Essay on Pre-Winter Season in India for Students in 700 Words

In this article, we have published an Essay on Pre-Winter Season in India for Students in 700 Words. This includes its importance, feature, dos and don’t. It is called Hemant ritu in Hindi language.

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Essay on Pre-Winter Season in India (Hemant Ritu) 700 Words)

Pre-winter season or Hemant Ritu is one of the six Indian seasons precedes the winter season. You can see cold climatic conditions everywhere. According to the traditional Hindu calendar, this season comes during the “Pausa” and “Margashirsha” months.

However, in the Gregorian calendar, it prevails from the middle of October to the middle of December. To speak of, actually, this season is the most enjoyable and pleasant time of the whole year as the weather seems favorable and enhances one’s spirit of festive that occurs then.

It is also seen that this season is the transition from autumn to winter and is moderately cold with min temp ranging from 10 degrees to 15 degrees Celsius. So, one can say that November and December are the months of pre-winter.

During this season, you can see trees in the Himalayas and other hills shedding their leaves. Here, the morning dew, slightly chilled air and cool breeze make the season seem dreamy.

Announcing the onset of pre-winter

During this time, the nights are foggy, colder and longer and the trees are full of sprouts loaded with flowers. One can see the greenery everywhere and the early morning sunray that falls on petals announcing the onset of pre-winter.

Also flowers such as Bougainvillea, Hibiscus, Rose, Water Lily, Jasmine, bloom during this season that spreads throughout the environment. You can sense a pleasing smell of them in the late evening.

Since this is a pre-winter announcement; you will be familiar with the cold and flu. But it is not the weather that makes one feel ill or the drop in temp, rather the viruses that tend to multiply faster, which is why one falls ill. You will also come across winter skin problems apart from the beautiful and pleasant season.

Features of Pre-winter season (Hemant Ritu)

In this season you will feel the chillness and the blow of cool breeze. Also, the strength and energy of people stay in high grade with increased digestion capacity. Further, the appetite is strong because of the digestive fire and people have good body strength.

Since the weather is cool, it leads to disequilibrium of the water and air component. As per some scientific findings, the accumulation of water raises the suppression of the fire elements.

Some Problems You May Experience During Pre-Winter

Facial paralysis, frozen shoulder, arthritis, body ache, snoring, herpes, bronchitis, pneumonia, asthma, split hairs, hair fall, dandruff, swelling of hands and fingers, pigmentation, peeling cuticle, scabies, itchy skin, chapped lips, cracked heel, dry scaly skin, diabetes mellitus, stroke, heart disease, hypertension, oral stomatitis, constipation, dermatitis, psoriasis, cough, viral fever, flu, and common cold.

Some Do’s and Don’Ts of Pre-Winter Season


Do these things to stay healthy and enjoy the pre-winter season-

  • Drink low of any kind of fluid, like tender coconut, vegetable juices, fruits or water. These will keep your skin naturally hydrated from within and give an inner glow to your face.
  • Install a humidifier at home to keep the surrounding moisturized. Here, the heating system usually dries out the air. 
  • Moisturize your skin with oil-based moisturizer at equal intervals throughout the day and before bed in order to keep your cracked and dry skin at bay.
  • The prime reason for weak bones is because of the lower level of poor calcium and vitamin D absorption by the body. Also, simply consuming calcium doesn’t lead to good health, and so it is essential you should exercise to keep the level of vitamin D and calcium combined.
  • Eat ghee to reestablish the lost humidity and also apply it over dry regions of your skin to feed them.
  • Stay in a cozy and warm place


Do not do these things which ruin your pre-winter months-

  • Avoid stepping between chilly weather outdoor and warm rooms indoor without full protection
  • Light cold, dry foods, and intake of cold drinks
  • Take and avoid pungent and bitter foods
  • No day sleeping
  • Getting up after sunrise
  • Awake till late night
  • Don’t indulge in a long hot shower as it will dry out your skin
  • Avoid exposure to fasting, cold and strong breeze


In this informative we have explained all about Pre-winter season in India. Now you know how to celebrate, what to do and what not in this before winter months.

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