Essay on Guru Ravidas Ji for Students and Children in 1200 Words

In this post, you will read an Essay on Guru Ravidas Ji. This essay contains birth, early life, education, history, major works, family and death information of Guru Ravidas. It is written in 1200 Words for students and children.

Essay on Guru Ravidas Ji for Students and Children in 1200 Words

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Who was Guru Ravidas Ji?

Guru Ravidas Ji was a great poet, social reformer, saint, philosopher, and follower of God in India in the 15th-16th century. These were very famous saints of the Nirguna sect, who led the Bhakti movement in northern India. Ravidas Ji was an excellent poet, through his creations, he gave religious and social messages to his followers, society and many people of the country. 


Guru Ravidas Ji was born in Seer Gobardhangaon near Varanasi. His mother was Kalsa Devi and father Santokh Das Ji. Everyone has their own opinion on the birth of Ravidas Ji. Some people believe that he was born around 1376-77, some say 1399 CE. According to some documents, Ravidas Ji spent his life on the earth between 1450 and 1520.

His birthplace is now called ‘Sri Guru Ravidas Birth Place’. Ravidas Ji’s father was a sarpanch in the Raja Nagar state. He used to make and improve shoes. Ravidas Ji’s father used to make leather from the dead animal’s skin and then make his sandal. Ravidas Ji was fearless and adored God since childhood. Ravidas ji had to suffer from the inferiority of the high clans since childhood.

They always kept putting in the mind of this child, not of his higher clan. Ravidas Ji used his pen to change society. He used to explain to people about life through his creations, teaching people that a person should love his neighbor as himself without any discrimination.


In childhood, Ravidas used to go to his Guru Pandit Sharda Nand’s school for education. After some time, the upper castes stopped him from attending school. Pandit Sharda Nand Ji knew the talent of Ravidas Ji.

He did not believe in the great things of society and thought that Ravidas is a child sent by God. After which Pandit Sharda Nand Ji started teaching Ravidas Ji in his school. He was a very talented and promising student, more than his mentor taught him; He used to do education with his understanding. Pandit Sharda Nand Ji was very impressed with Ravidas Ji, seeing his conduct and talent, he used to think that Ravidas would become a good spiritual master and great social reformer.

Along with Ravidas Ji, the son of Pandit Sharda Nand Ji used to study in Pathshala, both of them were good friends. Once both of them were playing hide and seek, after playing 1-2 times, it became night, due to which they asked to play the next day. On the second day, Ravidas reaches to play in the morning, but that friend does not come.

Then they go to his house, go there and find that his friend has died in the night. Hearing this, Ravidas becomes numb, and then his guru Sharada Nand Ji takes him to a dead friend. Ravidas ji had supernatural powers since childhood. He tells his friend that this is not the time to sleep, get up, and play with me. His dead friend stands upon hearing this. Seeing this, everyone present there is amazed.


As Ravidas Ji grows older, his devotion to Lord Rama’s form increases. He always used the words Ram, Raghunath, Rajaram Chandra, Krishna, Hari, Govind, etc., which gave proof of his religiousness. Ravidas Ji used to be the religious guru of Meera Bai. Meera Bai was the daughter of the king of Rajasthan and the queen of Chittor.

Ravidas Ji’s education very much influenced her, and she became a great follower of him. Meera Bai also wrote a few words in honor of her guru, such as ‘Guru Milaya Ravidas Ji ..’ Meera Bai was the only child of her parents after her mother’s death, her grandfather ‘Duda Ji’ gave her Was handled. Duda Ji was a great follower of Ravidas Ji.

Meera Bai, along with her grandfather, always used to meet Ravidas Ji where she was very impressed by his education. After marriage, Meera Bai made Ravidas Ji, her guru, with the consent of her family. Meera Bai writes in her compositions that her Guru Ravidas Ji saved her several times from death.

Major work as Teaching

People say God sent Ravidas Ji into the earth to protect religion because, at this time, sin had increased so much, people used to do caste, apartheid in the name of religion. Ravidas Ji bravely faced all the discrimination and explained the true definition of faith and caste to the people. He used to explain to people that man is not known by faith in caste, religion, or God.

But his actions recognize him. Ravidas Ji made a lot of efforts to end the prevalence of untouchability in the society. At that time, those belonging to the lower caste were highly discouraged. They worshiped in the temple, studied in school, moved out of the village during the day.

They were even forced to live in a raw hut instead of a pucca house in the village. Seeing this plight of the society, Ravidas Ji decided to remove untouchability, discrimination from society and started giving the right message to the equal people. Guruji teaches Babar deeply, due to which Babur becomes a follower of Ravidas Ji and starts doing good social work. Read Babur’s life history here.

Ravidas Ji used to message people that ‘God has created man, not man-made God.’ This means God creates every human, and everyone has equal rights in the earth. Saint Guru Ravidas Ji used to give various teachings to the people about universal brotherhood and tolerance. The posts, religious songs, and other compositions written by Ravidas Ji have been included in the Sikh scripture ‘Guru Govind Granth Sahib.’

 It was included in the book by the fifth Sikh Guru ‘Arjan Dev.’ The followers of Guru Ravidas Ji’s teachings are called ‘Ravidassia,’ and his collection of teachings is called ‘Ravidassia Panth.’ 


After the death of Ravidas Ji’s father, he sought help from his neighbors so that he could perform the last rites of his father on the banks of the Ganges. The Brahmins were against it, as they used to bathe in Ganga Ji, and the funeral of Shudra would have polluted them.

At that time, Guru Ji was feeling very sad and helpless. But, even in this hour, he did not lose his restraint and started praying to God for the peace of his father’s soul. Then there was a massive storm. The water of the river begins flowing in the opposite direction. Then suddenly, a massive wave of water came near the dead body and absorbed all the remains in it. It is said that since then, the river Ganga is flowing in the opposite direction.


Seeing Guru Ravidas Ji’s truth, humanity, love towards God, goodwill, his followers were increasing day by day. On the other hand, some Brahmins were planning to kill him. Some of Ravidas’s opponents organized a meeting, he held a meeting away from the village and invited Guruji in it.

Guru Ji already understood the trick of those people. Guruji goes there and starts the session. By mistake, their partner Bhalla Nath is killed in place of Guru Ji. After a while, when Guru Ji blows a conch in his room, everyone is taken aback. They were unfortunate to see their partner dead and go to Guruji with a sad heart.

Followers of Ravidas Ji believe that after 120 or 126 years, Ravidas Ji gives up his body on his own. According to people, he breathed his last in Varanasi in 1540 AD.

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