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Speech on International Women’s Day (700-800 Words)

Heartfelt congratulations on International Women’s Day. This year comes as our world faces many global challenges, from climate change, inequality, armed conflict, to humanitarian emergencies.

Gender parity and women’s rights are essential to addressing each of these challenges. Only by challenging historical injustice and promoting the rights and dignity of all can we restore trust and rebuild global solidarity. Only by drawing on all our assets and capabilities can we achieve sustainable growth and peace.

In the latest decades, we have seen significant progress in women’s rights and leadership.

Gender equality is a question of authority. Our male-dictated culture has ignored, silenced, and oppressed women for centuries – even for millennia.

A recently published book, which opens with an account of Homer’s Odyssey Odysseus and Penelope’s son Telemachus, is one of the founding works of Western literature describing the events of three thousand years ago. Her mother stopped talking and went to weave.

Women’s political representation in parliaments worldwide is less than 25 percent. It dropped to 9 percent at the highest level. Global Media Monitoring Project Worldwide, only one-fourth of news articles are about women and more than victims.

Despite the achievements and achievements of women, her expression is still regularly ignored, and her views are ignored.

There is a necessity to increase the number of female decision-makers.In the United Nations, I make this a personal and urgent priority. We now have gender equality among those who lead our teams around the world. Six months ago, we reached a balance in the senior management group, and today we have more ladies than men – 26 women and 16 men to be sure – to schedule us to achieve the goal of equality in all senior leadership by 2021.

The fact that sexually abused people are overweight is a definite indication of a rooted energy problem. I have taken steps to address this most harmful behavior in the United Nations, focusing on prevention, establishing a new team – made up entirely of women – dedicated to prompt investigation of the allegations and their injury. Supporting victims and ensuring that offenders are accountable.

Women still face significant obstacles to gaining power and exercise. As the World Bank has found, only six economies give women and men equal legal rights in areas that affect their work.

I do not accept the world, telling my granddaughters that economic equality can wait for their granddaughter’s grandchildren. I know you agree: our society cannot wait. While global movements and increased awareness have contributed to a greater acceptance of the need for gender equality, it has been accompanied by a strengthened pushback on women’s rights.

It takes many forms – including violence against women’s human rights and running for political office, including online targeting and harassment of women.

Who speaks? Such attacks aim to strengthen the traditional roles of women in society and punish those who challenge it.

Women’s participation makes peace agreements more stable, but we are still struggling to include women in negotiating groups. Even governments that are vocal supporters of this agenda fail to return their words with action.

This year’s International Women’s Day theme, “Think Equal, Build Smart, Innovate for Change,” refers to the infrastructure and systems that are primarily built to fit a male-defined culture and are a part of history. The medium celebrates the creativity of female inventors and inventors.

Often roads and transport are planned with a focus on the needs of men. It includes school and services, moving people from the perimeter to the town center rather than to various locations within the boundary. Street lighting and bus timetables are not gender-neutral.

Innovations such as mobile payment and e-learning platforms can provide services directly to women, especially those who are single and complicated. Such programs are not just about developing skills; They challenge stereotypes that limit girls’ hopes and dreams.

Empowering women and respecting their human rights is the safest way to grow communities, institutions, and countries and achieve the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. The following year marks the 25th anniversary of the Beijing Platform for Action and 20 years since the Security Council’s historic resolution on women, peace and security was ratified by 1325.

Our discussions today and the significant events of the coming months will pave the way for more substantial commitment and action.

On this International Women’s Day, I am calling for a new vision of equality and opportunity so that half of the world’s population contributes to all the success of the world.

Thank you.

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