Justice Delayed is Justice Denied Essay for Students and Children in 1000+ Words

Here you will read Essay on Justice Delayed is Justice Denied Essay for Students and Children in 1000+ Words. This includes meany of this phrase and demerits of delayed justice.

Justice Delayed is Justice Denied Essay (1000+ words)

For modern civilization, justice is one of the functional parts. According to the state of affairs in the Indian judiciary and alarming, there are more than 3 crores cases pending in our country. The necessary step should be taken to maintain justice unless people lose faith in the justice delivery system.

To solve all those cases, it will take around 300 years. There are multiple backlogs of cases in many states of India. From a report in January 2015, the Supreme Court has a total of 62,794 pending cases.

At the end of 2013 A.D, about 44.5 lakhs cases are pending in 24 high courts and 2.6 crores cases in other lower courts. All these cases include civil and criminal cases.

People are relying on the courts to get justice. But at this rate, it is very hard to achieve. As per the survey, Allahabad (Prayagraj) has the highest pendency of cases with 10, 43,395. Out of this case, criminal cases are 3, 81,615.

The Meaning of This Phrase

This idiom is put forward by William E Gladstone, in the late 1800s. He was a former British Statesman and Prime Minister. At the passage of time, the meaning of this phrase has been spoken in many different ways.

The phrase ‘Justice delayed is Justice Denied’ means within a certain time the justice is not carried out, then after some time even if the justice is served but it is not justice as in the exact period of time justice was not served.

This phrase is actually a very charming saying. Sometimes it is difficult to understand its meaning. Justice is everyone’s right. Justice should be served within a specific time. The system of justice has the genuine worth of the judicial rights of these civilians. We can name justice as the guardian of civil rights and the shield of innocence.

Martin Luther King had quoted a statement that ‘Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.’ Justice should be impartial, cheap, and speedy when it serves a genuine judiciary system. 

The idiom ‘Justice delayed is Justice Denied’ has huge importance. If someone is intentionally delaying something as important as justice, then justice is denied, and due to such ignorance, the culprit can escape easily.

The True Judgment 

Knowing the truth and not doing anything is the biggest crime. In India, there are many cases hanging in the courts, and the law is not strong enough to solve them all within the limited time.

People, who are seeking for justice, have to face lots of ups and downs in this path. The case may be a civil one or a criminal one, it doesn’t matter. The only thing that matters is justice. Without justice, it is impossible to gain the trust of people on the jurisdiction system.

Those who have filed their cases and are waiting eagerly for the outcome but can’t receive in time, is not justice. In history, we all know about the method of the judgment of kings. There were no delays in their judgments. 

The kings had enough power to punish the culprits and give justice to the people. We must have noticed in our society about these unpleasant situations. The people of society always find them guilty and punish them at once. 

When justice gets delayed, the criminal can escape. He/she can prove in the court that he or she is innocent by removing all the pieces of evidence or anything that can happen.

The lawyer that the criminal has hired can prove that his or her client is not guilty. This will be the worst scenario that a criminal can escape easily due to the weak and delayed judgment. 

In this democratic country, people are looking for clean and genuine justice. It can help people keep their faith in the jurisdiction system. 

Demerits of Delayed Justice

Do you ever know why justice is deferred? The investigation which is running by the police to put the criminal behind bars delays the process of justice. As the investigation is going on, it is impossible to keep them as a criminal.

When the whole procedure of investigation is accomplished with proofs, the police will drag the criminal to the court. After that, many law-and-order duties are there to maintain the formalities. 

Negligence of investigation from the police also causes a delay in justice. The phrase ‘Justice delayed is Justice Denied’ is completely applicable here. Sometimes, the police are making the delay in filling the charge sheets. 

Even if the charge sheet is deposited at the court after some time, it is still a long process to take the case on the file. After that, the court will communicate with the clients and culprits with lawyers from both sides on a sanctioned date.

There are no special courts to take immediate action against the most insane crimes such as murder, rape, burglary. These courts are exclusively for such kinds of crimes. They must be set up with the supremacies to take cognizance of felonies directly. After finding the culprit, they must conduct a trial on a day-to-day basis.

But sadly, our jurisdiction does not have this kind of facility to punish the culprit. The time is short for the victim’s family to get justice in such kind of slowest jurisdiction procedure. Also, in our country, the courts have to face too much litigation from the Government side as many of the cases are against the department of the government.

10 Lines about Justice delayed is Justice Denied

  1. The time taken by the jurisdiction to give justice is completely dissatisfactory.
  2. Sometimes, the delayed decision from the courts helps the culprit to escape from justice.
  3. The family of the victims suffers a lot due to delayed justice. 
  4. The investigation procedure makes the judgment more delayed sometimes.
  5. In the time of the kings, there were no delays in getting justice.
  6. Justice has to be served to the victims so that the people can rely on the jurisdiction system.
  7. Police and their investigation play a huge role in the time of justice.
  8. The laws and orders should be stricter to get justice in time.
  9. Special courts should be set up for immediate action against serious crimes.
  10. The procedure to put the culprits behind bars should be conducted in an enhanced way.


The idiom ’Justice Delayed is Justice Denied’ states that an irrational adjournment in justice management. The statement explains the unacceptable denial of justice. The main reason for delayed justice in our country is the lack of a satisfactory number of judges.

This has a huge impact on the delay of justice and the jurisdiction of India. We hope that the system may change to something different on a day that can bring peace and justice to everyone.

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  1. This essay is good. In the essey some places the word jurisdiction is used. But in those places the word judicial system should be replaced.


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