Essay on Global Warming for Students and Children in 1000 Words

In this article, read about an essay on Global Warming for students and children in 1000+ words. It includes its causes, effects, prevention and control of global warming. This a complete information on global warming for school and college exams and preparation.

Essay on Global Warming for Students and Children (1000+ Words)

As the biggest problem of the environment, global warming remains a matter of concern for the entire world today. All the people of the country and the world are affected by the impact of global warming. Also because of it, human existence has adverse effects.

Unnecessary temperature is rising on the Earth, and environmental balance is worsening. The main reason for this is the men themselves.

Man’s highly ambitious thinking and unnecessary activities have further enhanced environmental imbalance. Today, all countries are in the grip of global warming.

Before discussing, we should know what it is? It is required to talk about how it occurs and what we should do to protect it.

Meaning of Global Warming

Because of increase in industrialization and cutting of forests, the heat of the Earth is rising continuously. Degradation of the ozone layer and the effect of greenhouse gas are expanding.

This is because the temperature of the Earth is increasing, which adversely affects human life. This is called global warming.

Causes of Global Warming

Well, there are many causes of global warming. However, blaming a man for this would not be wrong because of our materialistic policy harming the environment. Most of nature is being exploited. Trees and plants are being cut because of our materialism.

With the operation of the unlimited number of vehicles and transportation, the level of pollution is expanding. The greenhouse effect is intensifying because of the use of decay energy.

Developed and developing countries are promoting industrialization and are not taking enough steps to protect the environment. Further, the problem of global warming is increasing.

Below are some causes of Global warming in points-

  • Cutting of excessive trees without planting new ones.
  • Increase of population, the carbon dioxide released by humans is exploding in the atmosphere which causing global warming.
  • Trees take carbon dioxide as a breath, but the trees are becoming less, so CO2 remains in the atmosphere.
  • Factories releasing smoke. This smoke contains carbon monoxide.
  • Increasing greenhouse gases. 6 main greenhouse gases which are causing global warming are carbon dioxide (CO2), methane (CH4), nitrous oxide (N2O), hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs), perfluorocarbons (PFCs), and sulphur hexafluoride (SF6), and nitrogen trifluoride (NF3).
  • Using electric equipments like refrigerators causes greenhouse effects by expelling harmful gases. These gases do not escape from earth and deplete the ozone layer.

Effects of Global Warming

Because of the increased impact of global warming, the temperature is rising irregularly. There is a negative effect on the environment. Because of this difference in temperature, the cycle of weather and seasons is worsening, so much heat, so much rain, etc.

For this increase in temperature, the biggest threat is the melting of the glacier, the erosion of the ozone layer, and the rise in the greenhouse effect.

Below we have provided all major effects of Global Warming –

  • The ozone layer is becoming weak because of the decrease of oxygen in the environment.
  • The ozone layer protects the Earth from the Sun’s heat and ultraviolet rays, but due to the decrease of the trees, oxygen is decreasing and the ozone layer is weakening.
  • In the last 25 years, the temperature of the Earth has increased a lot.
  • If carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide are continually spreading in our environment, then human life can be in danger.
  • According to the IPCC report, the sea level will increase by 7-23 inches until the end of this century.
  • The vast ice frozen on the Arctic at the North Pole is melting rapidly.
  • It is believed that so much ice is frozen on the Arctic that if it melts, then more water will flow out than many oceans. The water on the Arctic is equal to many oceans in the ice and if it melts, then what will happen? Then the catastrophe is coming soon.
  • Increasing global warming will increase the risk of fire and storms in the forest.
  • We release as much carbon dioxide as humans, but do not consume as much carbon dioxide due to decreasing trees and remain in the atmosphere.
  • About 100 million people live near the sea level in the world, if the sea level increases then how many lives will be devastated.
  • Snow will melt on the mountains with heat and floods, and tsunamis threaten its water.
  • Cooling regions also changing hot because of global warming.
  • In the last 50 years, the temperature of the Earth has increased by a remarkable stage.

Friends, we have explained the global warming and its consequences and have tried to explain to you so that everybody can know how global warming is becoming the worst effect on the world.

Grow the tree because the tree is life. Someone has rightly told that the tree releases oxygen, even no one interested to plant trees, but if the tree was to gives the wifi signal, then all people plant the trees. How sad, we are suppressing our life’s throat with our own hands.


Friends, we should grow at least one tree in your own homes and spread minimum pollution; only then this Earth could save from global warming. To prevent global warming, we need to reduce pollution on Earth, as much as the causes of pollution they have to end at all.

Stop the cutting of trees and forests and increase their expenses. In our lives by the boycott of pollution, we can reduce global warming to a large extent.

Hope you like this essay on global warming for students.

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