Advantages and Disadvantages of Mobile Phones (New Updated 2022)

In this article, we will talk about the Advantages and Disadvantages of Mobile Phones. We have updated according to 2022. Before this, I have some questions for you?

Do you use Smartphones for a long time? Can’t you live for a second without your cell phone?
The mobile phone is a boon or a curse?
Do you use the internet for 6-10 hour on your mobile phone per day?

If yes, then this post will help you to understand Complete information about the Advantages and Disadvantages of using mobile phones. So, students can take help for writing essay on pros and cons of mobile phone from this article.


Today, there are very few persons who are not using a mobile phone. Every person uses a mobile phone for daily life communication and business purposes.

However, while using mobile phones, we have to keep in mind that what are the advantages and disadvantages of mobile phones. In today’s world, mobile phones have completely changed daily communication life to connect with peoples.

Today’s cannot complete his work even for a second if he does not have a mobile phone. With today’s smartphone, we can do both audio and video calls, send messages, read emails, edit photos, edit various types of documents, and save as well, and we can not even imagine what we are doing in a mobile phone?

Seeing the right perspective, the mobile phone is a phenomenal invention for humans, but everybody knows this fact that every person and thing has some good and some bad things. Same for the mobile phone there are a few fantastic things and some very worst things which can happen.

What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Mobile Phones – New Updated 2022

Advantages of Mobile Phones

Let us first say something about the benefits of mobile phones. The mobile phone has taken a lot of changes and speed in human life –

1. Easy Communication

The best thing about the mobile phone is they are lightweight and easy to carry everywhere. We can not take old land phones and wireless phones with us everywhere due to their heavyweights.

Nowadays, smartphones are very compact and easy to use with lots of feature as a computer. In today’s smartphone, we can do 60-70% of our computer work like email to video call, and image to video editing easily. 

In today’s era, 4G LTE phones have already launched a few years before in which we can directly do video calls from calling dashboards of mobile phones. We can also easily communicate using various video calling applications like Skype, WhatsApp, Google Duo, and Facebook messenger.

2. Connect With Relatives on Social Media

Today, the mobile phone is not just a mobile phone; it has become a tool to complete a variety of tasks. Developers and engineers were upgrading mobile phone technology day by day. 

Social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn have changed the world of communication with relatives and friends. Now on most of the social media, we can make a voice call, send text messages, share photos & videos, and create pages for business promotions. 

3. Promote Business via Smartphones

Promoting our business via Smartphone is also a great benefit of today’s businessman. It is best for entrepreneurs to promote their business using lots of online sources and offline sources from a smartphone. 

If we talk about online sources, we can use various social media and Messaging applications. Entrepreneurs mostly promote their business by sharing their business info on multiple social networking websites and Messenger applications like WhatsApp, telegram, Instagram, and Pinterest. Most of the leading companies also arranging video conferencing meetings using video Messenger apps like Skype. 

There was some old offline business promoting methods using mobile phone is text messages. In this 21st century, still, most of the companies are promoting their product and services using text messages. Moreover, at the end of every text message, they put a link to their business website it or product page.

4. Good for People’s Safety

Today the world has been changed, and criminal activities were happening on the next level. So keeping a mobile phone with our self every time is a good safety option. 

We have heard about lots of criminal activities like kidnapping, rape, theft of various things in our locality. So in a different type of illegal activities, the mobile phone helps us because it is the fastest communication device. 

So it helps us to call the police and relatives. So, as soon as possible, they help us in that situation. Due to this type of issues, parents were also providing a mobile phone to their children’s to keep every time with them.

5. Today Smartphone Is a Fashion

Yes, it is right nowadays, the smartphone is the most significant fashion and trend. We can easily find people showing their smartphone in their hands everyone. Now taking a selfie with the front camera of the smartphone is an ordinary thing.

People make various types of facial expressions to take selfies and upload those photographs to their social networking websites like Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest. 

In this generation, if we do not know about mobile phones, then people main treat us as an illiterate person. It is because from a person of a rural village to a multi-millionaire, everyone uses a mobile phone. Now we can find a cell phone tower in every small town easily.

