Population Explosion Essay For Students and Children in 1000 Words

In this article, you will read “Population Explosion Essay” for students and children in 1000 words. It includes meaning, causes, effects, and control tips about population explosion.

Population Explosion Essay (1000 Words)

Population explosion has been a major concern in some countries. For India, it is in a continuous dramatic phase.

The rapid growth of people in a certain area gives rise to this issue. Should the government take any major step or significant rule to bring this to an end?

What should be your contribution to this revolutionary change? Well, these questions have the right answers.

Some proper majors can play important roles in this major issue. You will find them right here, within this content. 

Population Explosion Meaning

When you search for it on Google, an explanation pops up. It shows that there has been a sudden and large increase in the size of the population.

In an area, the number of people increases over time. When it gets a boost within a few calendar days, this is something major to focus on.

The increase in the number of people within a confined region or place gives rise to this major issue. Many countries these days come across such issues. You find a higher population rate in cities than in villages

However, things were different in the past. Due to the revolution in industries, IT departments, finance sectors, and all other economic points, cities have become the centres of attraction. With 

Population Explosion in India

That’s what the population explosion looks like. It is the increasing number of people in a selected area.

For India, this has been a major issue since its independence. During those periods, the number of people was not like today’s growth. 

Even if a large number of people were there, it was still acceptable. Due to the lack of improvements in medical science, many suffer from life-taking diseases like diarrhoea, chickenpox, measles, and much more. 

Those were tough times to survive these deadly epidemics. Medical science wasn’t that popular with certain permanent cures.

Things are different with time. With certain revolutions in such sectors, people won’t fall for these traps. 

In different cases, some epidemics in the past played huge roles in the elimination of a mass number of citizens.

With proper medication with revolution, the death ratio receives a declining graph. That raises the population rate. 

Causes of Population Explosion

The term population explosion or overpopulation signifies a lot of reasons. Each human has the authority to claim the natural resources of the earth.

Due to this rising issue, it may get slightly compromised in different circumstances. 

Some unique reasons are there that explain these bizarre conditions: 

1. Falling Mortality Rate

According to the WHO, there were 8.8 million infant deaths in 1990. However, the numbers were not the same in 2017.

The reduced number was 4.1 million. It was like half of the population had managed. 

At the same time, the lifespans of people are increasing around the world. As per the survey, the global average life expectancy has doubled since 1900.

With the advancements in technology, medicine, and general hygiene, the death rate is declining.

Falling mortality rates are just one explanation for the mathematical increasing rates in population numbers with fewer fatalities.

2. Underutilised Contraception 

With the steady fall of the global fertility rate, the numbers are still not enough to control overpopulation. In the 1950s, a woman gave birth to five children on average. As per today’s calculation, the average value is 2.4.

This is a promising trend among all literate couples. Yet, most parts of the globe have not accepted the concept.

With the inclusion of religious beliefs and social norms, women just fail to plan properly for their family-making processes. 

The unintended rate of pregnancy was about 44% between 2010 and 2014. With the lack of family planning methods among women, overpopulation arises unknowingly. 

3. Lack of Female Education

With higher possibilities, a woman should know her priorities in family planning. However, this mindset or education process is not that simple to conduct.

Although female education around the world has positive responses to growth, the gender gap still exists. 

With a rough estimation, around 130 million girls around the world can’t make it to their primary school. Encouraging education among women is the factor that is lacking.

So, this gives rise to the worst Population Explosion in different under-developed or undeveloped areas. 

Effects & Consequences of Population Explosion

A logical reason for this Population Explosion issue is the reduction and strain on resources. It is like an additional burden on mother nature and all its natural products.

More people increase higher demands for water, food, housing, healthcare, energy, transportation, and more.

Here are some major consequences that overpopulation can generate:

1. Increased Conflicts

Well, higher population growth can trigger many significant conflicts, like political unrest and violence. The trigger in terms of the number of people is not good for any environmental stability. It generates natural disruption in different sectors. 

Wars from the past are the best examples. What are the reasons for all those conflicts? Well, they are about land, water, and energy resources.

War zones were there in the middle-east or other regions of the earth. What are these conflicts telling us? The major part of these issues takes over due to overpopulation.

2. Ecological Degradation 

With the increasing rate of population, the creation of pressure on ecological sections is obvious.

It starts with more deforestation, degradation of biodiversity, emissions of pollution, and higher climate changes. Apart from these effects, some uncommon issues are still there.

This issue won’t stop unless the government and citizens both do something. The higher population can lead to ecological disruption.

Also, it threatens the collapse of life on earth. As per the current population spike, this is a major concern for all ecologists around the world.

Scientists have found a result from recent research that a family with one fewer child can reduce the amount of CO2 emissions by 58.6 tonnes. That’s a big number to count.

3. Higher Risk of Pandemics and Disasters 

The growing number of people provokes many devastating pandemics. The human world has witnessed a lot of tough situations, such as COVID-19, Ebla, Zika Virus, West Nile Virus, Spanish Flu, and much more. 

The chances of getting into such tough periods are increased with a higher population rate. The encounters with diseases are due to a period of increased outbreak activity. The world is destroying the wildlife habitats of the world.

Coming into contact with wild animals regularly reduces the chances of different deadly diseases. With a higher population, you can clearly understand how difficult it is for us to keep social distance amid the pandemic.

Population Explosion Control Tips

When you talk about overpopulation, this tends to be a serious discussion. The controlling fact, it requires empowerment and awareness among all groups of people.

This time, every person should understand what is significant to put an end to this overgrowing population.

Combo efforts can make a huge change. They are about spreading awareness and reducing myths or false beliefs in your mind.

With the right order of raising listeners to this query can solve the issue. It is not about a one-time movement.

Also, negotiating some major steps towards limiting the number of children is important. Practising a few steps like family planning, safe intercourse, and educating each person in different areas can solve the explosion rate. 

Population Explosion and Birth Control

The relationship between birth control and overpopulation is quite significant. They are just directly proportional, to say in mathematical terms. The higher the birth rate, the higher the population growth.

Explaining birth control signifies preventing pregnancy, controlling the growth of the population, and raising awareness of the protection of STDs (Sexually Transmitted Diseases).

An artificial method is there to prevent pregnancy after a consequence of sexual intercourse. Its name is contraception.

The methods come with the following steps to conduct:

  • Prevent the egg production.
  • Do not let sperm get attached to the lining of the womb. 
  • Keep the egg separate from the sperm.

Also, fifteen to twenty types of contraceptive methods are there. They are not 100% safe and ideal. However, these procedures promise a low rate of risk.

The following methods are the safest:

  • Barriers.
  • IUDs.
  • Injectables.
  • Implants.
  • Surgical methods.
  • Oral contraceptives.
  • Abstinence.
  • Natural/Traditional method.

Controlling the population is quite a major issue in different regions of the world. Still, countries and their governments must take some significant steps to make things move.

A few practises are necessary to promote the prevention of population explosion. With the right use of awareness and birth rate control, prevention will be easier. 


The problem of population explosion is a common one across all countries. However, some countries like India, China, the USA, and Indonesia are the major regions.

The rapid growth of people may be subject to unstable social progress with lousy economic growth. For sustainable management of natural resources, it is important to take control of this matter. 

However, there is a sizable difference between the social and private interests in the reduction of the fertility rate. The more people get to know about such problems, the easier it is to achieve this rate under control.

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