Essay on Astronauts for Students – School College (1000 Words)

In this article, you will read an Essay on Astronauts for Students of School and Colleges in 1000 words.


My name is Bijay. I want to become a great astronaut since childhood, and I like to behold the sky, beautiful clouds are seen flying in the sky during the day, in these clouds, sometimes dogs, cats, etc. appear in many fun shapes. 

We friends often tell each other by finding such fun ways in the clouds and we friends love to see the sky at night because the stars are seen more shining in the night, the moon appears, nowadays in the city, It is tough to see all this due to the excessive light in the house’s, but because our home is located a short distance from the city, so it is easy to see from the roof of my home in the night all visible stars. 

I am very interested in the subject of astronomy after seeing these glowing stars and I want to become an astronaut later.

What is an Astronaut? 

One day at school, I asked my teacher “Who are the astronauts, and how can we be?”

Then they answered me a that An astronaut is a person trained to train a pilot of a manned spacecraft program or as a member of the crew of a spacecraft. 

Commonly reserved for professional astronauts, the term is sometimes applied to those who travel in space, including scientists, journalists, and tourists, etc. Until 2002, astronauts had been sponsored and trained exclusively by governments, either by military or civilian space agencies, but since 2004 with the sub-flight of privately funded SpaceShipOne, a new class of astronauts was created Which is called commercial astronaut.

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Who is 1st Astronaut in the world?

Then I asked who was the World’s first Astronaut?– He replied- Yuri Alekseyevich Gagarin was a Soviet Air Force pilot and astronaut who became the first human to go into outer space to achieve a significant milestone in the space race; His capsule Vostok 1 completed an orbit around of the Earth on 12 April 1961. 

Gagarin became an international legend and was awarded several medals and degrees, including Hero of the Soviet Union, his nation’s highest honor. I often watch news and documentaries about astronomy astronauts on TV and mobile; I am amazed to see astronauts on the space station, they fly around without the force of gravity.

Some astronauts also roam out of the international space station; our Earth looks like a beautiful blue ball to the astronauts, I think this is how attractive it will be. Man has already stepped on the moon; now scientists have started the mission of sending the first man to Mars, I keep thinking that who will be the first person who will step on the Earth.

I want to be an Astronaut, but I do not know exactly what it takes to become an Astronaut, then I asked my father, to this, he replied – Son, you have to work very hard for this, you have to concentrate more on your studies. At the same time, you will have to take part in sports and get a good position so that your body becomes active.


Then I asked my father what does this Astronaut does in space, and what do we get from them? They replied to me that – Many successful trials have been conducted in space, benefiting all the people of the world. 

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Due to scientists and astronauts, we may be getting many facilities like – we are using mobile and satellite; it has been installed in space by scientists and astronauts. Astronauts risk their lives for the convenience we are getting through space. 

Being an astronaut is the biggest dream of my life when I look up at the sky, I feel that I can fly and reach it. White and blue in the sky during the day and seeing the stars shining like little bulbs in the night sky, I have become so impressed that I do not want to be anything other than Astronaut.

If I become an astronaut, it will be the happiest thing in my life. Whenever I read about astronauts, I get lost in their dreams; I start thinking that I should also become Astronaut, so my name will also be printed in all the newspapers of the world like a great people. My name will also be on the list of great people in the world. 

I will also fly out of space sheep wearing space of Astronaut and fly into space. I heard that we could see only the great china wall from space on EarthEarth. When I see Astronauts getting ready before going on a trip to space, then it seems that these astronauts do not care about their lives? 

Do they not fear that there will be an accident on the way? He has only one aim to make the space journey successful and return.

I once saw in the news that the great Astronaut of our country named Kalpana Chawla, who was born on March 1717 March 1962, in Karnal, Haryana. She died of a spacecraft accident on February 11 February 2003 while on his way to space. 

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She was the first Indian female to go into space — one of the seven crew members killed in the Columbia spacecraft crash. His father’s name was Mr. Banarsi Lal Chawla, and his mother’s name was Sanjyoti Devi, his father wanted her to be a doctor. But Kalpana used to imagine wandering in space since childhood.

My favorite astronauts are Valentina Tereshkova and Neil Alden Armstrong; he was born on 5 Agust 1930. He is the first person who reached the moon on July 2020 July 1969 and made history.

Our the country is also making significant progress in the field of astronomy, India’s space institute ISRO has sent Chandrayaan to the moon, soon more Indian astronauts will also go into space, thinking that along with my friends and me will also become Indian Astronaut. Dreaming, who knows if we are the first Indian among our friends to step on another planet.