Essay on Immigration, Its Issues, Pros and Cons

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Introduction (Essay on Immigration – 1000 Words)

Humankind has been immigrating from the dawn of time to explore an unfamiliar area in the world and build their own civilisations. But in today’s world, if you want to go from your native country and settle permanently in a different country, there are many immigration laws through which you have to apply for the citizenship of the country to which you wish to migrate. The present gap between the rich and developing countries is widening, which is leading to more of the migration both legally and illegally. 


Immigration is nowadays becoming a global issue from the economic and a business point of view. The population of some countries is growing since people are migrating to other countries seeking a better life.

But considering giving up your native citizenship, uprooting your entire life, and moving to a new country where you don’t know anyone and have to start your life from scratch is considered a courageous act. Apart from adopting a different lifestyle, parting pain from immediate family, lack of government support, unemployment, etc. are some issues migrants might face. 

Even though immigration is not all beds of roses, there are a lot of reasons people try to escape their native lands, which can be divided into push and pull factors. We also know push factors as driving factors where the people wish to leave their motherland, and the pull factor stands for the reason the individuals want to settle in a new area. These factors can be social, economic, political, and environmental.

Immigration to the USA and Canada

The USA is a land the immigrants built and flourish that. But today the USA is facing immigration pressure as there is an influx of working immigrants’ waves from the poor regions, even though they already have a massive group of skilled migrants and asylees. Ever since 11th September, American immigration laws have become more robust.

America is also deciding to build a wall to stop the influx of migrants from their poor neighbouring regions, especially to the south of their area. Most of the immigrants come to the USA for survival, especially those who are migrating from Mexico because of their country’s poverty. 

Compared to the USA, Canada also has been mostly shaped by immigrants into society and culture. With a small population and vast areas unoccupied, they fuelled their immigration policies with the need for the expansion, with immigrants encouraging them to settle in the rural areas of the land.

The country also provides language training to immigrants and access to the country’s health care and social welfare programs. Admission of highly skilled immigrants from less developed countries is creating an issue for Canada as the country from which the migrants are coming complain that Canada is poaching their talented people for their own benefit and their countries cannot afford the loss. There are two types of entry one is temporary, and the other one is permanent.

The short acts like a tourist visa so you can visit the country as a tourist or visit relatives or take admission as a student. The permanent entry is the path taken by a migrant based on their desire to settle in Canada-based on their qualification, work experience, and knowledge.

Illegal Immigration

Migrating, by violating the immigration laws of the host country, is known as illegal immigration. It has a socio-economic effect on the country. The illicit migrants might be a risk of facing deportation or any other sanction.

But an individual might resort to such a process if he is trying to escape civil war or oppression in the country of origin. Families also work this process so they can provide their children with a better life to succeed.

Pros and Cons of Immigration

Because of the modern globalisation and merging the entire world into a single economic space, people are free to transfer for employment or business to any country. Immigration will become a familiar and massive spread phenomenon.

  • One of the principal reasons for immigration is to better the quality of life by engaging favourable employment and earning opportunities, social security, and less crime environment.
  • The migrant’s a unique challenge, which makes them more independent as they live alone.
  • They save so they can meet the new living standards. It also makes them take up new professional commitments, making them skill full and more experience.
  • As they travel through the new land, they study and learn more about the new culture. They get to learn and understand the language and overcome the barrier. 
  • A completely additional aspect of life opens with the latest knowledge they gain by understanding the history of the country.
  • But there are only a few countries hospitable to migrants, as most of them subject to racial discrimination or intolerance to the new culture.
  • Initially, when the individual immigrates to an unfamiliar country, they face a language barrier to understand the underlying social etiquette of the new country like the traffic sign meaning.
  • Because of the process of immigration, unknown diseases to disperse into the host country. For example, the devastation of the northern tribal population of North America is highly documented.
  • When migrants come to a developed country from a developing world, they will do jobs at lower wages compared to the local non-immigrant. If it is a lot of individuals ready to work with low wages, it causes wage disparity with local people, which might affect job growth.
  • The labour laws of the host countries have not caught up with the modern practice of immigration. Even if the people have legally entered the country, it is easy for local people to inform the local police of them as a possible illegal immigrant. Refusing to pay the owed wages, filing false charges, and even physical abuse are some common issues a migrant faces.


Apart from the advantages and disadvantages of the migrants, the immigration process has its own benefits and drawbacks for both the countries, one who is hosting the people and the one which is losing the people. I hope you liked this informative post Essay on immigration.

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