Essay on Save Earth for Students and Children in 1000 Words

In this article, we have published an essay on save earth for students and children in 1000 Words. This includes introduction, different crisis on earth, importance, 10 lines, about saving earth.

This inspirational article inspire everyone to take various steps for saving our earth.

Essay on Save Earth (1000W)

We have no other regarded planets near Earth in this universe where existence is possible. It is the solely concerned planet where a mixture of the most necessary natural resources, oxygen, water, and gravity, is discovered, which creates the possibility of a prosperous existence here.

We do not have time to think more about this and begin to save Earth severely by using several positive measures to hand over healthful Earth to our future generations.

People ought to plant more and more magnificent trees to get adequate oxygen and stop the results of air pollution and global warming.

Effects of technology on Earth

We should stop cutting our life, environment, and the rainforests home to many different species. People should limit their electricity usage and use fewer fossil fuels to protect the environment from global warming.

They should promote the use of solar lights and wind energy to protect them from destroying the Earth. Following the 3R rule (Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle) can be very useful in saving our precious Earth.

The big question arises as to how technology or other modern equipment is damaging the Earth. All modern instruments derive energy from different components of the Earth.

For example, petrol is needed to run a motorcycle, water is required to make electricity, and trees cause significant books in education. It can be seen that gasoline, water, and trees are natural elements.

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What can be the crisis on earth?

What kind of crisis will happen if the is imaginable? It is important to note that humans have to know that all the natural resources on Earth are of two types. First, those that are renewable, i.e., those that can be renewed, such as sunlight, wind.

Other resources that cannot be renewed are non-renewable resources. These resources include naturally available fuel, trees, natural gas, and water.

It is worth noting that non-renewable resources mostly fuel all modern appliances. These will end soon due to unlimited usage.

After these are over, life on Earth will become impossible, and the Earth will begin to collapse. Humanity’s dependence on the Earth’s natural resources will disappear. It isn’t very comforting.

Naturally present elements on Earth have been present here for millions of years and are also being used, but only in the twenty-first century, why is the issue of saving Earth being taken care of. Technology is many times more modern in the twenty-first century than in previous centuries.

The following types of crises can occur on Earth: –

1. End of Forests

Jungle and tree plants provide food for a large population on Earth. Tree plants are also helpful in human life for many other needs like medicines, clothes, household products, etc.

Significantly, the essential oxygen for humans is also found in trees. But due to the advantages of trees, they are also not appreciated. Indiscriminate cutting of trees has resulted in a steep decline in the number of trees.

2. Water Loss

Water is an integral element of human life. Most of the modern appliances get energy by electricity. Significantly, electric power is produced by water.

Companies at the edge of the water sources are also leaving no stone unturned to spoil the water. Due to the dirty water, aquatic life will end, and it is not a good sign for human life because human marine organisms are also dependent on various facilities.

3. Other Elements

Many other elements are also present in nature, which is helpful in life. Their termination means Earth’s completion, and after the Earth’s conclusion, there is no possibility of human life.

Why is it important to conserve the Earth?

“Earth Day” is celebrated on 22 April every year since 1970 to save Earth under the Environment Project. The aim of beginning this project is to encourage people to live in a healthy environment.

All of us humans live on the Earth and depend on natural resources for our lives. Save Earth is extremely important for us because it is our home. If you do not save the house, then it is banished, and similarly, if the Earth is not saved in time, humanity will face annihilation.

10 Lines on Save Earth

How vital natural resources are for our lives is well known, and the crisis of ending them has also been seen. But the time is far away when it will all be over. Before that, the initiatives on save Earth can be taken into consideration.

There are a lot of plans and ideas to save the earth, which is quite easy and can be done on a personal level.

Below are the 10 lines and methods to Save Earth: –

  1. We should not waste water and use only as per our requirement. We should wash dirty clothes in cold water. It will help one to save gallons of water on a daily basis.
  2. People should share private cars and, generally, use public transport to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases.
  3. We should use bicycles to work in local areas.
  4. People should follow 3R methods, namely, Recycle, Reuse, and Reduce.
  5. People should manufacture natural fertilizers, which are the best fertilizers for crops.
  6. People must use CFLs in place of standard bulbs because they are longer in duration and use very less one-third of the electricity, which will reduce the use of power and the emission of greenhouse gases.
  7. We should not use electric heaters and air conditioners unnecessarily.
  8. We should periodically repair our vehicles and run better to reduce pollution.
  9. People should turn off wings, lights, and other electrical appliances to reduce the use of electricity.
  10. We should plant more trees in our surrounding areas to reduce the effects of pollution and greenhouse gas.


Earth is our home, and it is also our responsibility to protect it. Significantly, we are also the ones who bring the save Earth to this state.

Governments of different countries have taken various steps on this issue, but this can only be successful when actions are made at the individual level. I hope this article Essay on Save Earth helped you with your assignment.

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