6. Help in Emergency Situations

Think of a situation you are driving a car on an unknown Road and your car get stuck.

Then the mobile phone is the first device which will help you to call The Mechanic as soon as possible or to your family members so that they can send you a mechanic or another car to get rid of that problem. 

Sometimes we get sick, and at the time we need the doctor immediately. So, on those type of situations also we first need a mobile phone for fast communication.

7. Make Money From Your Mobile Phone

Now you can make money using your smartphone.  In today’s world, there are so many ways to make money using smartphone-like blogging, taking photographs to sell, making videos for YouTube, promote your business.

Now let us talk about some significant disadvantages are the harmful effects of mobile phone.

Disadvantages of Mobile Phone

I can guarantee you that at the end of this article you will easily judge whether you should use a mobile phone for a long time or only for a few vital tasks.

1. It is a Disturbing device

This is a significant problem that we all have seen that mobile phone always disturbs us during our works for business meetings. Not only during business meetings but also it is still a disturbing agent in our life.

Sometimes during sleep, our phone starts ringing, and that is the worst time for us to wake up. During essential meetings and Officeworks, it is good to keep our mobile phone in silent mode so that it will not disturb more people in that particular area of work. 

2. Accidents and Health issues

Sometimes people use mobile phones during driving, which cause severe road accidents and due to which some people lost their life. Using a smartphone during driving is strictly prohibited, but people are addicted to mobile phones.

Nowadays children’s watch movies and cartoon on mobile phone for a long time which take them away from there real life. Due to the continuous use of mobile phone children sit in a single place which causes lack of exercise. 

Lack of exercises in early age cause lots of health issues in children. So keep children away from television and smartphone as much as possible, before they get addicted to it.

3. Bad effect on Health

Old smartphone models cause a different types of health issues like tumors, deficiency in the immune system, a blood cancer in children’s, Sterility and abortion and many other types of health issues due to do mobile phone radiation.

However, now almost every smartphone manufacturing companies making their phone under SAR Standards. Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) is the rate at which the human body absorbs electromagnetic power radiated from smartphones and towers. 

However, still long term use of smartphone cause lots of health issues like Insomnia and anxiety, of and various type of mental disorders. So, it is better to you use it for a limited period or minimizing its use. 

4. Waste of Time

Some children take a terrible habit of mobile phones. They talk on the phone over a mobile phone, play games, watch pictures and videos. In reality, if we say, it is waste much time.

Also, there are so many types of mobile games to which students are getting addicted, and they are playing all day. Due to which they are letting in there a regular timetable of studying and their physical activities.

 For the ideal student, good studying and active in curriculum activities is the original work.

5. Privacy and Security Problems

 In today’s smartphone, every application needs to sign up before using. For using that application, every person fills up his email details, or some website provides a sign up from our social media accounts.

During this Sig process application, they copy our privacy data like photos, contacts, from those social media websites to their database.

 Also, some of the applications need different types of permissions to run, which synchronize various types of hardware and software permission of our phone to access our data.

Some mobile apps copy our contacts to their database, which may create various types of privacy and security issues because of the Companies selling their user contacts and privacy details to other companies for various marketing purposes and their profit. 

Due to which user gets lots of Advertising and Marketing emails and text messages on their smartphones.  Most of the time, there are fake and spammy websites which sent this type of message two users.

They may hack our bank details and other personal data, which may fall us in critical problems.


So, this is the conclusion time as we have discussed the various type of advantages and disadvantages of mobile phones.

We can say that -Now we have to understand the proper use of mobile phone smartphones. The mobile phone is not for playing games or for watching long time videos.

Please use your mobile phone for a limited time and use it only for essential works like calling, studying, making videos for your YouTube channel, and your business marketing. Do not use a mobile phone for a long time and do not get addicted to it.

 Thanks for reading this article. If you have some more ideas and advantages and disadvantages of mobile phones, then please do not forget to send us an email and comment below. 

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