Gender Equality Essay For Students and Children in 1000 Words

In this article, read gender equality essay for students and children in 1000 words. Including introduction, meaning, importance, measuring methods, condition in India, 10 lines about gender equality in this essay.

Gender Equality Essay (in 1000 Words)

Every citizen of the world has the right to live his or her life according to their wishes and needs with no discrimination.

The availability of equal opportunities, freedom, and resources in various sectors should be accountable irrespective of a person’s sex, caste, creed, or religion. 

According to the beliefs of gender equality, each and every human should be treated equally despite their gender, and people should be allowed to decide based on their preference.

Gender equality is something that is always neglected in society, although the governments of various countries throughout the world have come up with laws and different measures to ensure gender equality. 

The question is, have we been able to achieve the goals of gender equality? Are we practically practicing the ideas and measures that make a strong impact on gender equality?

Possibly the answer is debatable because there are sectors where women have been profoundly encouraged while in others, they are neglected. In the present world, the promotion of gender equality has become extremely important.

Therefore, the concept of gender equality needs to be understood because everybody wants to be reputed and get value in every aspect.

It may require some identical illustration and participation of males and females in civil life so that everyone can reach their complete ability in society.

What is Gender Equality?

While there are a lot of definitions and meanings related to this, in simple words, Gender Equality is a social condition when people of all genders have equal rights, opportunities, and responsibilities in the societies. 

It states that everyone should be granted equality in developing their future, in economic participation, in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and the freedom to make crucial decisions in every aspect of life.

Everyone is affected by gender inequality, male, female, children, old aged individuals, and their families; it affects people of all ages and different backgrounds.

While gender equality seems like a normal concept of the modern era, it has existed for ages. This disparity has been existing since ancient times when women could not make active participation in events that were of great importance to society.

However, it has become an important issue in the current modern society where girls and women fall behind males on fundamental aspects even at the international levels. 

Today, gender equality demands to have the equal participation of men and women in various sectors like society, economic participation, decision-making, and all other aspects.

They should be valued and treated equally, and the difference between them needs to be eliminated.

Importance of Gender Equality

Throughout the world, women have fewer opportunities as compared to men in every sector. Giving women an opportunity is necessary to make them reach their full potential so that they can even get involved in activities related to international development.

Empowered girls and women can contribute to the health and productivity of their families, their society, and their overall community. 

Education is also a key factor where women need to be encouraged. Girls secure a high percentage in schools, colleges, and the higher education sector. They can get jobs in all the sectors similar to that of men.

A country can develop and progress to attain higher targets when both men and women are given equal opportunities. When women’s participation in all the sectors increases, it will eventually increase the workforce, and the economic growth of the country will increase.

How Gender Equality Builds A Nation?

Throughout the history of our nation, we have seen women be dynamic and vibrant in many spheres. Indira Gandhi, Rani Lakshmi Bai, Mother Teresa, P.T Usha, Kalpana Chawla, etc.

There are hundreds of women who actively worked on matters of national importance and contributed to our nation. 

Encouragement of gender equality has placed modern women in every field-politics, Police, administration, public service, medical, engineering services, and many more departments. 

By giving equal opportunity to them, they have successfully taken charge of their work in every government office, IT sector, manufacturing, and industrial sector and production units as well.

Women are more dedicated and devoted to their duty as compared to men; they are even more polite and have much patience as compared to males. There is no doubt that women can be a significant part of nation-building.

Methods to measure Gender Equality

One of the important factors that determines a country’s overall growth is gender equality. Here are some methods that are used to measure gender equality.

Gender-Related Development Index (GDI): It is a gender-centric method to measure gender equality. Life expectancy, income, and education are the parameters of the index.

Gender Equity Index (GEI): This index ranks the countries based on three parameters: education, economic participation, and empowerment.

Gender Empowerment Measure (GEM): This measures detailed aspects like % of seats that women hold in parliament and in economic and decision-making organisations.

Gender Inequality in India

Discrimination between males and females has existed in India for generations. No doubt the Indian constitution has given equal status and rights to men and women, but gender disparities still cannot be ruled out by the nation.

It is the traditional nature of Indian societies that is the reason behind such disparities, which has made women as its victim always.

Gender Equality in India is the most desired state of indiscrimination to achieve other goals and for the country’s development. 

Gender equality in India is the desired state that gives equal ease of access to resources & opportunities to both males and females, including education, jobs, economic participation, decision-making authorities, and valuing different behaviours, aspirations, and their needs equally, regardless of their gender. 

It is a fundamental human right and a necessary foundation for a peaceful, sustainable and prosperous nation.

10 Lines on Gender Equality Essay

  1. Gender inequality is one of the major social issues not only in India but also throughout the world, and it is not a present phenomenon. It has existed for centuries.
  2. Gender inequality is a social condition due to which people of different genders cannot get equal rights, opportunities, and responsibilities.
  3. The ancient cultures and societies also had problems related to gender issues, due to which women could not get equal social and economic status.
  4. Ill treatment of girls in the society, lesser payment of women in the service sector, and restriction of women in household works were some effects that arose due to gender inequality.
  5. As per the latest report of Global Gender Gap 2021 released by the World Economic Forum, the rank of India is 140 out of 156 countries in the index.
  6. Encouragement of women in every sector should be done, and gender equality and women empowerment should be done on national levels.
  7. The Indian constitution has given equal status and equal rights for males and women in every field, and there are also certain laws that are based on women’s empowerment.
  8. Modern women can now work in various sectors throughout the country like IT sector, government offices, corporate firms, businesses in all other sectors.
  9. The economic enhancement and the overall development of a country can be increased in males and females, all are given sufficient opportunities to contribute towards their nation.
  10. Gender inequality should be removed from societies, and gender equality and women empowerment should be encouraged for the betterment of the world.


We should look for gender equality in India and stop the traditional thinking due to which women are discriminated.

If we want our country to improve in all the sectors, women empowerment and strength should be enhanced and encouraged, as it is the only way to make our country prosper. 

Gender equality can immensely contribute to the progress of our country as women take control over some issues that they really need. It will provide them with opportunity, so that they can prove themselves in any field. 

We should focus on increasing the awareness among women so that they can get to know about their rights and raise their voice when needed.

Gender inequality is a curse to society and it should be removed to make our societies progress. It is the secret to success that our country deserves in the long run.

I hope you liked this informative ‘Gender equality essay’ for students and children.

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