Guide on Invitation Letter Writing with Samples

This guide on invitation letter writing includes; What is an Invitation Letter? How to write tips? 5 Samples (for Visa, for Meeting, for Function, for Party, for Social Events

There are a few different ways to welcome your companions, visitors, and authority. A greeting is given verbal, via mail, by sending composed physical letters, by messages and WhatsApp, and so on. At the point when a composed letter is sent to welcome, then it is called a greeting letter. 

What is the Invitation Letter? 

A greeting letter, as its name suggests, is a letter intended to demand a person’s essence to an occasion, meeting, or formal event. They are generally sent early with the goal that the beneficiary can get ready.

Greeting letters have two purposes. The first is referenced to demand the nearness of the individual. The second is to affirm that individual will go to the occasion.

Greeting letters are likewise helpful when you’re applying for a visa. Contingent upon the event, a greeting letter could be formal or casual and could be sent an individual email or via telephone. 

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Tips for Invitation Letter Writing 

Here are some essential hints recorded as a hard copy of a greeting letter to kick you off: 

1. Organize the Matter

Before you draft a greeting letter to guarantee that you have all the necessary material. This material alludes to a rundown of the individuals to be welcomed, the successive request of the occasions, timings of the occasions, unique visitor, and so on. 

2. Drafting

You don’t merely compose a letter straightway and post it. It needs to explored and settled. One of these procedures is drafting. Drafting guarantees that your missteps and their amendment aren’t given to the greeting itself. Commit all the errors in the draft itself. 

3. Politeness

You shouldn’t be informed that you need to utilize amiable language while composing a greeting letter, for what reason would you be impolite when sending a greeting? Genuine, yet you need to help yourself to remember certain habits and behaviors expected of a reception. 

4. Positive Tone

The motion of welcome and appreciation themselves are sure purposes of a greeting letter. Aside from these, proposals of gratefulness and expectation are other positive focuses that can convince a visitor to go to the occasion. 

5. Offer Assistance

A greeting is the duty of the sender, the help to the beneficiary, of course, turns into the obligation of the host. The more offices you give, the better the odds of somebody’s participation. You can offer to get and drop administrations, convenience, suppers, provide the contact numbers in the event that you are absent at the scene and other needed support. 

6. Special Instructions

Some circumstances require different directions for visitors. 

These guidelines can be-

  1. Dress code 
  2. Road or course map 
  3. Purpose of the event – birthday, respect, commemoration, and so forth. 
  4. Return blessing 
  5. Response or affirmation to the greeting 
  6. Attire and things required for the visitor to bring 
  7. No eatables permitted 
  8. Entrance just by greeting 
  9. individuals per pass 
  10. No weapons permitted 

7. Length of the Matter

A basic greeting letter will just contain just the essential realities. A basic greeting letter includes an acquaintance that allows the sender with present themselves as well as the association they speak. 

8. Using Letterhead

Generally speaking, official Invitation letters require a letterhead. Letterhead speaks to the sender, and its consideration is authority establisher. On the off chance that you have pre-printed letterhead, at that point, utilize that. Individual Invitation letters don’t require letterheads, and one can use it according to one’s longing. 

9. The motion of Appreciation

Next, the gratefulness for the visitor to go to a movement or occasion must appear. It can be finished with a proper note, expressing that you anticipate seeing the person on occasion. 

10. Closing the Letter

Start the letter with Gratitude and end it with the equivalent. It is an expert and social politeness. Toward the finish of your last section is composed, a complimentary close of any semblance of ‘Earnestly’, ‘Thank you’, ‘Really’ is fundamental. Close the letter by rehashing your gratefulness and appreciation. 

11. Proofreading

Check for – unbalanced expressions, linguistic blunders, fragmented sentences, and spelling botches. Fix them with suitable accentuation and evacuate dull or dead sentences supplant them with smart stating, verse, or a themed approach. 

12. Inform in Advance

Invitation letters should be sent ahead of time. Attempt to send the greeting letter for about fourteen days or more ahead of time. The beneficiary has to know ahead of time with the goal that they can change their timetables, book tickets, or make other fundamental plans.

