Essay on Importance of Time For Students in 1000 Words

In this article you will read an essay on importance of time for students and children in 1000 words. It includes information like time management importance, students’ lives and time, time-saving daily activities, 10 lines, and a conclusion.

Essay on Importance of Time (1000 Words)

Time is the most valuable and precious for every individual out there, and we should not waste time. We should try our best to use the time effectively and positively. 

We should try our best to educate all the individuals, especially our children, about the importance of time and its management from childhood itself. 

Doing this may lead to the creation of awareness among the individual related to time. Time plays a pivotal role in our lives, and it’s one of the most wonderful and practical things. Times have no beginning and no endings. It only flows or continues. 

Importance of Time Management

As our great grandparents and parents say “Time is money, and it’s a treasure, and we need to utilize it very wisely”. 

Many amongst us must be aware of the importance of time, yet we waste it foolishly. We waste our precious time thoughtlessly in all those meaningless activities. We need to take care of time. As a result, other things will take care of themselves automatically. 

Time is more powerful and invaluable than all other things. If once it goes, then it goes forever and never returns. It only moves forward and never returns backward. 

That’s why it is often said if a person does not understand the time and its importance, then time also never understands the importance of that individual. 

If we spoil and destroy the time then it also does the same thing, and it will destroy us very badly. Indeed, time never waits for anyone. Time gives only one chance at that time if we lose it once, then we lose it forever, and it can never be returned. 

It’s the most wonderful thing which has no beginning and no end. There is no limit to this, and it continues at its own pace. None of us can rule upon a time at any stage of life.

For effective utilization of time, we must rely upon several ways of time management. It is a process in which planning and exercising are done to control the time spent on specific activities. 

This management program helps to control the time on such activities, along with increasing the effectiveness, productivity, and efficiency. This permits you to plan your day in such a way that you can finish your work with minimum effort and make the most of the limited time you have. 

Time management helps you want to achieve at a faster rate. After knowing the importance of time management, you gain the motivation to sit around and pursue your goals. As a result of your hard work, you get a chance to reach your goal faster. 

Time management helps you to get more done in less time. After managing the time properly, you get more done, and in this way, you save more time for all those activities you truly enjoy. Allocating a specific period to that task and sticking to that plan helps you get a better effect than working on that task without any proper time allocation. 

Importance of Time For Students

Time management for a student is of utmost importance. It helps to balance their studies with all other co-curricular activities. Students need to have good time management as it reflects on their health and also adds to their energy to achieve a bit more. 

It increases productivity and also adds to the productivity levels of the students. Students must assign a fixed time for all their tasks, which will enable them to do more tasks in less time. It only becomes effective when the work is done on time, and procrastination hurts productivity. 

Proper time management also reflects on the health of an individual. When they manage their time effectively, then they don’t need to stay up late and finish their tasks. Students must consider this fact and realize its importance. 

They shouldn’t cut down on sleep, which will ultimately lead to tiredness and will hamper their schedule for the day. A night of proper sleep is a must for a student, and this reflects positively on their health and energy levels. 

It also helps in stress reduction. Not completing studies, assignments, and projects can stress out the students. One must ensure good mental health, which may be affected due to increased stress and anxiety levels. 

Therefore, effective time management is essential, and it will help you lessen the mental pressure, which will boost your confidence level and energy level.  

Few Daily Activities To Save Time

Our lives become more and more hectic, and it’s impossible to check off everything on the to-do list. There are some ways following which you can save time on your daily to-do-list by working harder and smarter. 

Some of the hacks which you must have to cut downtime-

Make it routine- try to have a routine as it will help in eliminating the hesitations and will ensure that your efforts are spent most productively. You have to make a decision and work on each task, and in this way, you will get into a rhythm that will help you move in the right direction. 

Take advantage of the new technology- old methods are very clumsy, and it automatically slows you down. New tech products are available, which will help you to work faster with more precision. 

Use the tool designed for the jobs- you need to use the right tools as it is going to make all the difference. The new and specific tools help you be more productive and effective. These tools make the tasks more productive and effective. 

10 Lines on Importance of Time

  1. Time is the only thing that, once passed, cannot be brought back once it is gone. 
  2. We waste our time in all those meaningless activities and ignore doing our important tasks. 
  3. As it is irreversible, we must think twice before wasting it.
  4. Successful people always value time and are punctual in their activities. 
  5. The famous line- Time never waits for anyone to showcase the importance of time. 
  6. People should change their habit of finishing their tasks at the last moment, which is a bad habit. 
  7. When they are in a stressful and hurry situation, they try to finish their task fast, compromising on efficiency. 
  8. Successful people never waste time and always try to utilize every bit of time instead. They do the creative uses of their free time also. 
  9. A student who realizes the importance of time will never fail in his life period, and he will succeed through his discipline and time management.
  10. Teachers and parents have a pivotal role in making the life of students successful; they do so by helping them make their routines, which will help them manage their time effectively. 


Those unaware of the importance of time waste it or rather spend it doing nothing. There is a famous proverb that says killing time is not a murder; rather, it’s a suicide. It means that you don’t harm others by wasting time, but you harm yourself. 

Wise and talented people always use it fruitfully. Time is powerful, and by managing it properly, you can conquer every possible thing. 

I hope you like this essay on the importance of time.

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