How to Write a Complaint Letter for various topics? with Format Samples

In this article, we have explained How to Write a Complaint Letter for various topics? with Tips and Format Samples.

Introduction (What is an Complaint Letter?)

There might be issues with the product/service provided by a company for which you might be charged. Here, the first step to show your displeasure is to make a phone call to the representative of the company to discuss the issue. The second step is to write an email to the company customer care. If this also fails, then you can consider writing a complaint letter to the company.

There is a great importance of complaint letters as it puts your complaint on record with the company. It helps you to preserve any legal rights that you have in the situation. Also, it let the company know that you are serious in pursuing the complaint through legal ways.

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A complaint letter is used to raise the concern about unfair things and to get a productive outcome. It will inspire other troubled consumers and influence the authorities to take appropriate action and make the defaulters more liable and responsive.

So, let’s understand How to Write a Complaint Letter?

Here are some of the tips to write a complaint letter

1. Need to be clear and concise

Describe the product and service you purchased and the problem you faced. Include the unique number like the model number of the serial number of the product and the location of the seller. Further, know from where the service or the product has been bought. If you have already communicated to the company and seller, then you can include them as a reference in your complaint letter.

2. State precisely what is needed

You need to express precisely what is required by you and how prolonged you are willing to wait for the response. Be a little reasonable.

3. Be humble in your letter

While writing the letter to be responsible, don’t be a sarcastic or threatening letter. The person who might be reading the letter will not be liable for the problem but might be able to resolve the issue.

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4. Include the copies of relevant documents

Copies of the documents like the receipt, work order, and warranties need to be included in the letter. You might also want to send copies of the email you had with the seller. Don’t send the originals along with the letter.

5. Contact and information

Include your contact and other required details in the letter.

Please ensure that you courier the complaint letter through a reputed company so that you are confident that the letter is delivered to the company. Also, the courier company is able to provide you the proof of the receipt.

Complaint Letter Sample Formats

Please find herewith some of the sample letters (examples) for your reference.

1. Complaint Letter for Cars and scooters parked in your locality without order causing blockage of the street

Plot no 13, Moraj Residency,
March 28, 2020

Building Secretary,

Subject – Complaint regarding the bad parking habits in the locality


I am seeking forward to bring to your notice the bad parking habits of residents in our locality, which has caused a lot of disorder and there is no place for parking for the people who are coming back late from their work.

Although specific areas are defined for the parking of each apartment, cars are being parked between two parking slots. Due to improper parking by the residents, one car occupies the place of two to three vehicles, which leads to mismanagement. Two-wheelers are not parked at the allotted zone. Due to this lot of problem is created since other people have to waste a lot of time to find the parking spots in different localities. It also causes frustration and tension for the safety of the vehicle.

Even though a lot of notices and warnings are given to the rule-breakers, however, there is still no improvement. You are requested to take strict action against the violators as this is disrupting our community harmony, and residents are fighting among themselves. Effective action against the violators will be highly appreciated.

Yours Sincerely,                                          
Concerned Citizen

2. Writing a Complaint letter to a Watch Company to inform them that the watch procured of their brand is not working correctly.

16/17, Sector 10
March 30, 2020

M/s TITAN Corporation
Customer Compliant Division

Subject – Complaint regarding the working of the watch and its replacement

Sir / Madam,

On 20th March’20, I had purchased your brand of watch model no 12345, which cost me ten thousand rupees, from your authorized seller store. 

Unfortunately, your product has not worked well. Even though I have changed the batteries several times, the watch is not working half the time. I am highly disappointed as this was not expected from such a highly renowned brand and store.

To resolve this problem, I would suggest that you replace the product with a new fully functioning model. I have all the required documents, including the guarantee card and the receipt of the purchase in pristine condition. I am enclosing the copies of the same for your reference and record.

I look forward to receiving a positive response and resolution to our problem. I will be waiting for ten days before escalating the complaint to consumer court. You can contact me at the below mentioned mobile number or the address.

Yours Sincerely,
Concern Buyer

Encl: 1) copy of the receipt
2) copy of the guarantee card

Contact number – 12345678

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A complaint letter is an effective way to address issues related to a bad product or poor customer service experience. The right letter has the power to get the proper attention and effective results. The complaint letter is also the basis for future legal action if needed.

Those who take the time to show a complaint letter want to fix the problem without complaining. Allowing the company to correct the situation can solve any complicated feelings.

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