Essay on Dog for Students and Children in 1000 Words

In this article, you will read an Essay on Dog for Students and Children in 1000 Words. It includes characteristics, importance, breeds, and 10 lines on a dog.

Introduction (Essay on Dog)

A dog is a domestic animal. A dog has powerful jaws so it can quite effectively eat flesh; it has four legs, two eyes, two ears, a tail, a mouth, and a nose. These are an ingenious animal and are useful to catch robbers.

They run very fast, barking loudly or attacking strangers. The dog is saving master life from risk. One can discover dogs all over the globe. 

Dogs are an extremely loyal animal. They have a keen intellect and a powerful sense of hearing which smells unique kinds stuff. They also have several qualities such as swimming throughout the water, jumping anywhere, and having a good sense of smell.

Color: Dogs are of various colours. They are usually brown, black, or red. Most are white, but some are spotted. So they vary significantly in colour.

Size: They also come in different sizes. Some dogs are extremely short, like most of them are thin or lean. Further, some are really powerful. Being two common feet tall, when it comes to English dogs, they are voluminous and powerful.

Food: Dogs will eat up all but vegetables and fruits. They love to eat meat or bread. They can drink tea or milk, as well, and occasionally kill tiny birds such as parrots or pigeons for food. Besides, they may eat rats or cats too.

Habits: A dog is an extremely loyal animal that always acknowledges its masters. To see him, it started wagging his tail. At the tiniest noise, it gets alert. When it sees a stranger, it barks. It is quite genuine and trustworthy.

Usefulness: The dog is of great help to us. He’s our real friend. It never departs from its master. It safeguards his residence from thieves or robbers. It maintains a watch over his homes at night.

It’s very helpful for shepherds; it helps to keep their sheep or their goats safe. This drives the jackals or wolves off.

That is used in rabbits, deer, jackals, and other hunter’s animals, can be used to detect offenders. Spy dogs have done a service to humanity in many foreign nations.

Importance of Dog

Dogs have a powerful sense of smell. People like them more for their faithfulness. They’re smart, and they’re cautious. The dogs get a lot of colours like grey, white, black, brown, and white. They are of several kinds like a bloodhound, greyhound, pit-bull, Labrador, German shepherd, Rottweiler, bulldog poodle, and so on.

The dog usually feeds on fish, rice, bread, meat, milk, and so on. Many times dogs are named canines. Dogs sometimes are referred to as the closest buddy of man since they are kept as household pets but are generally loyal and like to be around the people.

They also help reduce stress, anxiety or depression, hopelessness, exercise or playfulness, or even enhance cardiovascular health. The dog also offers valuable accompaniment for older adults.

His master’s dogs have become so loyal nothing can ever lead him to leave his master. His master may be a poor person, or maybe even a beggar; however, dogs will not leave his master from a distance. It sees one’s master coming back from work or jumping up to them for expressing their love. 

Dogs are truthful mates, always willing to die and save a friend. If they ignore its barking, this can bite the thief and stranger, or try to mischief. Dogs also provide including day-night security for the owner.

Life Span of a Dog

A dog’s lifespan is quite small, but it can live for about 12-15 years, depending on their size, though smaller dogs are living longer lives. The female dog gives birth to a child or feeds on milk, and that is why dogs are in the category of mammals. The dog baby is named a puppy and pup and is named the kennel dog home. 

Their facility classifies dogs to people like police dogs, herding dogs, hunting dogs, guide dogs, guide dogs, sniffer dogs, and so on. It has a high smell of power that can arrest killers, thieves, or dacoits with police help. The armed force trains dogs to track explosives and to identify them.

Types of Dog Breeds

There are multiple kinds of breeds of dogs widely available. You can find a lengthy list of breeds of dogs available, and some among them are mentioned as titles like German shepherd, Doberman, Pitbull, Akbash Dog, Australian Shepherd, Basenjis, Boxer, Cairn Terrier, Beagle Barbet, Blue Lacy, Cane Corso, Polish Greyhound, and many more.

Need for Dogs

Airlines, police stations, borders, or schools can hire detection dogs. Most famous types of hunters or tracking dogs are monitoring but rather herding breeds, hounds, terriers, or dachshund. Such dogs are instructed for their human companions to become the eyes, ears and the retrievers.

10 Lines on Dog

We have listed here ten sentences about a dog, for you to have quick information

  1. Dog is a faithful pet who keeps the master’s house safe from thieves and robbers.
  2. Dogs have four legs with two arms and two legs, two ears, eyes, sharp teeth, and a long tail.
  3. Dogs are usually very cautious while sleeping, and so they awake at the slightest movement.
  4. Dogs are usually very faithful and loyal to their masters.
  5. Different breeds of dogs available globally.
  6. The dog is an intelligent pet.
  7. Dogs are of a different color, like: red, black, and brown.
  8. They come in a range of sizes differing from small to the big one.
  9. Dog legs have sharp nails.
  10. Dogs have powerful smelling senses.


Dogs are a superb swimmer. They are really quite helpful animals for pets. He respects his manager from the heart, and by their smell, he could even easily assume his / her existence. We should look after it well and maintain them in excellent condition. Hope you liked this essay on dog.

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