Essay on Computer Education for Students and Children in 1000 Words

In this article, you will read Essay on Computer Education for Students and Children in 1000 Words. It includes information about computer generation, its importance, etc.

Why In today’s era computer education is so much required? Why people are called illiterate without computer education?

Let’s understand and get the answer to these types of questions.

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Essay on Computer Education for Students and Children (1000 Words)

Today’s era is the era of science and with the help of science, man has developed a lot in communication. Many satellites travel 24 hours in space, providing us with all kinds of information.

Today, we get weather information for the first time, talk to our friends in a video conference from home, all this has been possible due to just one resource its name is – Computer.

What is the Full Form of the Computer? The “Common Operating Machine for Purposely Used Technological & Educational Research“. Believe it or not, but I believe this is the age of computers along with science.

Because without computers we cannot control these resources, and my opinion is computers are the way of the future, That’s why computer education is very important in today’s time.

The History of Computer Generations

We divide the sequence of development into the following five generations based on the major changes in the computer: –

1st Generation

In 1946, Eckart and Muchali’s Eniac (ENIAC-Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer) was created by a computer. This generation of computers used a vacuum tube, invented in 1904 by John Ambrose Fleming.

2nd Generation

In 1956, the second generation of computers was started, these computers replaced the vacuum with a transistor instead of a vacuum tube. William Shockley was the inventor of the transistor.

3rd Generation

The third generation began in 1964. This generation used I.C. in computers. I.C. That is, the Integrated Circuit was invented by Jack Kilby, an engineer at the Texas Instrument Company.

4th Generation

Computers from 1971 to 1985 are classified as fourth-generation computers. The integrated circuit was further developed in this generation called Large Integrated Circuit.

5th Generation

Computers since 1985 are under the fifth generation. The 5th generation of computers includes powerful and supercomputers from the present to the future computers. Scientists today are trying to incorporate artificial intelligence into computers.

Now computers are so advanced that they are being used in every specific field, accounting, engineering, building, space and other types of research. Now it would not be wrong to say that without computers it has become impossible to work in these fields.

Efforts are being made to reduce the size of computers, as a result of which we can use computers in the shape of wristwatches. With the help of computers, we can exchange documents, information and money from anywhere around the world.

Importance of Computer Education

A computer is of great importance in today’s modern life. Today, computers are used in almost all areas. In today’s modern era, humans are in contact with people because of computers.

1. Increased use of computer

If a person has computer education, then only he can spread his business, employment to a large extent or else. I am uploading this essay on my website, it is also possible only through computer and you can get it right now.

It is never possible without computer education. Now the time calculation work is possible only with the help of the computer. You can contact anyone in the world by connecting to the internet and also computers, that too in no time. 

2. Its makes Business easy

Today, the progress that is being made in the business is possible only with the computer, if you know how to use the computer, then you can get a job in any field easily or else.

It is very important to have computer education for the post of a small clerk in any office. But not possible without a computer to handle trains, machines, jet plane flights, a transaction in banks, etc.

3. New technologies

Are an unprecedented miracle of computer science. It has changed the human way of life. Computers have led to unprecedented increases in human performance.

A computer alone serves thousands of people. We can test deadly weapons and their consequences without any risk on a computer screen. 

4. Entertainment and Daily works

Today the computer has become an essential part of every field of life. Entertainment Field – The computer has made a significant contribution to the field of entertainment.

Attraction and enlightening programs are being presented on Doordarshan and All India Radio with their help. Today, various types of computer games have uniquely influenced the young mind. 

Computers have contributed significantly to the combination, editing, and presentation of all types of entertainment programs. Without computer education, it was not possible for us to even do this dream. Publishing Field – The role of the computer is very wide in the field of publishing. 

Earlier there was a long time to print a book, a magazine or a newspaper, but now this work can be done very quickly. A fully organized and attractive book containing colorful beautiful illustrations can be handed over to our readers in a very short time.

Earlier we used to get news through newspapers, but nowadays we can read and watch news through the internet and computer online.

5. Massive Storage Capacity

We can store huge information, up to the present time of 2019 hard disk can store 100 terabytes (TB) of information. Big businesses store their marketing and sales data in their computer systems even the sensitive data of customers is safely stored in computer hard disks. 

In the field of education, computer-today, while sitting at home, you can get information about any subject online, so that the student in whose city those courses are not available or who cannot go out and study can also get an education.

We can take the help of Microsoft Office Tools, Microsoft Office Word, Excel, and PowerPoint to prepare important notes. 

6. Computer usage in the medical field

In the hospital, we use computers to keep records of patient records, doctor’s time table, nurse’s information, purchase of medicines and all other equipment. Many types of devices are used to treat patients with the help of computers.


Today, we can do the work done in 3 hours in 3 minutes through the computer at a very low cost. But if there are advantages then there are some disadvantages to the computer.

Due to early work, labor is required due to which many people do not get employment. If you do not know how to use a computer, then it is not possible to get any job, so computer education is very important for everyone.

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