Essay on Save Environment Save Earth for Students & Children in 1300 Words

In this article, we have presented an Essay on Save Environment Save Earth for Students & Children in 1300 Words. It includes, introduction, importance, need, effect of saving our environment and earth.

You can understand the Importance of the Environment. We have also provided some Ideas for saving us the environment and effect of pollution on it.

Essay on Save Environment Save Earth (1300 Words)

It relates the environment to those living and nonliving things, which are present around us and those who are very important to us.

Under it, air, water, soil, humans, animals, and birds come. While living in a city, town, or village, we see that the atmosphere and place around us are a natural place like a desert, forest, or a river. Which we humans build for its use, has turned into roads or factories.

However, people living in the metropolis also get their food, fish, fuel, and fodder from the rural areas only, which are from natural sources. Therefore, our reliance on natural resources has made it very necessary that we take the measures to prevent the destruction of natural environment and exploitation.

The geographical region or the natural world, under which air and water creatures and birds are being influenced by human activities, are called environment. Because of the phenomenon of the urbanization and industrialization of humankind, there has been considerable development in the medical, industrial and social sectors, so that the original location of the ecosystem concrete is converting into buildings and roads.

However, the dependence of our food, drinking water, and agriculture on these natural resources remains. Our dependence on nature is such that if we do not start an effort to protect its resources, then our existence will also be in danger.

We can divide natural resources into two categories: Renewable and Non-renewable.

Renewable natural resources are the resources that can be grown naturally, such as water, forests, and crops.

Non-renewable natural resources are resources that cannot be recovered naturally, such as oil, minerals. Along with this, a catastrophe has also been creating because they are being using quickly.

The key reason for the rapid end of all these natural resources is increasing population growth and increasing consumption of resources in private and elite classes.

Because of this, there is no loss of wildlife and forest plants, but the entire ecosystem has created a crisis. So we need to use their wholesome manner by stopping the indiscriminate misuse of our natural resources.

Thus, we can save them for our future generation and build a better future. Apart from our entire surroundings and creatures in which the air, water, and sunlight are also included, apart from living organisms that contribute to growth and survival such as creatures, birds, plants, humans together create the environment.

Importance of Environmental Protection

Today’s industrial and urban areas include roads, multi-story-concrete buildings, and skyscrapers. Their primary aim is to create facilities for the increasing population and to make the life wealthy and elite feel comfortable.

However, despite this industrial and urban agitation, human dependence on natural resources remains the same as before. We use air for respiration, water for drinking, and other daily activities.

Not only this but the food we also eat from a variety of tree plants, animals and vegetables, milk, eggs, etc. Keeping these requirements in mind, the security of these resources has become paramount.

We have classified these resources as follows.

1. Renewable Resources

As its name suggests, it is a resource that can be recovered naturally, such as the re-growth of rainfall and tree plants. If they continue to consume faster than its re-generating nature, then these items, such as rubber, wood, and fresh water, will be completely exhausted.

2. Non-Renewable Resources

These resources have been manufactured within the long years ago, so we cannot retrieve them. They can be used only once. This includes fossil fuels like coal and oil, etc, which cannot renew again.

The most important thing is that we have to stop the misuse of these resources and use them prudently. The achievement of this goal is only possible through continuous awareness and development.

Apart from this, there is a need for control by the industrial units, which are thrown in the form of waste and solid bi-products as garbage because they cause pollution. By which the caloric, stomach, and many intestinal disorders arise.

This is possible only when we leave the dependence on the government and take the necessary steps to solve these problems personally.

“There is no monopoly on this earth for any generation, we all are for the survival of life here – the cost of which we have to pay.”

This statement of Margaret Thatcher reflects our temporary relationship with our nature. Although all the gifts provided by the Earth to make our life easier and to make this planet worth living, despite the wind, sunlight, water, animal fauna, and minerals. Tapping resources does not help.

Need to Save the Environment to Save the Earth

To meet the current needs of our growing population level, we are consuming our natural resources indiscriminately with no hesitation. We are not even concerned about our future generations.

In this way, the biggest concern of today is that we need to take strict measures to protect our renewable and non-renewable resources and to Save Environment.

Effects of Pollution on the Environment

Air pollution: The level of pollution has grown because of the creation of traffic mechanism and the use of gasoline and diesel at large scale, which has exploded in the number of harmful particles present in many types of unsolicited and gas air.

The ozone layer, which protects us from the ultraviolet rays of the Sun by the quantum carbon monoxide, chloro-fluoro carbon, sulfur oxide, hydrocarbons, and lead, has been ending. Because of which a significant increase in temperature has been recording, which is commonly known as global warming.

Water pollution: Waste of humans and animals, water-soluble chemicals, such as mercury and lead and the flow of biological chemicals in water such as detergents and oils that are throwing in freshwater ponds and rivers, contaminating the water.

This water is not drinkable. For these reasons, aquatic life has also been severely affected, along with a decrease in the yield of crops, and drinking water is no longer safe for humans and animals.

Land Pollution: Increasing the number of fertilizers and pesticides such as DDT spraying and the yield of crops, the uses of water in which the quantity of salt is high, such measures make the land unusable and nonproductive.

Other names of this pollution are Soil and Ground pollution. Also, there has also been an increase in soil erosion, for which the reasons for construction and deforestation are mainly responsible.

Sound pollution: The noise generated by vehicles, factories, and crackers being boiled during Diwali in India is mainly responsible for noise pollution.

It hurts the animals seriously because they do not find themselves shielded, which reduces their ability to listen. The natural environment is a boon for humankind and other creatures.

These natural resources include air, fresh water, sunlight, fossil fuels, etc. It is so essential for life that without it, we cannot survive.

However, because of the increasing population, these resources have been consuming quick and many amounts. This economic development has proved a dire situation for human health.


Save Environment is not the only work of the government. For this, our contribution as a person is also significant. Inadvertently, we contribute to our daily contamination. Therefore, it is our duty as a consumer to use the gifts provided by nature.

We should encourage water conservation and take part in the recycling and recycling of items, stop the waste of resources like electricity and water, etc. Through all these small measures, we can change the condition of our planet.

However, the government has established many laws and schemes to protect nature and wildlife. However, though, we must make every contribution to protecting the environment and the future of our next generation. I hope you liked this Essay on Save Environment Save Earth for Students & Children in 1300 Words.

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