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Sample formats for Invitation Letters

Sample 1. Invitation Letter For Visa/Immigration (On letterhead)

Date: 9th April 2020 
US Immigration Inspector 
Service Of Foreign Affairs 
Newyork, USA 

Subject: Letter of Invitation for XXXXXXXX(name) for a talk in business meet in Pragati Maidan, New Delhi 

Dear Sir/Ma’am, 

XYZ (Name) has been welcome to go to the gathering to give addresses and so forth, supported by the Indian Association Of Manufacturers at New Delhi for the period first May 2020 to fifth May 2020. Xyz (Name) is relied upon to get an honorarium for their commitment to investigate and advancement. 

If you don’t mind, guarantee the best possible nonimmigrant status is allowed to the guest: B-1 or Visa Waiver for Business (WB) and I-94. 

The B-1 or WB will allow the Indian Association Of Manufacturers to process an honorarium for this guest. The guest must present identification, visa, and the I-94 not long after showing up at the Indian Association Of Manufacturers.

I am much obliged to you for your consideration regarding this issue. 

Sincerely Yours, 

For Indian Association Of Manufacturers
(Signature with stamp) 
XXXXX(Position Title) 

Sample 2. Invitation Letter For Meeting

Dear Sir/Madam [Last name] 

As we have talked about early this week, I accept this open the door to welcome you to take an interest in the opening shot gathering to be hung on [Day, Date]. The commencement meeting will accumulate all partners, and fill in as a stage to make procedures and situations that help cooperative energies for every included gathering and network when all is said in done. 

[name of the agency] is the territorial head in [specify field] with countless undertakings actualized in the [Country or region]. We represent considerable authority in the venture the executives of the [specify field] thus far, we have set up a system of many accomplices in different territories. Along these lines, we are anticipating this change, as we see it as a potential stage to broaden our policy. 

The gathering will be held in [city, premises] beginning from [enter time]. It will be a great open door for your organization to coordinate with different partners. Also, you can profit by the association in our tasks both as an accomplice and as our provider. 

We are anticipating increasingly productive business bargains and an extraordinary relationship with you in the not so distant future. 

It will be ideal if you confirm your participation by email [address] or on the accompanying telephone number [enter number]. Over the off chances, you might need an additional data or help don’t stop for a second to get in touch with me. 


[Name Surname] 
[Company Name] 

Sample 3. Invitation Letter writing For Function

XYZZZ(Name of Company/Group) 

Kind Attention: XYZZZZZZ (Concern Officer/Person) 

Subject: Invitation Letter for Function 

Consistently the Robo Modern Arts Club holds an honors night to respect achieved specialists in our state. During the current year’s program, we will highlight new and dynamic aesthetic gatherings like yours. 

In only one year, your vocal gathering has gotten notable for its one of a kind style and excellent range. We will be respected in the event that you will assist us with praising the current year’s achievements in present-day workmanship by performing two choices for us on the night of 30th April 2020. 

On the off chance, if you can acknowledge our greeting, we will be glad to pay for your movement and housing. We should make the last arrangements by fifteenth April 2020, so we will value your first answer. 

Yours Sincerely 

Capacity Manager 
Robo Arts Club 

Sample 4. Invitation Letter writing For Party

10th April 2020 
521/18, North Avenue, 
Asian Campus 

Dear (XYZZZZ), 

We might want to welcome you to go along with us for (lunch) on Friday, 24th April 2020, at 1 pm as we observe (Mundra’s birthday). 

The Party would be at (our home), and it would be a (casual) gathering. 

We trust you would have the option to make it advantageous to go to the gathering. 

Anticipating meeting you, 

Warm Regards, 

(Moopan Ghosh) 

Sample 5. Invitation Letter writing For Social Events

Date: _____  


Subject: Social Event Invitation Letter 

Dear _____(Sir or Madam), 

We (name of the organization), for the benefit of our administration, enjoy huge welcoming Mr… … ..(Name of the individual or invitee) to go to the initiation capacity of our locale assembly hall in … ..(setting) The introduction will start strongly at … (time of the initiation service) 

We have been running this organization effectively from the previous twenty years, and subsequent to having five branches, we are feeling free to open a network amphitheater for society. It would not have been conceivable today as a result of the endeavors and commitment of our administration and workers. So we welcome each worker to go to this program as they also are a fundamental piece of this organization. 

Yours Truly, 

Name of the coordinator 
XXXXXXXXXX (Name & Stamp of Organizer)

The Bottom Line

After the above examination and conversation, we comprehended that anyone could compose a significant and excellent greeting letter according to their classification of capacity and occasions.

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