Father’s Day in India (Date, Importance, Celebration)

Here you will read all about Father’s Day in India. It includes date, celebration, and importance of this event in children and father’s life.

Introduction on Father’s Day in India

Father and mother both are our first teachers. They struggle for their child from their birth until their education and entire life. To understand the importance and give him a feeling of love and affection and to remember their contribution in our whole life, we celebrate the mother’s day and father’s day on separate dates. 

Why father’s day celebrated?

Father’s day is celebrated throughout the entire world nowadays to understand, show, and remember the contribution and sacrifices of a beloved father in development and growth in the life of his kids and children.

We cannot forget the importance and contribution of our beloved father. The father is the most important and beloved person in every family, and no one family lives without a father.

The father’s day gives a lovely message to all that we should not forget our father and should love their complete life. 

History of Father’s Day

Father’s Day began in Washington, USA. We found that the first-time Father’s Day was started and celebrated on 19 June 1910. Sonora Dodd started this day in Spokane City, Washington, in memory of her father.

Sonora Dodd’s father was a farmer and served in the military. Sonora Dodd’s beloved mother died in her childhood. After this, his father gave him the love of both mother and father. The talk of celebrating Father’s Day came to Sonora Dod’s mind from Mother’s Day.

In 1916, the US President made an approval on the proposal to celebrate Father’s Day. In 1966, US President Mr Lyndon Johnson decided and announced to celebrate it on the third Sunday of June. President Nixon first announced a holiday in 1972 on this occasion.

Celebration of father’s day in India

Father’s day is celebrated differently in different countries. This day is remembered as our father’s contribution to remembering a day in India; it is celebrated every year on the 3rd Sunday of the month of June as Pitra Divas, whose prime purpose of celebrating it is to honour the father.

On this day, children give a lot of gifts and surprise to their father. They sit together and remember their sacrifices in children’s life. Children take a photograph and go to the father if they are far. Fathers give their blessing to their children on this day.

On this day, they go for outing with their father and make them happy. They remember their childhood when their father was guiding them with holding a finger.

Lots of lovely and amazing messages and WhatsApp messages are sent to father. Many quotes and slogans also created for fathers. Some children write a loving story for father and lovely messages 

Importance of Father’s day

Just like mother’s day have the importance, in the same way, father’s day is significant in our life. This day gives a message about the present day of the father, history, and the importance of a father. 


In the year 2020, the father’s day in India was celebrated on 21 June 2020. 

Importance in Children’s Life

The importance of a father’s day in children’s life is very much known. Kids and children wait for the year to celebrate this day with their father, which a gift for them.

In Indian culture, the father knows a bigger from the sky and our first teacher and guide. When children remember those days when their father teaches them the lessons of ethics and morals in life and education, they become emotional on this day.  

Children want to have a lot of celebrations and present a special gift to the father. Because of this day, children know the importance and feel their contribution. After going to job life and most children go to other cities for employment first time, they remember their father and miss a lot of their presence.   

Father’s day is a day of doing something special for their father. Children try something new on this day for their father. 

Importance in Father’s Life

This day gives recognition message to the whole world to remember the sacrifices of the father. Fathers feel lucky to see this moment when their children greet them with love and affection the same as their father had given in their childhood life.

Fathers also go back in history and tell the stories of his life and children’s life since childhood and full struggle life to their children on this day. Fathers give lessons of life on this day to their children. Father gives a blessing to the children on this day.

This day is so important when a father becomes so emotional by remembering the childhood of their children and his hard work to survive for the children. Fathers do the hard work always for their children, and they cannot leave alone to them till their life.

10 Lines on Father’s Day

So, these are 10 lines on father’s day in India

  1. Father’s Day began in the early twentieth century as a supplementary celebration of Mother’s Day to honour fatherhood and upbringing by men.
  2. In the year 1966, President Mr Lyndon Johnson announced to celebrate this day on the third Sunday of June.
  3. Many social seminars and ceremonies are held in honour of the father on this day.
  4. Father’s Day is the day to make your father feel special.
  5. Fathers leave their happiness and work hard for their children; there is a feeling of sacrifice and goodwill in them.
  6. The day of Father’s Day is important for a father; the more important it is for his children.
  7. There is no public holiday on Father’s Day in India
  8. The father is the first person whom children see, holding their hands and learning to walk.
  9. Special programs are also organised on Father’s Day in some schools.
  10. Father’s Day is celebrated in the entire world, and India as well.


After the above analysis, we can say that father’s day is very important in our life. We all should respect our father and mother. No doubt through this day, children understand the importance and sacrifices of their father.

We all should observe each day like a father’s day, as this is the need of the day. This day keeps together full family and provides an opportunity for the children to spare time for their beloved father. 

Hope you liked this post on Father’s day in India. Thanks for reading.

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