  9. Female tigers are called “Tigress,” or its offspring are called “Cub.”
  10. On average, a tigress gives birth to three to four cubs at such a time.


Tiger is a wild creature that is part of a cat family. The number of tigers is falling day by day that is a significant problem before us. It needs to be regulated by halting all illegal activity or tiger smuggling.

Indian Government has started few tiger project campaign and save tigers. An Indian resident, we need to take an active part throughout this tiger saving campaign. I hope you liked this essay on tiger.

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