Essay on Noise Pollution for Students in 1000 Words

In this article, we have published an Essay on Noise Pollution for Students in 1000 Words with Its Facts, Causes, Effects, and Control Steps.

Essay on Noise Pollution (1000 Words)

Due to the improvement of technology, Sound pollution is increasing day by day, and it is becoming a major threat to Human Survival.

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What Is Noise Pollution? (Introduction)

Noise Pollution has become a significant threat to our times. The Increase in Urbanization, Transportation (All Formats), the Problem of Sound Pollution is a severe and multidimensional threat in the process of growth and development.  

Since Thirty years, the world has been facing a deadly menace for physical and mental health, resulting in the malfunction of the same human body areas. Major Causes are Air Transport, Rail Transport, Road Transport, Starting the Trucks, hard music and Harley Davidson Bikes.  

The natural effects on areas of concern are Sleeplessness hearing damage works environment. Overall, the Increase in Sound Pollution is a major threat to humans and other species.

Facts about Noise Pollution

These are some important facts about Noise Pollution-

  1. The Chief Sources of Noise Pollution is from Air, Rail & Road Transport, which is the regular feature in all cities and even Rural Areas in India.
  2. The other source is from political meetings, religious establishments, Television, and entertainment, barking dogs round the clock Transport is a Common phenomenon. Several studies in the U.S. have found that working in Sound Pollution doubles human body stress.
  3. Industrial establishments, aero drums, Bus Complexes, Railway Tracks, and Industrial Cyran’s are the never-ending source of Sound Pollution in our Country and worldwide. In the ’80s, the U.S. Population and Airplanes ratio was 1,000:400, followed by Japan. Noise Pollution has been a continuous phenomenon since World War II worldwide and is high in developed countries as of now. 

Causes of Noise Pollution

Noise Pollution of Two types Community Noise and Industrial Equipment Sound comprises domestic sources like Refrigerator, Juice-mixer Grinder, T.V, Washing Machine and Gas Cooker, etc. The industrial sound includes Vehicles on Road, Construction Activities, Fireworks and Loudspeakers from Religious and Political Activities. 

  1. Noise Pollution from the Industrial sector comprises engineering companies, printing presses, Textile mills, and metal works. 
  2. N. P. From Transport systems, Alarm & Social events: Sound from Vehicles through Air, Road, Railway and Water Transport, alarms systems from Ambulances, VIP Vehicles & Fire Brigades. Social events like Marriages, parties, Pubs, Worship places are the Chief sources; rule-breaking on all fronts is a continuous threat to daily life.
  3. Defence, Construction and Miscellaneous Sources: Defense equipment like Tanks, Explosion, Military aircraft, shooting exercises, launching of Rockets, Jet Plans creates Loud Sound, Construction in Residential areas is typical, and Construction of Roads, Flyover Bridges, and dams generate more Sound Pollution The other sources, like cutting of stones, mountains, automobile repair shops, blasting, Bulldozing, are the main activities of Noise Pollution

Effects of Noise Pollution

Some major effects were briefed as under-.

  1. The Term “Noise-Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL) is used for the people who are prone to loud sounds, which are measured as 25% in the United States. Nearly 30 Million affected by hazardous sounds, mining Industry, manufacturing, and construction are shared for Sound Pollution, and hearing loss is a regular feature in older people. 
  2. In Germany, the effect of Noise Pollution on children is resulting in memory loss and reading impairment; the other feature is the baby understanding sounds in impact due to the sounds of T.V. or radio and acting as a barrier to learning the primary language. 
  3. In Tokyo, U.S. Military base is causing a vast noise resulting in irregular Blood pressures because of sounds resulting from winning thousands of Dollars as a lawsuit against the U.S. Air force.
  4. In India, Noise Pollution is causing two types, namely Auditory effects and Non-Auditory effects. The latter is causing Auditory Fatigue and Deafness the Non-Auditory is resulting in Annoyance, Lack of working efficiency, Interference in speech communication and physical disorder like increase in Heartbeats, B.P.etc.,

How to Control Noise Pollution?

1. In March 2011, the central pollution control board established the first part of the Noise Pollution Monitoring network in 35 major cities. The second and third phases will cover around 160 cities in India. 

2. The GOI had introduced the Environmental protection Act, Noise Pollution(Regulation and Control) Rules 2000,

  • Noise standards
  • Restrict the use of Loudspeakers
  • Restrict the over usage of horns, use of Constructions and Firecrackers 
  • Allotting responsibility to state pollution to take adequate measures etc.,

3. WHO Report to U.N. Conference on Environment listed the problems of Sound Pollution and measures to control, the features are:

  • Design and Fabrication of Silencing devices for Aircraft, Industrial, and Domestic Appliances.
  • Change in the Design and operations of machines, vibration control, soundproof cabins, and sound-absorbing materials can reduce it.
  • Sound-reducing limit to vehicular traffic, ban on honking horns, industrial establishments amusement areas, residential areas, and creation of Silent Zones near schools, hospitals, and residential areas.
  • Control of Indoor noise to 6dB in locating the buildings, trees, and shrubs may be planted in front of the building to provide some absorption.
  • Locate Bedrooms and living rooms on the quiet side whereas kitchen, bathrooms, and elevators on Noisy Sides


To reduce Noise pollution, we must create vegetation buffer zones in different parts of the city. There is an urgent need to form legislation to control Sound pollution and educate through Radio, T.V., and Newsreels in cinemas about Noise Pollution.

Its effects on human beings and, above all, Public participation and control is possible by the people’s participation to curb the menace for sustainable and healthy life on earth. Noise Pollution can only be curbed other than any pollution prevailing. I hope this essay on noise pollution helped in your project.

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